December Moon Calendar Download

Download our latest calendar for December!

December. Make or break time. Or time to plan your make-or-break moves for 2017. Either way, download the last of this year’s calendar to help you keep track. <3

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Calendar design by Holly Degan.



  1. Wish that the design of these beautiful calandars had space for me to write (appointments, occasions, ect.) inside of the dates.

  2. I love these! Used them in my bullet journal <3 Hopefully y'all continue with the calendar downloads into next year.

  3. I absolutely love these! I December was my favorite, but then again it’s my birth month so i’m probably biased. I use them as my phone’s lock screen– looking forward to January!

  4. i’m so sad that there won’t be a 2017 calendar! i have been looking forward to each month and what will decorate my computer desktop for the past 3 years. while i’m sad, i’m grateful for the years that you fp did provide one for all of us. :)

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