Watch: Lessons from the Wild

For every woman who has, or will soon, harness the power of confidence in herself.

For our follow-up chapter of #Lessons, meet the girls of #ShePlaysWeWin, a photo series throwing the spotlight on young girl athletes. Manhattan Beach photographer Christin Rose has made it her life quest to foster the self-assurance and strength in young girls that so many of them discover in organized sports. This photography project is her outlet.

Look into the eyes of her portraits, and you see a confidence not only blossoming, but radiating from girls who’ve just uncovered the well of strength their bodies are capable of.

A series about more than just its subjects, it’s about any and every young woman who might be moved to action after seeing the images of so many girls like them, who have harnessed this power within themselves.

For girls without the resources and encouragement around them, #ShePlaysWeWin proves that if they hear within them a calling to crawl in the dirt, hop on a board, sweat, stink, bleed – do anything duplicitously branded “unladylike” by who-cares-who – then it’s all theirs for the taking. That their lives are written not by their gender, not by their society, not by their surrounding media and not even by fate, but themselves and themselves alone. Opening a world of possibilities to girls, at an age of self-definition when they need it most.

Look closely, and you can make out a reflection of Christin’s younger self. The little girl who once couldn’t decide between Barbie’s and backyard baseball now echoes in the frilly-skirted skater, figuring out if she’s a tomboy or girly-girl. Coming full circle, as things so often do.

Thank you, Christen!

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6 years ago

beautiful story and video

6 years ago

You can totally be a tomboy and a girlie girl at the same time, lovely video, lovely message!

6 years ago

Absolutely love this whole concept by Christin Rose! The photography, video, and most importantly- the message, is all a brilliant look into the essence of what it’s like to live freely and be young. She captures the beauty of youth, and I loved this peak into how we can all learn from the attitudes of these girls!

Carlen Altman
6 years ago


Alexis Hanson
5 years ago

I personally love this blog post about this photographers aim to capture beauty in a different perspective. I think we tend to focus on beauty from looks and what a girl ought to be. Although, Christin Rose sheds an amazing light that we shouldn’t label and keep young girls in a box. In Cameron Russell’s Ted Talks she explains the same thing- looks aren’t everything and there is more to life than aiming to be beautiful. Both Cameron Russell and Christin Rose can be considered heroes in their work of art. Christin Rose in the form of photography and film- telling her story of what she thinks is beautiful. As Janaro put in his book, we shine a lot of light to aesthetics and what we want to become ourselves. What I appreciated from a comment in class was that we can look at what they do that is beautiful. For example what they achieve, language, skills, not just appearance.
I think Christin Rose is a form of an infinite human. She is able to put aside judgements, what “one is supposed to be,” and explore girls for something more than just being pretty. She explores the possibility for girls to be okay with being a tom boy but also playing with barbies. There is so much to learn in that time of age that as adults we can’t judge and put labels on them. Her photography captures the liveliness of being a young girl and being free. This is amazing inspiration for older ones to look upon and draw towards.