FP Lets Move: Hydrate with Kopari

Feeling dry and dull this season? We’ve got a perfect solution for you…

For the first 50 guests to arrive at tomorrow’s FP LetsMove event in Hawaii, Kopari will have a little something special for you!

If you’re suffering from head-to-toe winter blues, consider remedying it with Kopari’s Organic Coconut MeltThis product has oodles of fatty acids, proteins and vitamin E that will moisturize and protect your skin, making it glowy, ultra-hydrated, young, supple and smooth. Plus, it makes hair healthy, strong and glossy. 

Body Moisturizer: There is nothing better! Hop out of a warm shower and apply Coconut Melt onto damp skin. It melts upon your touch and leaves your skin feeling silky soft.

Hair Mask: This is a must for shiny, hydrated and soft hair and, honestly, who doesn’t want that? Coat dry hair with Coconut Melt from root to tip. Then toss your hair up in a bun for 40 minutes or sleep on it. Wash out.

Under Eye Rescue: Feeling a little dry and tired looking? Pep up with a touch of coconut oil to hydrate under eyes and minimize the appearance of dark circles. Remember, a little goes a long way.

Lip Balm: Chapped lips during winter are inevitable. Soothe your dry, cracked pout with coconut oil and get your kissable lips back in shape just in time for Valentine’s day.

Heel and Elbow Healer: Coconut oil can tackle even the roughest spots. Give your parched hands, cracked heels and rough elbows some extra coco love. Place a small amount of Coconut Melt onto trouble spots to hydrate and smooth.

Kopari’s Coconut Melt is the ultimate all-over skin moisturizing beauty in a bottle. Slather on this mega multitasker in the winter or summer months to hydrate and restore skin’s natural glow. Trust us, it makes a beautiful addition to your daily skincare routine.


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Aww, would love to try out their products.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Sounds like the ultimate multitasker :-)

4 years ago

Great review. I too wrote a review on the coconut melt. You should try their other products
Review on these well loved products http://tiwiwy.com/2017/01/17/cokopari-my-everything-beautyinanutshell/