Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, January 23rd-29th

Read on to see what the stars have in store this week…

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January 20–February 18

Your ability to pick up on subtleties is enhanced by this week’s Mercury-Neptune connection, as your intuition will be very strong. It’s also possible that you’ll find yourself daydreaming about something you yearn to possess. Trying to gain insight into your spiritual values would be a good use of this planetary configuration. Mercury’s meetup with Pluto in your subliminal corner can help you get to the bottom of something in your subconscious, and you should definitely do more thinking than talking. Penetrating introspection can bring a revelation that fosters emotional progress. Venus in your worth house is scuffling with Jupiter and Saturn, so you may need to tweak your desires to conform with group interests or scale back your spending if you’re thinking too big. With Mars changing signs, your brain and your everyday life will be busier over the next six weeks. Your speech may take on a defiant tone, and it’s a good period for pitching your ideas. The Aquarius new moon denotes your annual excuse for reinvention. Ponder your appearance and your image. Do you feel good about how you come across? You might opt to change your look or how you present yourself as you begin your personal new year.


February 19–March 20

With Mercury in your network zone vibing with Neptune in Pisces this week, group communication will be a plus. You’re likely to feel understood by friends and peers. A Mercury-Pluto alignment alludes to intense brainstorming or talking through something complex with others. Be careful not to come on too strong when presenting your point of view, and avoid gossip. Venus in your sign is jostling with Jupiter in your sharing sector, so you may need to adjust your expectations in a relationship. You could be craving more closeness than someone can offer you. Venus is also sparring with Saturn in your ambition angle, making an authority figure’s approval hard to obtain or pitting socializing against pursuing goals. If you want to play but need to work, settle for doing a bit of both. And don’t force it if you’re not relating well to a boss or parent. The new moon coaxes you to seek peace and quiet, recharge your batteries and begin a new spiritual practice. After Mars moves into your worth house, you may need to keep your eye on impulsive spending. Be proactive in dealing with finances and possessions, and stand up for your values if it’s called for.


March 21–April 19

Imaginative mental work could earn you notice or be a boon in your professional life this week, thanks to Mercury in your ambition angle clicking with Neptune. This pairing also points to the value of listening to your intuition when setting goals, communicating with authority figures and planning your career. And when plotting your next move or contemplating your life direction, don’t settle for easy answers. A Mercury-Pluto meetup nudges you to get to the heart of the matter. Watch your tone with a boss or parent, as you could sound too forceful. Venus’s squabble with Jupiter hints that you feel like you’re giving up too much in a relationship or you’d hoped for more from someone and need to let go of a particular desire. Her fight with Saturn suggests you’re in the mood for R&R but are compelled to study or go somewhere. Or a dreamy mood could conflict with a more realistic perspective. The new moon prompts you to get out and make new connections or join a group. With Mars charging into Aries, you’ll have loads of momentum in the next six weeks to tackle your agenda and further your own interests. Work independently if possible to avoid dominating others.


April 20–May 20

This week’s Mercury-Neptune confab inspires you to talk to a wide range of people and learn from your differences. You’re likely to feel a natural connection with others whom you wouldn’t expect to relate to so easily. Group travel and study is also favored. Mercury’s meeting with Pluto in your expansion corner could bring deep philosophizing, but it might also trigger a power struggle over beliefs. A profound exploration of abstract concepts can teach you something, but avoid becoming obsessed with one view. Venus in your network zone is quarreling with Jupiter in your efficiency house, so socializing might be curtailed by a full plate of work and responsibilities. Venus’s feud with Saturn means friendship and intimacy will be a challenging mix, and you may feel like a certain individual isn’t giving you as much as you need. It’s easier to keep things light and hang out in a group than to get close to one person now. The new moon nudges you to set new goals or launch a fresh chapter in your career. With Mars sneaking into your subliminal zone, the next six weeks call for you to work behind the scenes without seeking credit. Keep an eye on irritability and self-defeating behavior.


