Quitting Sugar for Good

With the belief that diets and cleanses don’t work, but a permanent lifestyle change does.

This post comes from our friend and founder of Catalyst Gold, Medea Juhasz.

There is a certain sincerity borne from those products created by and for their founders’ health issues; really, there is something magical about bottling a formula for others that once healed YOU. The tale of Herbalore and Catalyst Gold boasts similar, inspired by both my studies of nutrition and my personal journey.

I subconsciously developed Catalyst Gold almost a decade ago, after a self-destructive lifestyle left me with liver damage, digestive issues, ulcers, a weak immune system, allergies and reoccurring sinus infections. I tried every diet and cleanse to eliminate sugar and unhealthy food cravings with zero success. I started to study herbalism and holistic nutrition and, at the same time, I began experimenting with superfoods, superfruits, minerals, herbs and amino acids. It took me a long time to perfect the exact ratio but, when I finally did, my health issues disappeared one by one. The very formula responsible for profoundly transforming my own health became the foundation for Catalyst Gold.

Catalyst Gold is formulated to reprogram the body on a cellular level, while aiding in necessary nourishment and detoxification without harsh cleanses and unrealistic dietary restrictions. I strongly believe diets and cleanses don’t work; a permanent lifestyle change does.

My customers call CG “magic”; it works with your system and, just like a good adaptogen, it gives your body whatever it needs. I call it the ultimate “one-stop shop”  kickstarter supplement for those who are new to the wellness party; all you need is the willingness to make a change.

Can you tell us, in simple terms, just why sugar should be avoided? How exactly does it do us harm?

Growing up, my new age-y parents used to refer to processed sugars as the “white death” because they rob your body of vitality, energy and health.
Processed sugars can overload your liver, contribute to nutrient deficiencies, and cause insulin resistance which can progress into type 2 diabetes. The metabolic problems associated with sugar consumption are a known driver of inflammation and acidity, a potential cause of cancer.
We are still having trouble resisting these foods, despite the fact that we know they are bad for us. Sugar and processed junk foods can cause massive dopamine release which is the reason sugar is slightly more addictive than cocaine. High-fat and high-sugar foods stimulate the brain the exact same way that drugs do. Plus, sugar contributes to obesity, ages your skin and damages your teeth.

Can you point out any sugars that we may not easily recognize?
Low-fat, reduced-fat, calorie-free, or fat-free foods are almost always filled with refined sugar. Sugar also lurks in almost all processed foods, including breads, meats, condiments and even roasted savory nuts. The list of sneaky and harmful sweeteners is long — from cane sugar, beet sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, corn solids, sucrose, aspartame, maltose, molasses, glucose and maltodextrin to agave.
High-fructose corn syrup is the most harmful highly processed form of sugar, which is actually found in 90% of processed foods and drinks on the market. It is crucial to learn ingredients and read nutrients labels carefully to identify harmful sugars and sweeteners.

What do you suggest, re: substitutes/alternatives for the sweet-toothed among us?
If you are super strict or on an elimination diet or cleanse, I suggest opting for organic birch xylitol or organic stevia. Birch xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol that is found in plants. Stevia comes from the Stevia rebaudiana plant and has a very low glycemic index.
If you opt for being less strict, but are still looking for a healthy alternative, I would go for raw coconut nectar which possesses a low glycemic index score of 35 and a nearly neutral pH.
It’s good to avoid fruits completely during a few-day detox or candida-type cleanse, but fruits have necessary vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and phytochemicals to keep us healthy on a long run. Those rich in vitamin C will help your brain convert the amino acid tryptophan into serotonin. Our body is amazing — once you start adding healthier choices, your taste buds will adjust naturally.
I still have a very big sweet tooth — I just opt for organic stevia, raw coconut nectar or organic fresh fruit.
Any suggestions on how to kick the habit once and for all?
Start your the day with warm lemon water which helps to keep blood sugar levels down and can aid in digestion.
Invest in an L-glutamine supplement which can be an instant quencher for sugar cravings.

Replacing nutritionally empty foods with miraculous superfoods like chlorella and spirulina also helps the body to feel nourished, vitalized and crave less sugar. Superfoods literally can help to change your palate so you can start craving all the healthy stuff.

How does CG work to assist us in quitting sugar/processed foods?
Catalyst Gold is packed with two of the most important powerhouse green superfoods — spirulina and chlorella. Just these two alone contain a huge dose of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B9; and vitamins A, C and E. They are excellent source of potassium, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, sodium and zinc. These super algaes are also about 60 percent protein, aiding digestion and managing hunger.
As one of the key ingredients in CG, I specifically added L-glutamine to my formula. This amazing gut-healing amino acid helps stop sugar (and alcohol) cravings by helping the body to suppress insulin and thereby stabilizing blood sugar levels. When you mix herbs, minerals, amino acids with superfoods in the right ratio, it can create a miraculous chemical reaction in the body.
I strongly believe that, when we bring in the good stuff, the bad guy naturally stays out.
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4 years ago

Oh, this seems dramatic! I now mostly only use raw cane sugar, since it’s not that more expensive (at least where I live) and I love it. I’ve avoided for years now all the sweetners like aspartame and others that are in most processed foods, specially the low-calories ones. That’s another: I don’t even like processed food anymore. I love to cook, but still sprinkle my pancakes with sugar and cinnamon. To each one their one, right?

My blog: http://www.RitaTocta.com
My Vintage Shop: http://www.MissAntique.etsy.com

Mandie Fae
4 years ago

Great article! Thanks for all of the tips. I love when FP posts articles about health and nutrition. Sugar is a nasty substance and I love that you’ve given alternatives and ways to change the diet. I stay away from sugar for the most part, but let myself splurge occasionally. Fruit is my favorite and usually if I am craving a sweet the fruit satisfies that craving.

4 years ago

It is so amazing that there is such a stigma around drugs, but not refined sugars and fats- even though they have some nasty effects! Great article, I love learning more about our body and what we put in it.

4 years ago

I searching for fibre supplements information. But I reached your article for Sugar. i satisfied yours and agree yours
thanks for good information

4 years ago

A great article. I am struggling with my sugar addiction and look forward to implementing these tips. I find the first few days are the hardest. I get angry and am excessively tired without my afternoon sugar pick me up. Looking forward to a sugar-free future. Thank you

4 years ago

@ rita: according to my research, “raw cane sugar” is another euphemism for refined whit sugar

4 years ago

@rosie I can only tell by my experience (I drink coffee at home and switched white refined sugar for brown raw sugar years ago and noticed a dramatic difference in my health and my blood sugar levels for better). For what I quickly read right now raw sugar has a lot of more minerals than white refined sugar. I doubt that anything raw versus refined is the same, sugar…flour,etc whole is always better. But yes, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my health.

4 years ago

Oh great, this is super awesome. This article will definitely change my perception.
It will make a huge difference in my health.

3 years ago

Really good advice!!! Thank you for the valuable information on this tips.


11 months ago

I’m following a low carb diet for over a year now and it has seriously changed my life. I feel so much better and have lost so much weight. It was such a shock to see how much sugar is in so many ‘normal’ foods I was eating! Thanks for sharing :)