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Meet the new artist who is blowing up Spotify…

Like thousands of musicians, Ella Vos released her first single this fall. Unlike those artists, her debut song, “White Noise” hit one million plays on Spotify within two weeks of being released, and soon found itself sitting on the top of the Viral Charts at #1. With no signs of slowing down, “White Noise” just passed the five million mark this week. She released her seco,nd single, “Little Brother” Novermber 7th, and within a few short weeks, that hit over one million plays too. Though she’s only released two songs thus far, her social accounts only months old, through which her face barely shows, this elusive artist is all the rage.

I recently had the chance to catch up with Ella in between meetings with record labels, her producers, and eager managers. We hit the highway and headed towards a dusty desert town two hours outside of Los Angeles. The red-headed bombshell, who used to play keyboards and sing vocals with Indie band Børns, talked with us about her new musical project, what it’s like for her to be a new mom, and how she keeps herself in check with all of the chaotic momentum happening with her career. Scroll further to have a listen to her hit songs “White Noise” and “Little Brother”, in an exclusive playlist she made for us.


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When did you get your start in music? What was it that pushed you in that direction?

I grew up studying classical piano and always thought that’s what I’d do the rest of my life — but as I got older it felt selfish and lonely. I knew I had to write my own songs about my own experiences, and eventually an extremely emotional situation pushed me into doing so.

Where do you find inspiration for your songwriting?

Every song comes from a personal experience, or even more so a single moment. The lyrics for “White Noise” literally came to me while I was holding my 5-week-old son, alone, crying, hushing him to sleep with the ‘white noise fan for babies’ on.

“White Noise” was an instant and viral hit, with over 5 million plays on
Spotify in just a few months. Can you explain the importance of that song to you?

“White Noise” is about how hard it is to become a mother, and how the transition into motherhood kind of sucks! Not only are you doing something that’s completely foreign to you, but you’re also being judged immensely (even if it’s you judging yourself.) It’s intense.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

Everyone thinks I’m really chill. I used to think I was too, but having a son has proved otherwise. A lot of really dumb things stress/scare/freak me out.

What has been the most challenging part about being a new artist?

The most challenging part about being a new artist is realizing that you can’t hide anymore; you have to be vulnerable and be yourself. It’s too exhausting to be somebody else. I’ve accepted myself for who I am and where I’m at in life — maybe more than I wanted to, but I think it’s one of the greatest things I’ve learned this year.


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You have a very strong aesthetic — how would you describe it and where do you find your inspiration?

To me, my aesthetic reminds me of a mood ring. Some days I look at my images and they look hopeful and free, and some days they feel very moody and dark. I love artwork that is slightly surreal and images that tell a story. I’m also constantly inspired by the Girl Gaze Project (@girlgazeproject).

Have you had a “holy sh**” moment yet?

Yes! “White Noise” went up on Spotify October 1st, and within 2 weeks it had 1 million plays and was #1 on the Viral charts. It really blew my mind.

What’s next for Ella Vos?

Everything is next on my list right now haha!! I have a couple music videos and new songs and some live performances that will be happening at the beginning of the year. I’m very excited.

Thank you for curating a playlist for us! Can you tell us a little bit about the songs that you chose?

These are all songs I was listening to when I began to write as “Ella Vos.” They’re also just a couple of my all-time favorites. Enjoy!


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Thank you Ella Vos!

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4 years ago

Love this post!

4 years ago

Really appreciate her honesty & vulnerability.

4 years ago

Lovely pics and music!


4 years ago

Cool Music. Wanna listen it again and again. Thanks.

4 years ago

Awesome post!

4 years ago

This interview is really touching especially with her vulnerability. It’s too honest and shows the struggle as a mother. It’s also amazing that she got able to write through her experience. It wasn’t easy but too emotional. Glad this became a hit.

2 years ago

Aciu uz straipsni!