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How you stand upon this earth, to walk with integrity, for your powerful heart to speak your greatest authentic truth…

This post comes to you from author Kate Mulheron, who will be leading our retreat to Todos Santos in January.

As a woman in 2016, we have a greater opportunity than ever before to step forward and speak an authentic truth from a rooted balanced space, to be heard fully and completely by others on our path. Most of my life I spent being the “good girl,” “sweet girl.” Or I heard, “oh she is so nice.” Or so they thought! I’m neither nice nor mean, but I have every right to speak my truth and not be shamed or harassed for having a voice! Think about the fact that all emotional connections  processed through your system in one day of you living your life, that were not released through you in some way, are being held in your tissues, your organs, your bones; and, over time, we develop tight shoulders, migraines, sore muscles and low back pain, a heart that aches or rage that is held in your belly. But here is the most exciting news!!! You have the power, you can move this energy!! Simply by working with your breath, vibration of sound, yoga and SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH!!  When you learn how to connect to your ROOTS, from your feet through your pelvic floor, through your belly, your heart, your throat and the crown of your head, you start to FEEL. How you stand upon this earth, for your embodiment to walk with integrity, for your powerful heart to speak your greatest authentic truth.

Step 1: Find a space to lie down, either straight on Mother Earth, a yoga mat or your bed. Turn off all electronics, turn off artificial lights, and light a candle to set sacred healing space.

Step 2: Bend your knees to connect your feet to Earth and begin to take in deep intentional breaths. Inhaling grounded and rooted energy up through your spine, open-mouth exhale with sound to release unbalanced energy. Do this for 10-20 breaths. As you continue to inhale, drop thoughts that run through your head, exhale into your heart and drop into your roots, filtering out other people’s agendas, so you can be still in your own body, mind and essence field.

Step 3 (Chakra 1): Place your hands on your hips/pelvis and continue to breathe into Chakra One, saying, “I have every right to BE in this body, in this time, just the way I am on this day.” With each inhale, receive acceptance for being and, with each exhale, release what is ready to be cleared away from you on this day at this time.

Step 4 (Chakra 2): Place hands now on your belly. “I have every right to FEEL the way I need to feel on this day.” Inhale, receive acceptance to how you feel now, exhale, release any judgements that others may have imparted on you because of how you felt.

Step 5 (Chakra 3): Place hands on your solar plexus, just below your rib cage. “I have every right to be in my POWER on this day.” Inhale acceptance of being in your power, exhale anybody or thing that has ever taken your power from you.

Step 6 (Chakra 4): Place your hands upon your heart center. “I have every right to be LOVED in this body just as I show up on this day, just as I am. I am lovable, I am loved. Inhale acceptance of being loved. Exhale any part of you that feels unlovable. Again, you are LOVED.

Step 7 (Chakra 5): Place hands lightly on throat or jaw or ears. “I have every right to SPEAK  my greatest truth on this day and be heard for the authentic being I am, no apologies.” Inhale acceptance of my voice, exhale anyone or thing that has ever stopped my truth from being heard.

Step 8 (Chakra 6): Place your hands on your eyes and third eye center, just above your eyes, on center of forehead. “I have every right to SEE deeply into the beauty that I am, to see deeply into another and to see deeply all of the beauty that surrounds me.” Inhale “I see truth,” exhale “I release old visions of fear.”

Step 9 (Chakra 7): Finally place your hands on top of your head. “I have every right to KNOW that I am exactly where I need to be today. The light that shines down from Father Sky, Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon. May I be offered a recharge for my day’s work. Receive this light through the crown of your head through every cell of your being. From the soles of your feet to the crown of your head. Inhale Mother Earth, exhale Father Sky. Do this three times.

Step 10: Be in stillness and silence, listen and feel for the resetting of a new alignment. On this day you will walk in strength, beauty and truth. Bring your hands together, rub them for at least one to two minutes, building heat, and place one hand on top of the other to seal this sacred practice back to you.

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Andreea Perescu
7 years ago

Wow, I loved this! Such a wonderful post to read this morning. Thank you!

7 years ago

Such a beautiful, empowering piece.

7 years ago

Thank you Andrea and Marissa!! I hope you have found a greater presence with speaking your truth!!!