Can Yoga Clear Up Your Skin?

The science behind “Yoga Skin” and how to achieve the Radiant Effect…

This post comes to you from our friend and beauty contributor, Kari Molvar .

Is it merely a coincidence that practitioners of yoga, pilates, and all forms of meditation tend to have supernaturally glowing, clear skin? Science seems to say it’s all connected. “A healthy lifestyle is important to maintain the health of your skin,” says New York City dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, who specializes in acne. Research now indicates that being stressed out can raise your cortisol levels, he says, which in turn can lead to pore-clogging inflammation and dullness. Doing things that center your mind and calm your body can be hugely beneficial for not only treating but also preventing future breakouts, says Zeichner. “It’s important to do what you can to minimize stress, be it yoga, meditation or whatever other method you need.”

But one session of transcendental meditation won’t cut it—you have to build restorative activities into your regular routine to keep cortisol levels consistently low so your complexion stays on an even keel, says Zeichner. (Reason to hit that studio or roll out your mat two or three times a week). In between sessions, reach for holistic-minded acne treatments that heal without drying out your face. Two supercharged and well-researched ingredients to look for: “Benzoyl peroxide to kill bacteria and open up blocked pores and salicylic acid to remove excess oil and exfoliate dead cells from the surface,” says Zeichner. Pre- and post-workout, try lathering up with Neal Yard’s Remedies Delicious Ella Face Wash and dabbing on Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum. Once a week, go for a pore-refining mask like Leaders Pore Gone for Good.

Also essential for staying in the clear? Avoid “high glycemic index foods, which contain high sugar loads and may be associated with breakouts as well,” says Zeichner. After class, snack on avocado toast or add a scoop of Moon Juice’s Lucuma into your smoothie—the all-natural sweetener is made with low-glycemic lucuma fruit and won’t spike your sugar levels. Consider it namaste for your body—and skin.

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This is a benefit of yoga I didn’t know about. Just goes to show that exercise is good for you in so many ways!!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Ally Day

It is really so strange but so happy to learn it. Thanks for this useful post.

Love this, gotta get back to doing yoga! Thanks for sharing :)



I just looked into the mirror and I really works. My skin was much worse before I started practising pilates, yoga… a few months ago… 3-4 times a week. I didn´t expect that :D