FP Me to You: Tread Lightly, and Eat Local

This is Tommy…sharing the essence of FP Me with you as we round out 2016…

With a mind overflowing with passionate ideas and projects, one thing remains a constant — my dedication to tread as lightly as possible on this earth. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is by making educated daily choices, especially with food. In general, I’m a little crazy about wildflowers, fruits and vegetables but more so, I’m a huge believer in supporting local farmers and eating what’s in season. Years go, my dad gifted me his copy of Michio Kushi’s “The Book of Macrobiotics,” which helped me take a step back and see things on a larger scale.

When I was living and working in Tokyo, I casually studied macrobiotic cooking at the super neat Mominoki House in Harajuku. Sourcing needs from your local environment each season seems like an obvious way to go about eating, but is actually pretty difficult without considerable effort. So when you decide to really give it a go, it’s amazing to see how creative one can get… Bringing those skills back home to Hawaii keeps me excited, as I challenge myself to mix traditional Japanese cooking with island ingredients. We try to grow what we can at home, and supplement the rest from our local farmer’s markets. The color of Hawaii’s fruits and vegetables in cooking are beautiful, and make cooking that much more enjoyable! Talk about eating the rainbow. <3

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Love this! It’s crazy that we have to work so hard to eat local but, it takes effort nowadays.


The Book of Macrobiotics is very outspoken against non-hetero sexuality so… don’t know how much of a bible we want to make that thing…