Weekend Do: Print More Photos

Truly capturing a moment that’s otherwise gone forever…

There’s no hiding it — we are a snap-happy generation. Cell phones and digital cameras abound. So what happens to the literal thousands of images that we amass? Most likely they’re uploaded to our social media channels, sent via text messages… and sometimes, they’re lost unexpectedly.

I look back to the time I spent going through the buckets — yes, buckets — of photos my mom took as we grew up. I especially loved those pix of my parents pre-children, what their life was like before they became mom and dad. And then me as a child, with my brothers and sisters, the crazy clothes I wore, that doll I lugged around. To this day, upon every visit home, I ask my mom if I can revisit the bucket.

And so, I’ve made a conscious effort to print more photos. I want to be able to show my children my adventures, the people who were important to me, and what life was like before I became their mother.In preparation for that — still years off — I’ve already created my own bucket (mine, of course, is covered in glitter), filled to the brim with photos and Polaroids so dear to my heart. Every few months, I make it a point to scour my laptop and social channels,  collect my favorite images and print them. Simple as that.

We live such beautiful lives… I don’t want those memories to just live on my devices. I want to show them off, relive them from between my fingers and in front of my eyes. For those of you looking to do similar, the list below features a few great companies who were built to help! Best thing? Most of these are apps easy to download so you can upload straight from your phone!!

+Have a way to print photos that you love? Share with us in the comments below! 

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  1. I’ve been meaning to print photos as well! Every now and again I look back on photos as myself as a kid and I miss the physicality of them – it feels much more special looking back at memories in an album than on your computer!

  2. hello Anneke!!

    For the images in the post they were done on the social prints app!! It’s my favorite and you can choose many styles to print from!! xx

  3. I had been meaning to do this, but it seemed like such a daunting task I kept putting it off. On Christmas day this year my husband surprised me….with 1,700 photos of the past 6 years together. Holidays, family moments, parties with friends, weddings. There is something so special about holding a printed photo in your hand, and remembering those special moments. From now on, I vow to keep it up! x

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