Avocado Burgers with Frei-Style

A little guide on how to assemble an Avoburger…

This post comes from our friend Verena, founder of frei-style!

The first Avocadoburger I created came about coincidentally… my original intention was to make an Avocado rose on toast but, while I was peeling that avocado, I was taken by its perfection and resemblance of a bun. I thought, why not make an avocado burger? It turned out a lot of people enjoyed it very much, so much so that it made the cover of a magazine (even though I’m not the first one with this idea)! Today, I am proud to show you how to make your very own beautiful Avoburger.

First step, pick your perfect avocado.

Second, gather your ingredients and toppings (I aim to find fresh, organic ingredients): carrots, beetroot, kale, mushrooms, tomatoes, red cabbage, red pepper, cucumber and, for sauce, I made a homemade beetroot ketchup, and a vegan cashew herb cheese.

Then time to chop the veggies and prepare the avocado. To make your bun, cut the avocado down the middle, remove the pit, and then carefully peel the skin off, knowing only then if you’re lucky enough to have found the perfect one! I wasn’t that lucky today… mine had some flaws — but hey, that’s nature. You can easily smooth out any dark spots with your finger. Decide which parts you want to use for top and bottom. Cut the bottom part so it will sit flat and stable.

Now the assembly can begin! Lay your bottom on a plate or wooden board, add sauce, then toppers. Be sure to maintain your ingredients’ balance along the way. To make your carrot “cheese,” roll the slices together and add at the end and right before placing the avocado on top. Its weight will hold everything in place!

Sprinkle your Avoburger with sesame (black or regular), and you are done. Congrats on creating a yummy piece of art! There is one question I will leave you with, unanswered — how do I eat it?? I am often asked that, but I don’t think I should dictate how you eat your burger — use your imagination, get creative and I’m sure you will figure out a perfect way to eat it! I hope you liked this little tutorial — I can’t wait to see all of  your creations!

+ Have a bun replacement of your own? Let us know in the comments below! 

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I’ve been seeing this everywhere! I myself prefer the portabella mushroom burgers, but avocados are totally more photogenic.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

7 years ago

I love it! Great tutorial Verena! #avolove

7 years ago

So creative. I guess it tastes very fresh. Love this recipe a lot.

katherine paluzzi
7 years ago

that looks SOOOOOO amazing but how do you eat that??? even with avacados INSIDE my sammie they always mush apart!

7 years ago

So yummy! I would eat it with a fork and knife. What is the actual burger made out of? Is there a recipe for that?


7 years ago

Your recipe Avocado Burgers is great tasteful. Our family loves this recipe.

5 years ago

Looks and sounds like a great burger. I would love to give it a try. I’ll check the store for fresh avocados.