Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of February 6 –12

If your spirit is in need of some replenishing, check out this week’s forecast…

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January 20–February 18

With Mercury showing up in Aquarius this week, you’ll be capable of expressing yourself clearly and compellingly, and your ability to think through personal matters with objectivity will prove useful. Merc is syncing up with Venus in your communication zone, making it easier for you to convey positive feelings and to recognize the love and beauty in your everyday life. The sun in your sign forms the same aspect with Uranus, further connecting your individual vitality and your self-expression. Your thoughts and interactions are likely to be stimulating and potentially illuminating. The sun’s conference with Jupiter lifts your spirits and invites you to broaden your horizons. Travel, learning and unfamiliar experiences can open up your perspective and change you for the better. A lunar eclipse in your one-on-one angle could test a relationship, and even if it brings one to an end, the fact that this lunation is harmonizing with several other planets suggests that whatever happens is for the best. Try to balance your feelings and needs with those of another person. Talking things through and recommitting may be the answer, but if it seems like it might be time to walk away, it probably is.



February 19–March 20

After Mercury sneaks into the last house in your chart this week, you may become more quiet and tune into your imagination to an even greater degree than usual. The next few weeks lend themselves to private reflection and study as well as meditation. Merc’s alliance with Venus in your worth sector encourages you to ponder an issue related to self-esteem or personal values. The sun and Uranus are forming essentially the same alliance, highlighting the benefit of peaceful retreat. And the sun’s link with Jupiter in your depth zone suggests that you’ll gain valuable insight into your psyche if you carve out quiet time for introspection—or a welcome feeling of closeness if you spend quality time with someone you trust. Physical and emotional intimacy can be a transformative experience, and enjoying solo downtime to replenish your body and spirit can boost your resiliency. A lunar eclipse in your efficiency corner could introduce a work or health issue that pulls you back into the outside world or a change involving your routine or your job. A work project might come to fruition, and it’s also a great time to break a bad habit.



March 21–April 19

When Mercury skips into your network sector this week, group communication will get a nice boost. The next few weeks are good for reaching out to various people, doing professional networking and collective brainstorming and giving presentations. Mercury is in cahoots with Venus in Aries, facilitating socializing, creative teamwork, chatting with friends, conveying platonic affection and charming a group. The sun and Uranus are replicating the Mercury-Venus link, helping you to change your role in a group or meet new people, and you may experience a liberating feeling of being yourself among others and still fitting in. A sun-Jupiter conference inspires plenty of interaction and can enhance your faith in humanity. You’re likely to benefit from your encounters with other individuals and might make a connection that will prove valuable down the road. A lunar eclipse could bring a creative endeavor to fruition or lead romance to blossom, but it may also spell the end of a love affair if it’s run its course. Both planned and spontaneous fun is favored, and you should be able to juggle group interests with personal fulfillment. Take a risk for the sake of your happiness and give others the freedom that you yourself want.



April 20–May 20

As Mercury climbs to your ambition angle this week, your communication with authority figures and your ability to formulate clear objectives will improve. This is a favorable period for career planning and career-related studies. Merc is gelling with Venus in your seclusion sector, encouraging you to do creative intellectual work on your own without expecting instant gratification. A similar meeting between the sun and Uranus hints that being completely honest with yourself can help to you understand something about your reputation, and dealing with something from the past—or something you’ve swept under the rug—can facilitate a needed course correction. A sun-Jupiter summit suggests all the hard work you’ve been doing will enable you to shine in public or in your profession. Doing what you must in order to prove your capabilities—and having a positive attitude about your duties and responsibilities—is likely to pay off. A lunar eclipse might spell a domestic or family crisis, and you could finish something at home or resolve something with relatives. This lunation nudges you to balance your public and private lives and to attend to your underlying emotions. Doing so can facilitate a healthy internal shift.



May 21–June 20

Your ruling planet segues into your expansion corner this week, encouraging you to broaden your mind. Travel, learning, abstract thinking, philosophizing and conversations with people whose views differ from your own are favored. Mercury is clicking with Venus in your network zone, so you may have opportunities to travel and learn alongside other people and to engage in pleasant group discussions. The sun and Uranus are having the same conference, underscoring the benefits of expanding your horizons with people who share your interests, ideals or goals. The sun’s link with Jupiter in your joy house implies that trips, adventures and learning experiences are likely to be highly pleasurable. If you summon the courage to take a risk now, it’s likely to pay off. You might find that once you venture outside your comfort zone and try something new, you’ll feel very much yourself—in a good way. This week’s lunar eclipse can bring information to light or trigger a development with a sibling or in your community. Life may start to move more quickly, and you’ll probably experience a flurry of interactions. Your mindset is apt to shift, and you’re encouraged to talk about your feelings.



June 21–July 22

After Mercury arrives in your depth sector this week, you might opt to dig into a research project or investigation, confide in someone you trust, spark a dialog in a close relationship or contemplate something in your psyche. Merc is jibing with Venus in your ambition angle, facilitating creative mental work with a partner or talking about where your relationship is headed. A similar alliance between the sun and Uranus hints that a deep internal transformation—or a powerful encounter with another individual—can help you to change your life direction or your career path. The sun is also in sync with Jupiter in your foundation angle, creating a safe space for intense closeness, profound reflection and emotional healing—and psychological growth is highly favored. Don’t scatter your energy now; turn your focus inward or focus intently on one worthwhile issue or individual. The lunar eclipse in your worth house could boost your finances based on the work you’ve been doing, and it ties your self-esteem to your skills and accomplishments, as well as to the support you get from family. Your needs are emotionally driven right now, so you might want to keep an eye on overspending.



