Are Baths the New Showers for 2017?

Soak up the healing benefits and still get to work on time.

This post comes to you from our newest beauty contributor, the wondrous Kari Molvar.

Taking a bath is often considered a slow-beauty ritual—you sit, soak up the aura-stimulating pink Himalayan salts, and slip into a relaxing time warp. But for anyone on a tight schedule or with an intense to-do list, lengthy float sessions tend to happen…never. Instead, you jump in and out of the shower and rush out the door. It’s an efficient system and but not exactly transformative for your mind or body.

Modern apothecary gurus have come up with a compromise—a new wave of multi-tasking bath goods that impart the restorative benefits of a nice long soak in far less time, so you can cleanse, detox and energize your skin in as little as 15 minutes. Sydney, Australia-based Page Thirty Three, for example, translates ancient beauty rituals into a line of functional, utility-inspired products. Their new Bath Treatment Sachets combine skin-enhancing ingredients (anti-inflammatory calendula flower, nourishing coconut oil) in pre-measured pouches that you can either pour into the running water or rub directly onto your skin in the case of the Osmosis and Riverstone scrub-like formulas.

One Love Skincare’s Cleansing Sponge, meanwhile, is the time-pressed alternative to a 40-minute soak with Himalayan pink salts: the kaolin-illitee pink clay heart-shaped disc draws out toxins and calms sensitive skin in a matter of minutes. And while you can lather up with Wild Medicine’s fluorite crystal soap in the shower, it’s far easier to let the healing powers melt into the water and absorb into your body for a quick 10 minutes in the tub.

Last step: pat yourself dry and apply a moisturizing oil to fend off any dryness. Folk Ayuveda’s Vata Rooted Rose hydrates and protects with a blend of organic wild rose, vitamin E and renewing essential oils. Warm a few drops between your palms and sweep it over your body with uplifting strokes toward your heart. The resulting circulation boost might even inspire you to skip your morning coffee—saving you yet another step.

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I wish I had a bathtub at home. I must make full advantage of the hotel’s tub when I go on vacation!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

I think taking baths are the new “showers” because they can be so relaxing, and who doesn’t want to relax before a hard day of work or school?

Kayla Peart
Kaev Designs | Handmade Natural Gemstone Jewelry

4 years ago

As much as I love taking baths, I hate wasting water! I’ll run them in the winter, so it serves the dual purpose of heating up the house, but I wish there was an excuse to do so in other months :)