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7 years ago

This is my wish list. I think the clothes make the woman. And because it always have to dress in style. And this store has everything a woman needs to feel beautiful, good, and of course style. The woman’s appearance must always be perfect, clothing the smallest to the biggest. The woman always has to stand out and attract attention, and it can only do you know which brand to buy clothes created you look perfect. Every woman has her style, and its uniqueness

7 years ago

Can I enter the contest if I live in France ?
Please say yes.


7 years ago

That is an AWESOME prize, good luck everyone.

7 years ago

This is amazing! Entering for sure

Much Love,
Priscilla Ivette

7 years ago

Hey FP,

I’m confused about the entering process, I entered my email on mobile but no additional fields to fill in showed up, so I tried again on my computer and the same thing happened? Is it just an email entry? Also after reading the rules, it seems like entering twice is grounds for disqualification, does that mean I’m disqualified? :’0

7 years ago

Can you get disqualified for entering more than once?

7 years ago

Did this contest apply for people that live not in the US? I missed it… will there be more contests like this? :)

7 years ago

Annabel — same thing happened to me!

7 years ago

Best of wishes to everyone that entered

7 years ago

Who won??!!! :)

who won this contest

6 years ago

Almost a year later & im still wondering who won