The Innovator

“Go wherever the narrow way passes. If possible, go wherever there seems to be no way and create a way.” — Israelmore Ayivor

This post comes to us from writer Lauren Haule.

In a time where the impossible can become reality in only a matter of years, the innovator is a force to be reckoned with. She can make substance out of dreams, only limited by where her imagination takes her. She is savvy, smart, feminine, and literally changing the world.

But who is she, really?

No stranger to hard work, she spends her days chipping away at the next big breakthrough. She thrives in the face of adversity, never to be defined by limits others try to set for her. She’ll fail a hundred times, not knowing the meaning of giving up, and with meticulous detail refine, again and again.

Surrounding herself with others equally as passionate, the Innovator goes home with a sense of excitement, wondering what discoveries tomorrow holds.

Her style is understated yet intriguing – much like her – and at first may seem a bit conservative, but never boring. The closer you look, there are glimpses of a wild imagination bubbling just below the surface.

What’s in her bag?

Her “never leave home without me” Palo Santo bundle, lip balm, Rose Hand Cream – simple beauty products that soothe her mood as much as her skin. She knows what she needs to clear and calm her mind.

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. A classic novel whose lessons about the consequences society can put on those leading the charge continue to be more and more relevant. A modern day Dagny, she fights for what she believes is possible, and knows is right. And of course, a small notepad and pen are always within arm’s reach.

Where does she go?

Florence, Italy to The da Vinci Museum. It’s hard to talk about innovation without mentioning Da Vinci. Plus, the food is to die for.

Dubai, to see what innovators across the globe are thinking about, and how. Their process and frame of reference is so different from western culture, there is much to observe. Innovation is nothing if not a collection of knowledge put to practical use.

To tour developing countries. Many times true innovation sparks from necessity, and inspiration comes from experience just as much as intelligence.

Whom does she admire?

Not only does she follow the powerful women and innovators of today – Coco Chanel who redefined fashion, or Rachel Louise Carson who pioneered the environmental movement – but she also draws from the great inventors of the past. What better way to push through new territory than by learning the journeys of those before you, and what it took to bring their ideas to fruition.

The innovator is every girl with a dream, a gift, a purpose. She knows where she is going and isn’t afraid of what it will take to get there. Her eyes are open to the world, and she is shaping tomorrow, today.

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Inspiring read. I hope to be an innovator one day too.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

6 years ago

Thanks for this!

6 years ago

I wish to become an innovator too. I think I’m getting there one step at a time.

6 years ago

Bah what a shallow shallow post, not used to see this on FP’s blog. It is disguised as “innovator” when is just creating a shallow definition of a woman. Just like an article from a 50s magazine would do. And the innovator goes to Dubai? Hopely stays there, a land from where ancient tribes where recently obligated to move out in order to grow a “new land” to the lords of petroleum and money. I suspect the author was describing herself.