Why Marshmallow Root is a Beauty Super Ingredient for Your Hair and Skin

There’s another side to this sweet plant, and it’s super good for your body…

This post comes to you from our newest beauty contributor, the wondrous Kari Molvar.

Every year brings a new super food (acai, kale, seaweed), and it seems like 2017 belongs to marshmallow root. While the ingredient might be best recognized in the not-so-natural form of a white puffy confectionary, the plant itself has far-reaching beauty benefits from calming irritation to fighting dryness. Now the botanical is appearing in a number of next-generation skin and hair products, presenting a powerful, plant-based solution for the new year.

To tap into its hydrating properties, consider Artifact Tahitian Vanilla Monoi Masque, which pairs marshmallow with restorative noni fruit, coconut milk and mango butter in a whipped mask that glides onto your face (and smells fantastic). The Honey Marshmallow Lip Masque is also highly aromatic—and healing. Consider it a more intense version of your go-to lip balm that you can slather on overnight to smooth and soften up rough patches by the a.m.

Even your hair can do well with a dose of protective marshmallow. Tela uses the key ingredient in its Curly shampoo, Curly conditioner and Curl Boost Anti-Frizz Serum, the latter of which can be worked through damp hair to seal in shine and prevent winter-related dullness.

If you prefer to (literally) drink in the benefits, Nicole Granato’s Detox Powder includes marshmallow among the ranks of its curative herbs and extracts (along with dandelion root, ginger, turmeric) to improve your digestion and bump up energy levels. Add a scoop to your green juice for a natural rush—that, thankfully—won’t result in a 4 pm sugar crash.

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Ooh, so marshmallow does have a positive side after all, apart from being sinfully tasty!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

7 years ago

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7 years ago

Modern marshmallows are not actually made with any part of the root anymore…