Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of January 2–8

How are the stars setting you up for 2017? Let Tracy Allen point the way…

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December 22–January 19

With Venus entering your thinking-and-talking corner this week, you may notice how pleasant your interactions and environment are, and you’re encouraged to appreciate the warmth and beauty in your everyday life. You’re apt to socialize more and probably won’t feel like having heavy conversations, although a Mercury-Venus confab means this is a good time to let people know how much you care about them. Merc backs into the last house of your chart next, and you’re more inclined to keep your own counsel and reflect on the past after that. When it resumes forward motion a few days later, your instincts and imagination will be stimulated, and you’d do well to listen and observe without trying to articulate your impressions. The sun’s meetup with Pluto in Capricorn intensifies your energy; you’re capable of tremendous self-transformation and demanding work now, so use your personal power wisely.


January 20–February 18

Venus is leaving Aquarius this week and gliding into your worth house, stimulating your material desires and helping you to attract what you need. Your taste may become rather extravagant, so guard against big splurges. With Mercury in your subconscious sector harmonizing with Venus, pay attention to your intuition regarding finances and possessions. Mercury backpedals into your network zone after that, increasing the chances of having a misunderstanding with friends, so stay away from group gossip. You might opt to reconnect with an old acquaintance in the next few days instead. When Merc turns direct, communication with pals and peers will gradually improve. The sun is joining forces with Pluto in the last house of your chart, galvanizing powerful rumblings in your subconscious that you shouldn’t ignore—lest they cause a disturbance in your outer life. Strive to transform something deep within your psyche.


February 19–March 20

This week’s arrival of Venus in your sign sets you up for a month of feeling extra social and attractive. You’ll exude warmth and charm and won’t have much trouble making a favorable impression. Since you’ll have the ability to draw in what and whom you desire, use your magnetism to your advantage—but without manipulation. A Mercury-Venus collaboration coaxes you to spend time with friends and perhaps get back in touch with one. When Merc backtracks into your achievement angle, you could rethink a goal or review your life direction. Miscommunication with higher-ups is a possibility, so you might want to keep quiet for now. After Mercury turns direct later in the week, you’ll gradually find it easier to articulate your objectives. The sun’s encounter with Pluto could spell an intense experience with a group, but avoid power struggles and don’t try to control friends.


March 21–April 19

As Venus slips into the last house of your chart this week, you’ll crave more alone time and may also feel the need to take care of someone. You’re willing to make sacrifices out of love, but you should avoid falling into the trap of playing martyr. Enjoy the satisfaction of helping people, and retreat from the world when you require a respite. Mercury is clicking with Venus, which could facilitate creative writing, while Mercury’s subsequent move into your expansion corner calls for you to reflect on your beliefs and attempt to gain some perspective. Be patient with delays and detours if you’re traveling. After Merc turns direct a few days later, glitches involving education and travel will begin to dissipate, and the big picture will gradually come into focus. A sun-Pluto conference empowers you to take on more authority, but it also warns against crossing higher-ups.



April 20–May 20

Your ruling planet, Venus, is dancing into your network zone this week, increasing the pleasure that you’ll get out of group activities and putting you in a friendly mood. Your social life will be on an upswing in the coming month, and you’ll find it easy to deal with people. It’s a good time for professional networking, as you can make a positive impression on potential contacts. Mercury’s link with Venus facilitates learning or traveling with a group and encourages you to share your views. Then, when Merc backs into your depth sector, you might reopen an investigation, review a psychological issue, reorganize debt or reflect on an intimate connection from the past. After Mercury resumes forward motion later in the week, research, dialogue with someone close to you and inquiry into complex personal matters will slowly start to yield more straightforward results.



May 21–June 20

With Venus climbing to the top of your chart this week, you’ll have the ability to make a good impression on people in charge and you may have a chance to do more creative work. Professional relationships should run smoothly in the coming month. A Mercury-Venus meeting hints that you might dazzle a boss with your research findings or do in-depth intellectual work that helps you to gain favor. Mercury moves back into your one-on-one angle next, so you could rehash a conversation, reconnect with an ex, revisit a relationship issue and review your close connections. After Merc starts moving forward a few days later, you could clear up a misunderstanding and enjoy better communication in general. A sun-Pluto rendezvous may elicit an intense sexual experience or a powerful transformation—possibly a psychological one. Avoid struggles for control in an intimate relationship.


