Sparkle This Season

Oh dear, how I live for this time of year… 

I remember being 7. My tree felt huge at the time. It was trimmed with Charlie Brown matte rainbow lights. I never in the world thought I had seen anything more magical in my life.

I’m 25. My tree is short and fat. It fits in my tiny nook third-floor apartment. It’s trimmed with stars and white dreamy lights. I hung a disco ball in the middle of the room. As it spins, I lay underneath it and dream. I can happily tell my 7-year-old self that magical moments will sparkle each holiday, as long as you believe.

Happy Holidays, babes – from my sparkly home, to yours.

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Dream space…wow!

Wow, such beautiful pictures! Will be checking out her blog. :)

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Perfect photos! <3


Where can I get that amazing floor pot?

Wow how magical!

That disco ball sure catches the eye, haha.


When can I move in? Dreamy!


The words feel nostalgic and the imagery is magical..really gives me some ideas and inspirations thanks


where did that face pot come from??

Silvia Ramezani

I love that I found blog.freepeople!

So so beautiful. I wish my place looked like this, one day…