Making Room for Growth

We all have so many amazing ideas to spread to the world, if only we begin to nourish them…

Perhaps the biggest barrier you face in your quest to meet goals is breaking a current habit.

You come home from work, plop down in your spot on the couch, indulge in your favorite treat and put on your show. You want to learn how to manage your money better, but you always seem to find an excuse as to why you need another pair of shoes. Or maybe you just want to be a better person, but you don’t know where to start. All of these goals can, and will be met in 2017, but they all begin with the detachment of something very close to you…

You’re standing in line for your daily coffee, and the line is rather long this morning. Naturally, you pull out your phone to pass the time, scrolling, or checking emails. It’s become so second-nature to us that most people won’t ever take notice. I’ve even caught my fingers mindlessly trained to grab my phone in the morning and head straight over to Instagram, with about a minute going by before I snapped back to reality, not remembering why I was even there. I’m guilty of an attachment to my phone, and so is most everyone I know. But have you ever had a moment, just a small moment, away from your phone?
I’ve had some of my most productive and insightful ideas when my phone is not in sight. Instead of grabbing my phone to fill the dead space, I just think. I let whatever thoughts enter my mind, without external factors disrupting my natural pathway. What this brings about is a sense of oneness… Oneness with the present moment, and time alone with yourself. We all have so many amazing ideas to spread to the world, if only we begin to nourish them. When we reach for our phones in a state of boredom, or when we find ourselves in an uncomfortable situation, we are only hurting ourselves. It takes us away from the present moment, where true growth happens, and propels us into a state of distraction and bombarding stimuli.

When you are present, you are aware. Aware of what you need to do to lose that extra weight so that you can feel more energetic and healthy. Aware of the extra, but unnecessary, money you’re about to spend. And aware of the things you know you can change in yourself so that you can radiate more love to those around you. Taking time away from your phone in 2017 will not only provide you with a greater sense of self-awareness, but will ultimately help you achieve your goals. This year, incorporate a new resolution… One that will cultivate immense growth!

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Mmm, being present is something I really, really need to adopt. I’m already getting better, but even during conversations sometimes I still find myself drifting off. And I have an OCD with checking my Instagram Stories and Snapchat! I hate it but I can’t stop it! Insane.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

Great one here. For more moments where the phone is further away in 2017!
xx finja |

3 years ago

I love that you said that it takes away from the present moment where growth can really be achieved. It really click for me and is completely true. You live in a fantasy instead of making it into a reality. Thank you for this really inspiring post! Just way to welcome a new year!

3 years ago

This is a great reminder to be more present in our daily lives and notice how much extra time we have to complete all the things we want to do if we cut back our time spent watching TV and social media etc.


3 years ago

Focusing on self growth is a wonderful plan for new year. My phone is a huge source of wasted time for me! I wonder however, before people had phones to distract them were they any better at accomplishing goals? Anyhow, the shift towers mindfulness is very exciting and hopeful!

3 years ago

We can all learn more with Wisdom & Knowledge and have Hope for a better 2017 There are many people that doubt or fear the life ahead, but we can strive for a better future.