Introducing Reloved

Our newest vintage collaboration…available in 5 select FP stores.

This post comes to you from our designer Dana who, in conjunction with our vintage buyer Ali, cooked up a capsule with a little something extra.

Reloved is a project close to my heart. I wanted to make things that I wanted to wear, something with spirit, something that just gets better with age. A one-of-a-kind statement that could be passed on when the time comes. Something I was missing from my own closet, and something inspired by Free People girls all over.



Vintage is preloved. Renewing these pieces breathes into them a new sense of life, and the heart put into each ties everything together. Shopping with Ali for the “canvases” proved fun and dynamic — we found unique but fresh vintage items with tons of character. A few great local tailors here in the Pacific Northwest ensured that the quality of this collection would be outstanding, as they spent hours hand-stitching and perfecting.



I also wanted to preserve these embellishments  — a lot of these are handmade, and probably have their own stories to tell.

And…recycling is good for the environment, of course!



You can purchase these one-off pieces at our Rock Center, Fashion Valley, Studio City, Portland and Boston locations. Available while they last!

+If you’re in New York on Thursday, swing by our Rock Center event to see the collection up close and personal!

RSVP here today!

Photos by Jana Kirn.

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6 years ago

Well i can definitely see the work !! they’re well made, i love the design and the diversity of the style. Very nice !!

6 years ago

these are incredible! the last two are my faaavvvv

6 years ago

these pieces and the photos are beautiful

6 years ago

Hi, The designs are very attractive and unique. I love these design.