A Beginner’s Guide to Healing Crystals

A list of ten stones that will surely help you help yourself…

Eating the rights foods and using the right products and taking the right workout classes are all great ways to make sure you’re in tip-top shape, but sometimes it helps to call in some backup.

Though they may have been popular amongst the hippies of the 70s, healing crystals are now a legitimate component of a holistic approach to self-care and spirituality. Just the act of placing crystals on or near your body can help absorb, focus and direct energies to get your mind and body right.

It’s not quite as easy as walking outside, picking up a rock and holding it to your forehead. After all, there are hundreds of stones for every mood, personality, crisis and desire, so it’s important to choose the one (or ones) that serve the issue you’re facing. And remember that crystals aren’t a cure-all: they simply enhance the work you’re already doing, so it’s vital that you keep working and engaging.

If you’re just starting out, here are ten stones that will help you dip a toe into the shallow end of healing crystals. Once you make your pick, wear it, decorate with it, carry it…crystals are meant to be used in the way that best serves you.


From delicate lilac to vibrant purple, amethyst is an all-purpose stone that invites inspiration, happiness and positivity. Since the stone resonates with both the crown and third eye chakras, it can be useful when you’re looking to center yourself or look inward to connect on a deep level while still remaining grounded.

Rose Quartz

Though the light pink color may seem delicate, rose quartz is an incredibly powerful healing stone when it comes to matters of the heart. Peaceful, comforting and loving, rose quartz offers gentle, energizing support for explorations of self-love, enabling you look inside yourself and understand what kind of love you should be showing yourself.


This dark crystal is actually glass formed when molten lava from volcanic eruptions cools quickly. It’s closely tied to the root chakra, meaning it has powerful grounding and protective properties. Not only will obsidian help keep your feet firmly on the ground, it also works wonders to ward off negative energy.


Jade has been used as a healing stone for nearly 6,000 years, so its powers are legit. Known in ancient cultures as the “dream stone,” jade carries a serene energy — think of it as the calm in the middle of a storm — making it the perfect sidekick for meditation and introspection.


If you’re going to carry one stone around with you wherever you go, let it be agate. As the communication stone, agate will help you open up and make expression easier. Promoting inner stability, security and self-confidence, it’s no wonder agate is highly regarded as a stabilizing and strengthening influence.


The white t-shirt of healing stones, hematite is useful for anyone at any time. Sometimes known as the “root chakra stone,” hematite helps ground, connect and protect you with the supportive energies of Earth. It’s also an excellent tool for improving confidence and self-esteem.

Clear Quartz

Known as the “Master Healer,” clear quartz can be used for pretty much anything. Whether the issue is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, this stones works to cleanse and connect the body with the mind. It also plays well with others and will amplify the effect of other crystals.




Also known as the stone of success, citrine helps you focus on abundance and brings energies of personal power. You won’t become a money magnet overnight, but citrine will rid you of the negative, stagnant energy that often delays prosperity.


If you’re feeling listless or stuck, carnelian can be a big help. By removing blocked or stuck creative energy that may be gumming up the works, this stone works to stimulate a desire to move forward. Think of it as an action stone, one that will kick your butt into gear and give you the motivation and joy you need to get going.


Once used as the talisman of kings, shamans and warriors, turquoise is believed to be the energetic bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. For centuries, it’s served as a protective good luck charm, especially when given as a gift. (So now you know what to add to your birthday wish list.)

This post is not intended as medical advice.


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4 years ago

FP: how do you know the crystals in your shop are vintage (can you assure that?) and why why those prices for crystals that will need extra cleasing? But enjoyed the post!

4 years ago

Just to clear my question: all crystals are very ancient, so to call a crystal vintage can only mean onde thing: it belonged to someone else (or more people before) therefor is charged with other people’s energy. And also even in a vintage fair even an expert who can say that a crystal is “vintage” or not?

4 years ago

Personally I am not sure if I believe in the idea that the crystals themselves are helpful, but I think it lies in the fact of believing they are helpful. My friend always carries a big chunk of Citrine around because she believes it makes her feel more happiness and have freer speech, and I can see that it does! Manifestation thinking plays a huge role in what works for you and what doesnt, the power of the mind is so beautiful and crazy and crystals can help channel some of that thinking for you!

4 years ago

Love this! I keep pyrite, obsidian and tourmaline on my bedside table.

Jenny Loco
4 years ago

Great post there! Never knew crystal healing was that popular back in the 70s. Well I guess its back in trend now. I have been learning and reading quite abit about crystals these days. Was wondering if any of you guys have more resources to share? I seems pretty hard to find up to date information on the website. I have found a few relevant ones like http://www.energymuse.com/blog and http://www.heysoulcrystals.com. The rest of the website dont update often enough to speed up my learning. Anyone willing to share?

4 years ago

Thank you for sharing this useful post. These are the really helpful guidance of healing crystals for beginners. Because not everyone knows how to use healing crystals properly so above given guidelines are very helpful to use them without any side effects.

3 years ago

Has the best Crystals and affordable pricing. Love them

3 years ago

I just bought my first crystal today, it is sealed and has a description. Its a Rose Quartz from Energy Muse! Can’t wait to buy more and see how it is going to help me.

3 years ago

Such a great blog posting! We use a lot of the same crystals in our product, The Body Mat, and have seen how crystals truly work to heal the mind, body, and spirit!

3 years ago

Getting into crystal healing can be very overwhelming! I love how you did this post! Really puts it into terms that we can all understand, and gives a great starting point for anyone wanting to use crystals in their search for peace!