5 Easy Budget Tips To Help You Save

Feel like your wallet has a hole in it? Let’s mend it…

I have to admit — I love, love, love saving money. I have goals and dreams for my future, and realistically, I need some cash flow to get me there. So, by using a few tips I’ve collected over the years, I’ve found a way to find balance with my money. One that allows me to have fun, but also save. Even the littlest changes can help that bank account of yours immensely. Here we go.

Set Big + Small Goals.

Big. I’m dying to explore. I want to get lost, travel the world. I’m hungry for adventure. In three to five years, I’d love to buy a house of my own, with a big barn where I can create an animal sanctuary.

Small. I would love these bad boys in my life. Grocery shop only on Mondays. Go to a music festival this year. Cook at home at least 5 times per week.

Write these goals down, and think about them when you are planning your week and spending money. They may help you spend your money a little more wisely. For example: Do I really need to eat out tonight when I have food at home, or should I save the $20, and put it towards a ticket to that festival? I usually choose number two.

Write Everything Down.

This may look a little over the top, but my goodness, does it help. Money can go so quickly if you aren’t keeping track of it. Each month, I create a page for my Bullet Journal that shows where my money is going. If I spend, I write it down. Create a chart with three columns. Date, description and amount. Fill it in every day. You will be amazed at how much you are spending, and will realize quite quickly when you should tone it down a bit.

Make Little Efforts.

Does the Weather Channel call for a beautiful week? Save some money on gas and ride your bike to work. Splurging on a $4 iced coffee every day? Make your own at home, in bulk, and stop at the coffee shop once a week instead. Every bit of savings helps, my friends!

Cash Only.

Set a budget for each week. Withdraw that amount from your account, in cash, and put it in an envelope. Keep your cards at home. Whenever that envelope runs out, that’s it for spending.

I learned of this technique a few years ago, and tried it out. Swiping a card is too convenient. Whenever you have money in paper form, you really see how fast it can go, and will probably pay more attention to how much you are buying. If you have leftover cash at the end of the week, add it to the next category.

Treat Yourself.

Have fun, buy yourself a thrill gift, and don’t look back. If I follow the above tips each month, I know exactly where my funds are, and I feel okay about spoiling myself a bit. The pressure of buyers’ remorse goes away.

+ If you have any tips to help budget and save money, please share in the comments below! I’d love any and all new ideas. <3

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I write everything down as well. I’ve been budgeting EVERYTHING for years now, from the $1 I chip in when my friends don’t have change to the big, credit card purchases. It’s served me super well.

I really like the idea of big and small goals. Big to give yourself motivation, and small ones you can tick off!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

I really appreciate the insight here in this post, Basic steps but really so helpful. Thanks for sharing the small tips.

4 years ago

I’ve found that online banking is super convenient! You can always be checking your accounts and where your money is going.

4 years ago

I have just started the whole writing down your spends! It’s so far helping, knowing that if I buy something I have to write it down really stops those splurges!

4 years ago

Thanks for the post! I’m a huge fan of writing all purchases down, it really is helpful. I like your suggestion of withdrawing cash, because then you really are aware of how much is left & how quickly it goes. I think that may be a good idea for me to try.

4 years ago

Stumbled upon this post from Pinterest and ended up loving it! Thank you!

4 years ago

I love the cash only tip! Thanks for sharing, Madisyn!

4 years ago

Goal is great when partnered with consistent actions. Taking small goals will definitely help achieve the big goals.