A Holiday Gift Guide: For YOUR FP Girl

De-stressing your holiday shopping, one gift guide at a time…

In homage to our recent holiday video, we curated three gifts guides to help eliminate any second-guessing when it comes to deciding who-gets-what. From tea blends to metallic hi tops, we got you — and the most important women in your life — covered.

Your Daughter:

  1. FP Escapes
  2. Wire Words
  3. Stevie’s Embellished Plaid Buttondown
  4. Lux Vegan Complete Brush Set 
  5. Metallic Hi Top Chucks

Your Mother:

  1. Bronzed Brew Mug 
  2. Bath Brew
  3. Tea Blend
  4. Geneva Cardi
  5. Kolby Brushed Fringe Scarf

Your Girlfriend:

  1. Shimmer Mini Dress
  2. Scent Pod
  3. Alpine Faux Fur Earmuffs
  4. Jewelry Box
  5. Lip Trio Collection

Happy shopping, beautiful humans!!

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3 years ago

These gifs are so cute!


3 years ago

Hello, thank you for sharing ideas. Your post is so useful for me as a father of three girls…

3 years ago

Good post love to visit more page of your site.

3 years ago

I have been trying to track my order since December26,2016 I have approximately 9 items that the amount from 312.97 .Items from flare jeans vevetskirt 2 different hats wide headband sponges serrande sock embroidered black baseball cap,ya few other things . They keep saying my password is not good ,buy it is my password I had to adjust back in September 11, 2016 through Google had they hah hah some internal problem.

3 years ago

Thanks for sharing the tips.. Great information.

3 years ago

There are some really nice ideas here. Thanks for sharing them.

Excellent article with some really great gift ideas.

3 years ago

These gifts are really great and I love how they’re formulated for the different girls in the gift-givers life. :)

Kayla Peart
Kaev Designs | Handmade Natural Gemstone Jewelry

3 years ago

Awesome blog! Thanks for taking a time to share holiday gift guide. From this great list, I really liked mothers gift guide and it is the perfect for me to surprised my mom. I will try to pick it for my mom mark as valentines day. Whatever, Thanks! see you again to take an idea about new gift guide.