May 21–June 20

Mercury is gelling with Neptune this week, so talking to a confidant, delving into a research project or probing your own psyche can provide insight into the direction your life or your career is headed in. Merc’s alignment with Pluto pushes you to delve very deeply into hidden or psychological matters or a taboo subject such as sexuality, jealousy, money or mortality. The risk of obsessing or getting into a power struggle is high, so just be sure that you’re digging into something worthwhile. Venus is at the top of your chart and quibbling with Jupiter in your joy sector, hinting that you want to make a favorable impression with higher-ups but you also want to express your personality or have fun. Adjust the balance to see if it’s possible to have some of both. A Venus-Saturn quarrel can make it seem like another person is preventing you from looking good or isn’t supporting your goals, especially creative ones. Accept constructive feedback, and don’t get discouraged. The new moon encourages you to find ways to get out of your routine, and you might sign up for a class or plan a trip. With Mars on the move, start engaging in teamwork and professional networking.


June 21–July 22

With Mercury in your one-on-one angle meshing with Neptune, traveling or learning with another person can help you to feel closer, and talking over spiritual matters with an individual can be enlightening. A dialogue with someone who’s different from you will be especially beneficial. A Mercury-Pluto meetup hints at a very intense conversation, and that could spill over into a conflict. But you can work through a deep relationship problem now if you’re brave enough to keep at it. Venus in your exploration corner is clashing with Jupiter in your domestic angle and Saturn in your productivity house, so although you’re inclined to get out of your comfort zone, talk to unfamiliar people, expose yourself to other cultures and perhaps travel, a desire for peace, a homebody mood, a full workload and perhaps a health issue could get in your way, forcing you to compromise. The new moon lures you to pay off a debt, begin an investigation, recover from a loss or transform something in your psyche. After Mars ascends to the top of your chart, you should pursue professional goals and prove yourself out in the world. Working under a boss could be problematic, so find an independent project if you can.

July 23–August 22

This week, Mercury in your efficiency corner is in sync with Neptune and Pluto, facilitating intensive mental work and critical thinking that yields insights into your psyche or hidden matters. Be patient enough to probe for complex answers. But be mindful of your tone around colleagues, as you might sound too harsh. Venus in your sharing sector is at odds with Jupiter and Saturn, complicating your self-expression in a close relationship. You may feel like you can’t find a good middle ground between saying too little or too much—or between freeing optimism and cautious reserve. It’s important to keep an open mind and to be responsible for your own happiness, particularly if you’re not getting exactly what you want at the moment. Consider whether a fear of showing someone your whole self could be blocking intimacy. The new moon in your one-on-one angle hints at a new partnership in the pipeline or a new level of commitment in an existing relationship. It’s a good time to redefine a connection or open negotiations. With Mars entering your expansion zone, you’ll be motivated to pursue new experiences, expand your mind and fight for what you believe in during the next six weeks.


August 23–September 22

Your ruling planet is linked with Neptune in your one-on-one angle this week, giving you a chance to share your feelings, your humor and your creativity with other individuals and feel connected to them. Mercury’s meeting with Pluto suggests that such self-expression can be profound and quite intense, especially if you’re divulging what’s in your heart. You could become preoccupied thinking about someone you’re attracted to and get into an obsessive loop in your head. Watch out for jealousy and manipulation now. Venus is in your one-on-one angle as well, but she’s quarreling with Jupiter and Saturn, complicating your interactions somewhat. Overconfidence or insecurity can upset your rapport with someone, and excessive needs or demands might also cause problems. Your family, emotional baggage or domestic obligations can prevent you from spending time with someone and feeling in tune with him or her. The new moon invites you to start a new diet, health or fitness regimen; initiate a positive habit; change your schedule; reorganize your workspace; launch a job search; or learn a new skill. After Mars dives into your depth zone, your sex life or an intensive endeavor like a passion project could heat up over the course of the next six weeks.


