A 5-Day Reset Guide: Day One

Take this opportunity to offer your body and mind the love they deserve…

This post comes to us from nutritionist Kristin Dahl

Welcome! Use the next 5 days to focus on healing through nourishing, holistic meals, integrative fitness, and higher thought patterns, connecting deeply to your intuition so clear choices can be made to serve and support your current and long-term health.

When we focus on clean nourishment and self care, our immune system stays strong and makes us less susceptible to disease. This leads to a vast improvement in the resiliency of the body and how well it responds to both physical and emotional stress. Let this 5 day guide serve as inspiration to slow down, tune into your inner guidance system, and move mindfully through each day.


Our ability to create lasting, positive change and true transformation is greatly influenced by the choices we make every day and how quickly we choose to bring ourselves back when we get off track. Integrating daily wellness practices into your life will have long-term benefits that will leave you feeling empowered, renewed and rejuvenated.

The next 5 days will consist of consuming clean foods, incorporating regular exercise and self care routines, and taking a little down time to reset. We will phase out the top five foods groups that are known to cause imbalance in the body: sugar, alcohol, caffeine, gluten and dairy. Focusing on proper hydration, clocking zzzz’s, and nourishing our body and mind with healthy thoughts and foods will accentuate our natural radiance and beauty.


Create a plan of action! It’s incredibly helpful to write out your plan for the week, including workouts, self care routines and downtime. Sharing your plan with others will set you up for success!

Reduce/eliminate caffeine. If you are a coffee drinker, begin to switch over to green tea, matcha or yerba mate. Reduce caffeine by cutting down your intake every day until you have stopped altogether. (I promise it gets easier!!) This will lower the release of cortisol (the stress hormone) into the body. It will also help to balance your blood sugar and will help your metabolism re-regulate itself. Incorporate herbal tea rituals into your daily routine.

Add alternative healing modalities to your weekly/monthly routine. Incorporate the following for that inner to outer glow: oil pulling, facial steams, massage or self massage, infrared sauna, steam room, hot yoga, neti pot cleansing, facials, dry skin brushing, head–to-toe body scrubs or a day at the spa. All of these support lymphatic drainage and move stagnant energy out of the body.

Make most of your meals at home (ahead of time) and if you need to eat out, make the healthiest choice possible.

Create your “non-negotiables” – is it massage, acupuncture, spa days, breath work, meditation, cooking, reading, fitness, or yoga classes? Perhaps your non-negotiables are spending time with friends and loved ones, weekends away, or just doing nothing at all. Make a list of your non-negotiables and find a way to work them into your weekly or monthly routine.

Build a community. Start a weekly or monthly wellness club. Invite friends over to share nourishing food, conversation and connection. Our spirits thrive on real connection and meaningful interaction.

Break from technology. Allow yourself an hour to ease into the day and ground yourself before offering all of your energy to your phone. Give your life space away from technology so that you have more of yourself to offer to the world. Get outside!!


Letting go of things in our daily routine that deplete our energy is an incredibly powerful practice. This gives us the clarity that we need so that we can choose to reintroduce only those things that truly serve us. It allows space for uplifting practices, routines, and habits to fully integrate into our lives. Take some time to reflect and get clear on what truly supports your wellbeing.

Today: Clean Up Your Thoughts. You can eat all the kale in the world, but if your thoughts are toxic, your body will be, too. Your thoughts have a profound effect on the way you feel and heal. When we think loving thoughts, it affects our immune response and creates mind-body harmony. Stressful, negative thoughts can have the opposite effect, lower our immunity, raising our cortisol levels and causing inflammation throughout the body. Choose thoughts that feel light and expansive and serve your highest good.

Create a nourishing home or work environment by filling and clearing the space with plants, non-toxic candles, crystals and a salt lamp. Eliminate clutter as it can suffocate your energy. Use gentle lighting, burn incense and listen to relaxing music when your soul needs soothing.

+For a personalized program unique to your needs or health opportunity, please reach out to set up a Holistic Nutrition Consultation.

See more from Kristin Dahl here!

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I love this! I will definitely try and incorporate these healthy habits into my everyday life.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Minimizing the clutter in your life is so important for clearing up space for positivity

4 years ago

One of my goals for 2017 is to reduce my caffeine intake! x

4 years ago

Great post!

4 years ago

Joining in a little late, but I love this!

April Renee
4 years ago

Luv this post!

4 years ago

“Create your non-negotiables” resonates with me. As does creating space by cleaning, and clearing my thoughts. Definitely.


4 years ago

This post couldn’t have come at a better time! I’m doing a personal and professional reset of my life right now after being diagnosed with a couple of medical conditions. I can’t wait to see what my new life has in store for me! Will look for ways to corporate these ideas into my daily routine m- I feel like they’ll be very beneficial.

3 years ago

Great post! Thanks for this useful reset guide. I’ll follow it. Best 2018 for you.