A 5-Day Reset Guide: Day Four

Reconnection to our roots eases stress and tension in the mind & body and allows us to live fully in the moment…

This post comes to us from nutritionist Kristin Dahl


Break from technology. Do this whenever possible. Bookend each day with a meditation, warm bath, and warm tea. Reserve one hour in the morning before checking emails and social outlets, and check out and shut down your phone at the same time every evening. Remove electronics from the bedroom to ensure a proper night’s sleep and leave your cell at home whenever possible to allow yourself space to reset.

Today: Connect With Nature. Get outside and reconnect to your inherent state of calm. This reconnection to our roots eases stress and tension in the mind and body and allows us to live fully in the moment. Walking on the beach or hiking
 in the mountains soothes our primal need to feel connected to our environment. Earthing (walking barefoot in nature) is also incredibly grounding and remineralizes the body.

Stress and anxiety cause harmful chemicals to be released into your body, raise your blood pressure, and reduce blood flow to your heart. Counter stress by practicing daily breathing exercises and other stress-reduction techniques such as restorative yoga, meditation and long baths. Rest and relax whenever you needed!

+ For a personalized program unique to your needs or health opportunity, please reach out to set up a Holistic Nutrition Consultation.

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