Finding Balance: 3 Fave Beauty Products

Enhancing your inner beauty with a few of FP’s tried-and-true assortment.. 

This post comes from nutritionist and model, Courtney James.

As a result of my frequent travels between New York and LA, my skin grew highly sensitive, with acne flare-ups, hyperpigmentation from sun exposure and becoming insanely dry. No moisturizer or oil seemed to penetrate my skin the way I needed it to.

I started experimenting with moisturizers, cleansers, serums and treatments aimed at moisturizing and nourishing the skin. I realized my previous regime wasn’t ‘active’ enough — I needed reviving antioxidants as well as exfoliants to shed those skin layers that prevented moisture from seeping in, and found answers through several now dedicated brands.

Pai is one of those for whom I have become a huge advocate. There are certain oils found in all-organic products that can actually cause irritation to the skin, but Pai is specifically formulated for extremely sensitive skin. Most of their products are packaged in pump containers, which protects ingredients from oxygen exposure (oxygen exposure can cause oils to turn rancid more quickly).

Avocado and Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream. A moisturizer that really moisturizes! My Mum, at 69 years of age, looks about 20 years her junior and credits her youthful glow to a plain jojoba moisturizer used throughout her 30s and 40s. Pai’s moisturizer is mostly comprised of jojoba and avocado, and is synthetic-free. A delicate formula and texture that offers my skin the natural moisture it needs.

Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil (Omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9). Rosehip oil, when incorporated into your evening regime, can boost vitamin C — antioxidant rich and free-radical fighting — leaving the skin more vibrant and nourished. I like to combine with the above moisturizer to make a double whammy of goodness!

Mad Hippie Exfoliating Serum. Prior to countless hours of research, I completely underestimated the need to exfoliate skin, whether that meant using a granule-based product or a light acid such as glycolic (an alpha hydroxy acid). Mad Hippie’s serum contains active glycolic acid and sodium hyaluronate which, in conjunction, penetrate the skin’s dermis layer deeper than a surface emollient (and make the need for a natural non-nano zinc-oxide based SPF even more important, as your skin will be more sensitive sans less surface cells). This product can assist with cell turnover, stimulate collagen production and also assist with bacteria-forming acne and scars. Continuous and consistent use will yield better results; however, best to space out your usage —  the skin needs a break from time to time!

With these products, I have noticed a massive shift in my overall skin texture, with a much more even skin tone, and fewer breakouts in the trouble areas I used to battle with constantly. Never underestimate the difference a hydrating non-alcohol based mask can have, also. Popping one of these on once a week or more can give the skin the hydrating boost it may need!

Another really useful trick? And something I can no longer live without — a shower head filter! I have one in my New York studio and tote a traveling one for those jaunts to LA. They are extremely cheap for the results they produce. Your skin will experience far fewer breakouts, and feel softer and clearer. Plus, they’re easy to install (even for those of us with no plumbing knowledge).

Enjoy that glow that comes from taking care of yourself!

Love, light and radiant skin blessings,


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3 years ago

Love these picks, they all sound awesome!

Hannie from Missing Wanderer

3 years ago

I think you’ve described my winter skin perfectly! I’m eager to try your suggestions. In the meantime, would you mind sharing your sun-protection routine/products? I’m still searching for the perfect approach in that regard!

3 years ago

I Love this post, and I love essential oils for skin care! I recently started using just coconut oil and rosehip oil as a moisturizer for my dry skin and I have seen a HUGE difference in my skin quality, but I am thinking about getting something a liiittle more nourishing for the winter months so I might be coming back to this blog post to try the day cream! …and maybe I need to buy a shower filter too, ha!
XX -Kaylee K

3 years ago

Great picks! Thanks :)

3 years ago

Love these!

3 years ago

Hey I love that painting above the couch in the first photo! Is it an artist who’s been featured on here?

3 years ago

That Avocado and Jojoba oil sounds delish!