3 Ways to Stay Sane — and Healthy — During the Holidays

Amid all of the seasonal hustle and bustle, make (and take) the time to treat yourself right.

Despite all the good tidings and cheer that come with the holiday season, it’s easy to get a little too caught up in the festivities. Don’t get me wrong: celebrate to your heart’s content. After all, ‘tis the season. But just make sure that amid all the gift buying, wrapping and giving, the party hopping, the cookie decorating, the in-and-out-of-glittery-tights-shimmying and the seasonal punch drinking, you make (and take) the time to treat yourself right.

Yes, the holidays can bring joy and wonder and happiness, but if you’re not careful, you might find yourself sitting in the middle of a sea of wrapping paper at 3am, trying to figure out why your mom is so much better at gift wrapping than you are, stuffing your face with marshmallows as you blow your nose through an entire box of tissues.


Take care of yourself. Stay sane and healthy enough to embrace the new year with these three quick tips.


Remember those cookies and punch from before? Eat ‘em. Drink up. Gingerbread men and potato latkes are delicious, but heavy, sugary holiday foods can seriously mess with your body’s balance, throwing off your digestion and other systems if you go into overload.

An easy way to keep all that in check? Remember to balance out your long nights and food-filled days with something green. Leafy veggies, protein-packed salads and fresh juice are great, but to make it really easy on yourself as you run around between holiday events, opt for a multivitamin like the WelleCo Super Elixir Alkalizing Greens.

Formulated so your body absorbs all its goodness at a cellular level, the Alkalizing Greens powder is made from bio-live ingredients that your body recognizes and craves. Meant to help you maintain an optimal pH—balanced pH good, out of whack pH bad—this stuff contains a whopping 45 nutrients.

Whether it’s the turmeric with its anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties, skin-friend aloe vera, dandelion and its ability to remove toxins from the liver, or kelp to jumpstart a thuggish thyroid and metabolism, this stuff will be the right mitten to your left one. (Bonus points: it’s packed with probiotics to fend off that dreaded post-holiday gorge bloat, and help your digestive system in its time of need.)

Throw a scoop in your morning smoothie, blend some up with water on the go or just take a big spoonful to the mouth (kidding, please don’t do this). This stuff is incredibly easy to work into a busy day and has virtually no flavor, so you won’t even notice it. Of course, a balanced diet full of greens and other natural good stuff is incredibly important, but when things are crazy and you’ve got ribbon tangled in your hair, this is an excellent way to make sure you’re getting what your body needs every single day.

Welleco Alkalizing Greens Detox    Welleco Alkalizing Greens Detox

Boost immunity.

You’ve done all your holiday shopping, have a full social calendar and are spreading cheer like it’s your job. But none of that will matter if you find yourself succumbing to the inevitable runny noses, coughs and colds of winter.

In addition to the gallons of orange juice and peppermint tea you’re already downing in an effort to stay healthy, it might also be time to consider a less conventional route to immunity: Sun Potion’s Green Adaptogen.

The blend’s powerful trio of suma, maca and chlorella all but ensures your energy levels will be high and your immune system will be running full steam. Suma, a Brazilian root, is a natural source of electrolytes, amino acids and minerals, all of which are important factors for good health. Then there’s maca, a Peruvian root rich in vitamin B12 and proteins that’s known as a natural energy booster. Rounding out the trio is chlorella, an incredibly nourishing and healing food that’s a master detoxifier. Just stir a scoop into the carrier liquid of your choice and you’ve got a killer potion on your hands.

Immunity boosting green adaptogen

Increase your happy factor.

Not only are the days colder, but they’re also darker and shorter come holiday season. And those festive twinkle lights can only do so much to perk you up when the sun sets at 4pm. Couple the perpetual midnight with just being plain tired from nonstop commitments, and the most wonderful time of year can very quickly start to feel like…well, the least wonderful time of the year.

But don’t go grinchy just yet. Keeping stress in check is imperative not only in terms of enjoying yourself during the holidays, but also for your general wellbeing. And starting from the inside is key.

Luckily, the Happy Molecule from Fountain can help you on your quest for no stress. The supplement is a quick way to calm down when you don’t have the time for a full-on meditation session thanks to its concentration of two powerful agents. The first, curcumin, is the main active ingredient in turmeric and has been shown to enhance brain chemicals like serotonin and increase production of dopamine, both of which are serious mood-lifters. Then there’s GABA, a naturally-occurring chemical in the brain that’s essential for a normally functioning body. Happy body, happy mind.

Happy supplement for stress    Happy supplement for stress

Please check with a doctor or healthcare professional before adding any supplements or vitamins to your diet. The information here is meant to be used as a guide and friendly advice, but is by no means prescriptive.

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5 years ago

Great post!

5 years ago

Thank you! Curious if I can take these all together?! Wonderful article!!❤️

It does get very crazy around the holidays. I love your list. It really helps me to really stay on top of things when I use them. If I can do that then I feel like I can engage more and enjoy things. It turns a busy, overwelming time into a truly peaceful time.