FP Me to You: Introducing Jordan

All the way from Wasilla, Alaska, this month’s muse is Jordan… 

Images shot by Kristian Irey

5 words to sum up your personality…

Optimistic, loving, magnetic, influential and adventurous. 

Spirit animal.

My dog Moose (Silver labrador). He’s always happy, always there when you need him, always happy to see you even when you’ve been gone for just 10 minutes, always excited when he sees food and always willing to go outside and play or adventure.

What makes you happy?

Being active and outside! Mountains, fresh air, sunshine, a good sweat, laughter, travel, small talk with strangers, knowing my family members are happy, my best friend and I saying the same thing at the same time and laughing so hard I snort, and watching people learn a new skill or accomplish something they thought they weren’t capable of.

What makes you sad?

Homelessness, seeing people eating alone, lack of empathy, insecurities and leaving my dog at home (I know, I know.)

Fave city in the world/why?

I’ve hiked the Andes Mountains in Peru, walked the streets of Madrid, Spain, swam in a river in the rain forest in Costa Rica and been all over the United States…but there’s something about my hometown of Wasilla, Alaska, that makes it my forever favorite. Our town is part of what we call the “Valley.” Surrounded by mountain ranges and packed full of people who despite the tough winters and hard times live here because they were born with so much love for the place they call home. It empowers its kids to believe in the power of exploration and adventure, the power they have within themselves and that, no matter how bad the storm may be, it can always be weathered and there is always something to be grateful for.

Last dream you had…

The last dream I can remember is pretty funny. I dreamed that my grandma was in the front seat of a Super Cub (a small bush plane that is pretty common up here in Alaska) and I was in the back seat. She was flying the plane super fast and would go up really high and dive back down, all the while laughing hysterically and having a great time. When I told her about this dream she assured me it would never actually happen. Ha! (Thank goodness!)

What does free mean to you?

To live your life as you. Exactly who you are. Unapologetically and authentically yourself. Loving who you are, what you look like and what you do. Living out your true meaning and sharing your gifts for the good of everyone around you and yourself.

Images shot by Kristian Irey. Check out more of her work online!

 + Check back next Thursday to learn more about this FPMe muse…

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