Weekend Do: Start a Holiday Tradition

Here’s to creating memories that will carry on through the years… 

There are countless ways to celebrate the holidays. My favorite thing about this time of year? Traditions — a special piece of life which grow as you grow. They may begin with your mother and father, then morph and trade with your significant other and later, pass down to your children. The great thing about traditions is you can — and should — also create them with and for yourself. Whatever the case may be, traditions are ever-changing yet always filled with love and memories.

To help you get started on creating new traditions, I listed out some of my favorites below!

*Matching Christmas Eve pajamas.

*Creating an ornament that represents the year.

*Listening to your favorite holiday music.

*Watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

*Going snowboarding on Christmas Day.

*Treating yourself to your own holiday vacation

*Hot chocolate and more hot chocolate.

My fiancé and I create an ornament each year that represents our collective past year — we have one for every year since we met. It may be cheesy, but I love looking at what mattered most to us as our relationship grew…our tradition, which makes it special.

+ Do you have a holiday tradition of your own, or thinking of starting one? Tell us all about it in the comments below!!  

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My family and I always indulge in a hotel Christmas Eve buffet! It’s our favourite time of the year, definitely. ;)

Charmaine Ng
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