July 23–August 22

With Mercury crossing your one-on-one angle this week, you’d do well to keep the lines of communication open, as this is a good time to consult other individuals, discuss issues in a close relationship and foster mutual understanding. Merc’s fortuitous meeting with Venus in your expansion corner hints at pleasantly stimulating conversations that open your mind, and negotiations should go well now. The sun and Uranus have the same meeting, implying that a trip, adventure or learning experience can strengthen a significant relationship. The sun is also in sync with Jupiter in your communication sector, alluding to the benefits of growing your connections, learning from other people, speaking your truth in relationships and looking at others through a lens of tolerance, optimism, understanding and generosity. When a lunar eclipse rocks Leo, it’s sure to trigger strong emotions, but you’re fortunate that this dramatic lunation is in sync with several other planets. It’s appropriate to focus on yourself now, and you should feel free to express your feelings and needs, as long as you also respect those of other individuals. A major personal shift is possible, and identifying what you need to let go of will facilitate it.



August 23–September 22

Your ruler, Mercury, enters your efficiency corner this week, emphasizing attention to detail, critical thinking, mental work, thorough planning and good communication on the job. Merc’s alliance with Venus in your depth sector favors creative collaboration, deconstructing a relationship issue and talking about personal feelings with clear purpose. The sun and Uranus are forming the same alliance, but this one alludes to doing the work that’s required to effect change in a close relationship or to improve your physical and psychological wellbeing. A sun-Jupiter collaboration reminds you that channeling your energy into hard work, seeking to be of service and striving to improve your skills, time management and modus operandi will increase your financial security and make you feel good about yourself. The correlation between health and self-esteem is also underscored here. A lunar eclipse in the last house of your chart reminds you to also attend to your inner life, as your body needs rest and your spirit needs replenishing. Something from your subconscious may bubble to the surface, possibly via your dreams. Processing emotions that you’ve pushed down inside you can facilitate powerful change now, so seek peace and quiet for rejuvenating alone time.



September 23–October 22

When Mercury dives into your joy house this week, you could become inspired to express your passion, humor, personality and creativity and to use your mind in ways that amuse you, such as reading for pleasure, telling jokes and playing games. Mercury’s hookup with Venus nudges you to flirt and to share what’s in your heart with another individual, and you may also choose to share your writing with someone. The sun and Uranus are replicating the Mercury-Venus encounter, encouraging you to enjoy fun or romance with someone you’re close to and to give each other space to be yourselves. The sun is harmonizing with Jupiter in Libra, helping you to become more conscious of who you truly are and to reach your full potential. Enjoying life goes beyond self-indulgence and can lead to self-actualization. You’re in a phase of major personal growth, and it’s appropriate under this influence to showcase the person you’re becoming. A lunar eclipse in your network zone reminds you to also consider the needs of others and hints that you can turn enjoying life into a collective experience. Thanks to its links with other planets, you should be able to balance personal pleasure with group interests.



October 23–November 21

With the messenger planet dipping down to your foundation angle this week, you’ll start to tune into your innermost thoughts and feelings more, and your communication with family or housemates may improve. Mercury’s encounter with Venus in your efficiency corner implies that you could do creative mental work at home or confide in a colleague about a private matter. The sun and Uranus repeat essentially the same encounter, hinting that alone time, reflection and shedding light on old personal patterns will help you figure out how to change something related to your job, habits, health, schedule or responsibilities. The sun is also vibing with Jupiter in your spirit sector, so introspection and pondering the past can help you to gain valuable self-awareness and let go of something to free yourself. It’s important to look back with an open mind, compassion and understanding. Learn your lesson, then forgive yourself. A lunar eclipse in your ambition angle might spell emotional drama with authority figures, but it could bring a goal to fruition. Be prepared to put your best foot forward, as you may be pushed into the spotlight. A shift in your career path or life direction is likely to be a positive one.



November 22–December 21

Mercury’s entrance into your thinking-and-talking corner this week will rev up your brain and your daily life. You’ll have lots of interactions and may meet new people or take a trip. Mercury is in sync with Venus in your joy sector, favoring creative writing, talking about feelings, getting in touch with loved ones and reading for pleasure. The sun and Uranus hold the same meeting, facilitating self-expression, spontaneous fun, stimulating conversation, innovative ideas and flirting. The sun is also gelling with Jupiter—your ruling planet—in your network zone, inspiring you to connect with a wide range of people, participate in group activities, learn from others, envision new dreams, broaden your thinking, turn to your friends for support and find out more about an interest or cause. Group travel is a distinct possibility. This week’s lunar eclipse lands in your expansion corner, the part of the chart that’s naturally associated with Sagittarian matters. You might take a leap of faith or feel an urge for adventure, and your beliefs could be tested. But this is an excellent time to broaden your outlook and finally let go of an old belief that’s been limiting you.



December 22–January 19

After Mercury enters your worth house this week, more of your attention will turn to what you have, what you need and what you value. The next few weeks favor budgeting, financial negotiations and making decisions about possessions, resources and personal priorities. Merc’s alliance with Venus in your foundation angle nudges you to think about things in your home, and this could be a good chance to figure out what to keep and what to get rid of. The sun and Uranus hold the same summit and put a slightly different twist on it, emphasizing the connection between self-worth and liberating yourself from the past. Revelations about your backstory or changes in your family or home can help you to clarify what’s important to you now. A sun-Jupiter collaboration inspires you to utilize everything you have going for you in order to achieve your ambitious aspirations and implies that you have what it takes to get where you want to go. A lunar eclipse could bring emotional drama involving sharing, trust or sex. You might settle a debt or loan someone money. Letting go of something in your psyche will pave the way for deep inner transformation.


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