Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of December 19–25

How are the stars aligning for you this week? You’re about to find out…

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December 22–January 19

With Mercury going retrograde in your sign this week, it’s time to review personal matters. You may feel rather tongue-tied and misunderstood, but you can make good use of this period with mental pursuits such as pondering the way you’re perceived and asking yourself if your persona reflects the real you. Mars is moving into your thinking-and-talking corner, revving up your brain and your daily life and enabling you to assert your ideas and opinions and tackle mental tasks with vigor. The sun’s arrival in Capricorn kicks off your birthday season, boosting your vitality and giving you a green light to focus on yourself. You can project your personality with added force now, so it’s an ideal period for making a strong impression. A Saturn-Uranus confab hints that an ending can be emotionally liberating, so be willing to let go and move on. Venus is gelling with three other planets, suggesting that positive self-worth will facilitate such progress and will also nurture your ambition. You might find yourself spending quite freely, but you’ll feel capable of attracting what you need as well. Happy birthday!


January 20–February 18

Mars enters your worth zone this week, prodding you to utilize your resources well and to work for what you need, in accordance with your values and priorities. Guard against a tendency to make impulsive purchases in the next six weeks. With Mercury beginning to backtrack in the last house of your chart, you’ll become more circumspect but may accidentally speak out of turn. You’re in close touch with your subconscious, so listen to your intuition and seek messages in your dreams. The sun is entering that house also, acting as another incentive to retreat from the world at times and reflect on the past. You might find journaling or a spiritual practice such as meditation helpful. A conference between Saturn in your group sector and Uranus in your thinking-and-talking corner can facilitate networking, teamwork, group communication and brainstorming as well as learning from people who share your interests or ideals. Venus in Aquarius is harmonizing with several other planets, putting you in good spirits, enhancing your social life and making it easy for you to get along beautifully with everyone.


February 19–March 20

As Mars begins his six-week stay in your sign this week, you’ll become motivated to work hard and further your own agenda. This is a very active period when you can prove what you’re capable of. Your assertiveness could border on dominance at times, and you’re better off operating independently if possible. But you should still stand up for yourself when necessary. Mercury’s retrograde turn in your network zone puts you at risk of having misunderstandings with friends and peers, but you might also reconnect with old acquaintances. Over the next few weeks, you may want to review your friendships, team of supporters and affiliations with groups and perhaps rethink something on your bucket list. With the sun entering that house, there’s a strong emphasis on your role in others’ lives and their roles in yours. A Saturn-Uranus connection suggests that the work you’ve put into achieving your goals can generate financial progress. And with Venus meshing with three other planets, spiritual, selfless and romantic love will reap emotional rewards and help you to feel good about yourself and where you’re headed.


March 21–April 19

Mars sneaks into your seclusion corner this week, favoring behind-the-scenes work over the next month and a half. Don’t expect credit or accolades; be satisfied with operating in the background on your own. You could get irritable and slip into an old behavior pattern or sabotage yourself. Try to be conscious of what’s happening inside you and how hidden motives may be driving your actions. With Mercury turning retrograde, communication with higher-ups gets trickier, and it won’t be easy to articulate your objectives. You might rethink a goal, research your industry and ponder your public image or professional status. The sun’s ascension to that part of your chart further encourages you to examine the direction you’re headed in and the progress you’ve made thus far. Saturn is cooperating with Uranus, giving you a sense that you’re learning what you need to and figuring out how to play the game of life—plus your hard-earned knowledge is enabling you to redefine yourself and your relationship to the outside world. Venus’s solidarity with Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn suggests you’ll enjoy the company of friends enormously on Christmas.


April 20–May 20

After Mars arrives in your network zone this week, teamwork will be your most effective modus operandi. Try to coordinate your interests with those of others and work together as a group. Humanitarian efforts will be particularly productive, as will professional networking, but be careful not to come on too strong. With Mercury going retrograde in your exploration house, travel and education will be less straightforward. Be patient with delays and detours if you have a trip scheduled in the next few weeks. You might have more luck revisiting a place than going somewhere new. This is a good time to examine your beliefs, revise your vision of the future and renew a topic of study. The sun’s entry into that house further inclines you to broaden your horizons. A Saturn-Uranus collaboration means sharing, partnership or working on a psychological issue can be emotionally liberating and bring deep insights. Venus is in sync with several planets, boosting your public appeal and allowing you to charm people in authority. Creative work will be extra fulfilling. And on a different note, you could fall for someone older!


May 21–June 20

When Mars climbs to the top of your chart this week, your ambition will surge and you’ll be willing to work hard to achieve your goals. It’s best if you have the authority to operate independently over the following month and a half, since you’re likely to resist anyone having power over you. With Mercury going retrograde in your depth sector, communication in close relationships can be problematic. In the next few weeks, delve into your psyche, a mystery or a research project and contemplate issues concerning trust, loss, intimacy, jealousy, mortality, sexuality, sharing, insurance, taxes, loans or debts. The sun shows up in that house next, shining a light on such complex or hidden matters and directing your attention to the subtler, more emotional side of life. Saturn’s meeting with Uranus facilitates partnerships with friends or a new level of commitment with someone, and you’re able to strike a balance between togetherness and independence. Venus’s encounters with three other planets coax you to interact with a wide range of humanity, enjoy all that life has to offer and take a chance with your heart.