June 21–July 22

When Venus moves into your expansion corner this week, you’re encouraged to enjoy the company of a broader swath of humanity and the pleasure of a wider range of cultural experiences. Branch out, meet people who are different from you and take a trip if you can. A Mercury-Venus link suggests that you can learn from other individuals now. After Merc backpedals into your efficiency house, your thoughts will become more analytical and you might review your routine, diet, fitness, health, job or skillset. Expect crossed wires with coworkers and scheduling mix-ups. When Mercury goes direct later in the week, such wrinkles will start to get ironed out. As the sun and Pluto come together in your one-on-one angle, you may encounter someone who has a powerful effect on you, experience an interpersonal conflict, shift your role in a relationship or repair a connection.


July 23–August 22

This week, Venus sneaks into your sharing sector, enhancing your craving for closeness, intensifying a romantic relationship or making it easier for you to share your feelings and attract support in the coming month. Mercury’s harmony with Venus can facilitate a conversation about working on a relationship or analysis of a personal matter. When Merc moves back into your joy sector, you might reminisce about a past lover, revise an artistic project or rediscover a source of pleasure. A few days later, Mercury begins moving forward again, which will gradually make it easier for you to express what’s in your heart, do creative writing or brainstorming and calculate risks. The sun and Pluto are joining forces in your productivity corner, hinting at a potential health or work crisis but also empowering you to channel energy into transforming one or both of those things.


August 23–September 22

With Venus crossing your one-on-one angle this week, you’ll find it easy to compromise and get along with other individuals, and you’ll be in tune with what others want. It will feel natural to express affection for people you’re close to in the coming month, and it’s also a good period for making peace. A Mercury-Venus connection can help you to share your humor and creative thoughts with someone. When your ruling planet subsequently backtracks into your foundation angle, you’ll be more in touch with your private emotions and may reconnect with family or reflect on memories more than usual. After Merc goes direct, communication with relatives and roommates improves, and insights into the past may start to gel. A sun-Pluto meetup could suggest an intense attraction as well as powerful love or creativity that changes you. Be careful not to take a self-destructive risk.


September 23–October 22

As Venus arrives in your efficiency corner this week, you may be inspired to work on a relationship, beautify your workspace or do more creative work. Relations with colleagues should be good, and you’ll enjoy your daily interactions in the coming month. Mercury’s link with Venus can make it easier for you to express your private thoughts and feelings, even though Mercury is retrograde. When Merc changes signs, you may need to deal with misinformation or travel glitches, and you also might feel anxious about making a decision. After Mercury resumes forward motion later in the week, your thinking will start to become clearer and you’ll regain confidence in your ability to express yourself. A sun-Pluto conjunction at the bottom of your chart could indicate a power struggle with family or roommates, but you can also transform your relationship with the past now.



October 23–November 21

Venus is entering your fulfillment sector this week, coaxing you to enjoy life and to let people see the real you. Creativity and romance are highly favored in the coming month. Mercury is harmonizing with Venus, helping you to express your affection and your personality. When Mercury moves back into your worth house, you might want to review your finances, values and priorities, reallocate resources or reorganize stuff. Delayed or unexpected payments are possible. After Merc moves forward again a few days later, your assessment of money matters and material needs will gradually improve. A sun-Pluto alignment in your thinking-and-talking corner alludes to a powerful mental shift, strong self-expression, an intense interaction or explosive speech. Don’t get embroiled in control issues, particularly with a sibling, and be aware of the effect your words have on others and the effect your mindset has on you.


November 22–December 21

Venus’s move into your foundation angle this week will get you in the mood to play hostess, decorate, hang out with family or enjoy the comforts of home. In the coming month, you should enjoy good relations with people you live with, and you’ll be more inclined than usual to stay in. A Mercury-Venus link might enhance your financial judgment related to decorating or entertaining. When Mercury backtracks into Sagittarius, you may start to feel tongue-tied. You’re better off not saying too much until Mercury resumes forward motion later in the week—after which you’ll be able to express yourself more clearly. Your assessment of personal matters will gradually improve, and you might start applying your insights. A sun-Pluto conjunction in your worth zone warns against self-destructive spending but hints at the possibility of rebuilding your confidence or your earning power.

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7 years ago

The first Horoscope for 2017! This is so exciting, I wish you all an amazing year, thanks for always sharing great content, I love reading the horoscope at the beginning of every week.

xx Cecile //

7 years ago

Can’t wait to find out what 2017 will bring! I’m excited and scared.

7 years ago

Are you not publishing a yearly horoscope this year?

7 years ago

Will you guys be posting a 2017 yearly forecast by Tracey? I look forward to it every year!