September 23–October 22

At the bottom of your chart, Mercury is holding conferences with Neptune and Pluto this week, persuading you to tune into your innermost thoughts and feelings to obtain insight into your wellbeing and get to the root of an emotional issue. Introspection and reflecting on the past can be helpful, but avoid pointless obsessing. Deep thinking for the purposes of working through troubling feelings or memories would be worthwhile. With Venus battling Jupiter in Libra, working on a relationship or helping someone you care about may conflict with your quest for freedom and personal growth. Venus’s feud with Saturn in your thinking-and-talking house suggests your enjoyment of work could be limited by a rigid mindset—or your relations with colleagues could suffer as a result of a negative attitude or tone. You may simply need to remind yourself to lighten up. A new moon in your joy sector lures you to have more fun, discover fresh sources of happiness or start a creative project, and it can also invite new romance into your life. With Mars crossing your relationship angle, start to recruit companions for activities in the coming weeks, and be willing to air grievances so you can work through a conflict directly.


October 23–November 21

This week’s Mercury-Neptune collaboration offers you a chance to put your feelings into words, while a Mercury-Pluto alliance hints that such self-expression could be quite intense. You might find yourself questioning what you thought you knew; obsessive thinking is a distinct possibility, and you could create a crisis in your head. You may get into a heated conversation, perhaps with a sibling or neighbor. Harness this powerful mental energy to penetrate deep into matters that are worth getting to the bottom of. Venus is quarreling with Jupiter in your subliminal corner, hinting that love, happiness or fun may not live up to your subconscious hopes and expectations. Venus’s spat with Saturn in your worth house implies that limited confidence or funds could also put a damper on things. Adapt to the circumstances and appreciate the good times and good feelings within your grasp. The new moon invites you to improve your home and do what you can to give yourself the comfort that you need. With Mars moving into your efficiency corner, the next six weeks should be productive. Work hard to complete all the tasks on your plate and take pride in how much you can accomplish. Burn off excess drive through rigorous exercise.


November 22–December 21

With Mercury in your worth house linked with Neptune in your foundation angle this week, you may figure out a connection between your self-esteem and your family, your past or your home life. This could also be a good time to think about domestic spending and where you might be wasting money. A Mercury-Pluto meetup nudges you to solve a thorny financial issue or have a difficult conversation about money, but you could end up arguing if you’re fixated on your needs. Venus is sparring with Jupiter—your ruling planet—in your network zone, so you may have to juggle your busy social life with your desire to nest. Venus is also clashing with Saturn in Sagittarius, hinting that you’ll have trouble relating to family or roommates. Or your personal ambitions could keep you from relaxing at home; part of you is quite determined, and part of you wants to be a little lazy. The new moon alludes to a development in your community or with a sibling, and it encourages you to learn something new and get in touch with people. After Mars lands in your joy sector, you’ll be motivated to pursue fun and romance and to do what pleases you.


December 22–January 19

Mercury in Capricorn is jibing with Neptune in your thinking-and-talking corner this week, stimulating your imagination and intuition and helping you to express empathy and compassion. You should find it fairly easy to perceive subtleties and communicate nuanced insights. A Mercury-Pluto alliance empowers you to drill down to the heart of a personal matter and achieve profound self-understanding. Your speech will be extra potent, and you may need to modify a controlling tone. Try not to become obsessed with something that’s not worth the energy. Venus is scuffling with Jupiter in your ambition angle, so you may need to adjust your mindset if you’re aiming too high. On the other hand, Venus’s battle with Saturn implies that you could go too far in the other direction, letting lingering doubt, regret, guilt or melancholy spoil a good mood or a pleasant interaction—so try to find a happy medium. The new moon lures you to create a budget, set a financial goal or add a new source of income. And with Mars descending to the bottom of your chart, the next six weeks could find you busy working on your home or working from home. Keep irritability in check; unconscious anger can lead to petty arguments.

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3 years ago

I always love this horoscope! I find it to be terribly accurate and learn more about myself from reading it.