June 21–July 22

After Mars lands in your exploration corner this week, you’ll be geared up to break out of your routine and have new experiences. Seek learning experiences rather than aimless adventures; the next month and-a-half is a period for expanding your mind and exploring different beliefs, places, cultures and ideas. You may find yourself fighting for what you think is right, but try to remain open to a range of views. With Mercury beginning to backpedal in your one-on-one angle, misunderstandings with other individuals could become a problem, so don’t jump to conclusions. Over the next few weeks, you could ponder your close connections, get back in touch with someone you care about, review your unspoken agreements with others and rethink a particular relationship. Saturn’s conference with Uranus indicates that you’ve been steadily toiling away and could finally get the sense that your hard work is making a difference. Being reliable and responsible can earn you freedom and respect. On Christmas Day, Venus’s harmony with several other planets hints at closeness, attraction and transformative love, and home is likely to be your happy place.


July 23–August 22

With Mars moving into your depth sector this week, you’re called to delve into something substantial over the next month and-a-half. You may devote energy to a passion project, your sex life could heat up or you might confront a challenging psychological concern. It’s also possible that you’ll have a conflict over sharing, values or jealousy. Mercury will be traveling retrograde for the next few weeks, and that would be a good time to research health matters and jobs; doublecheck details; rethink your approach to a problem; relearn a skill; reassess your habits; revise your schedule; reorganize your workspace and put your diet or fitness regimen under the microscope. Be careful not to be overly critical, especially with coworkers. The sun’s entry into that house can sharpen your focus and increase your productivity. A Saturn-Uranus confab indicates that your creative work or the work you’ve been doing to become more whole and happy will dovetail with fresh insights, changing beliefs and a new way of looking at life. Venus’s harmony with three other planets implies you’ll get along splendidly with other individuals on Christmas.


August 23–September 22

Mars crosses your one-on-one angle this week, nudging you to recruit a partner for activities and bring any interpersonal tension out into the open so you can deal with it. In the next six weeks, cooperative efforts with other individuals will prove more productive than flying solo. You may find it hard to compromise, but avoid pointless battles. With Mercury—your ruling planet—going retrograde in your joy sector, artistic and heartfelt expression won’t come easy, but you could try revising a creative project or rediscovering an old source of pleasure. You might reminisce about a past love, but rekindling an old flame wouldn’t be the smartest move, as questionable judgment is characteristic of Merc retro. The sun’s arrival in that house encourages you to be yourself no matter what and make time for enjoying life. A Saturn-Uranus conference suggests that your determination to resolve things from the past and strengthen your emotional wellbeing could expedite closeness, sharing and psychological progress. Venus is vibing with several planets, hinting that you’ll really enjoy making yourself useful and being of service to others around Christmas.


September 23–October 22

After Mars lands in your efficiency corner this week, your productivity will increase, as you’ll have the energy to get tons done. You’re apt to identify strongly with your accomplishments over the next month and a half, so try to work alone if you can. Burn off excess tension through physical activity during this period. Mercury will be backtracking at the bottom of your chart for a few weeks, increasing the odds of misunderstandings with family members or someone you live with. You’ll probably find yourself thinking about the past, so carve out time for quiet reflection. You might reconnect with people from childhood or rethink your décor or your living situation. The sun is entering that same house, coaxing you to get in touch with your innermost emotions and to center yourself so you feel at home. Saturn is syncing with Uranus, enabling you to learn from your encounters and to be taken seriously when communicating with other individuals. You may finally understand a change in a relationship now. Venus is harmonizing with three other planets, alluding to a happy, loving, fun Christmas.


October 23–November 21

Mars— your co-ruling planet—charges into your fulfillment zone this week, motivating you to express your creativity and personality more dynamically and to go after what you want with gusto. In the next month and-a-half, you’re likely to be particularly proactive about having a good time. With Mercury turning retrograde, you’ll probably have some difficulty articulating your thoughts, processing information and commuting, but you can use the next few weeks to contemplate your default ways of thinking and communicating and to question your assumptions. You also might reconnect with a neighbor or sibling, revise a writing project or reorganize data. The sun’s arrival in your thinking-and-talking corner ensures that your mind will be busy, you’ll have plenty of interactions and the tempo of life may pick up in the coming month. A Saturn-Uranus meeting suggests that disciplined budgeting can make a difference in your everyday life, and changing your work situation can help you to slowly attain financial security. Venus in your domestic angle is vibing with three other planets on Christmas Day, underscoring the theme that home is where the heart is.


November 22–December 21

With Mars descending to the bottom of your chart this week, there’s bound to be a lot of activity in your home until late January. You might tackle a domestic project or work from home, but you also might argue with family or roommates. Underlying irritability can spur you to fight for reasons you don’t understand, so pay attention to your emotions and deal with them before you overreact. Avoid big splurges because Mercury’s retrograde phase in your worth zone will make your financial judgment less than sound. Review your budget, assets, possessions, material needs, earning potential, natural talents, personal values and income, and consider reallocating resources if necessary. Saturn in Sagittarius is gelling with Uranus, enabling you to combine planning and spontaneity. It’s clear now that the serious tone your life has assumed in the past year or two is frequently offset by new love, fresh sources of happiness or creative bursts. On Christmas, Venus’s connections with several planets hint at very enjoyable social interactions and encourage you to express your affection and appreciate the warmth and beauty surrounding you.

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4 years ago

This is one of my favorite horoscopes and I always check it because it’s always accurate! Love it!