Why You Need: MadeCera Cream

A thirsty face’s best friend… tackling dry, damaged skin with a simple equation of protect + heal…

For better or worse, we’re deep in the throes of winter right now. Maybe you’re the type of snow fairy who loves to frolic in a blizzard, whose cheeks get adorably pink in the cold and has hair that holds onto snowflakes like glitter as they softly alight in your locks while you glide gracefully over a frozen pond near your perfect log cabin in the mountains. Or maybe you have a countdown to the first day you’ll be able to step outside into some glorious 60-degree weather in nothing more than a light jacket and a cute pair of sneakers (56 days until the official start of spring as of the day I write this, but who’s counting?).

Either way, there’s no denying that our current situation is more of a down-jacket-two-pairs-of-mittens-insulated-leggings-and-snow-boots one. And if we’re going to make it through this winter in one healthy piece, taking proper care of our skin is a big component. You see, skin is our largest organ. It’s a living, breathing thing that protects the rest of our body: it keeps the terrible stuff from getting in and the right stuff from getting out. Skin is our first line of defense, so it pays to keep it healthy and happy.

Unfortunately, whipping winds and freezing temperatures are no ideal for making that happen. Aside from the cold weather turning any exposed skin raw, heated buildings—as toasty as they make us feel—sap already-minimal moisture from our skin. Winter weather means your skin isn’t safe anywhere, so what’s a girl to do?

When your skin is flaking off in sheets, your hands feel like they’re going to crack into a million pieces, your face is as pasty as a vat of Elmer’s and your lips are on the verge of falling off your face, it’s time to turn to your skincare for help. Enter: SKINRx LAB’s MadeCera Cream. The stuff of South Korean skin dreams, this is the down parka of facial moisturizers: it deposits and locks in skin-friendly, hydrating ingredients while serving as a powerful shield against the elements.

While MadeCera Cream is just as lovely in the spring, summer and fall, it really shines during the winter. Why? Well, the general rule is that creams are heavier than lotions, and when your skin is craving care, cream is the way to go. What’s more, the MadeCera ingredients are a thirsty face’s best friend, tackling dry, damaged skin with a simple equation of protect + heal = satisfied skin.


There are two stars here: madecassoside and naturally fermented ceramide. The former is the protector, an ancient herbal remedy with real healing properties. Not only is madecassoside naturally antibacterial, it also promotes blood flow to enliven skin, encourages collagen production and leads to smoother skin. And similar to aloe vera, it’s soothing, anti-inflammatory and helps regenerate your skin’s internal structure to better maintain moisture.

As for the heal portion, there’s naturally fermented ceramide. On a basic level, ceramides are a type of fat molecule found in the top layer of your skin that help it retain moisture. Not only are the ceramides found in MadeCera going to help your skin hold onto even more moisture, but the fact that they’re naturally fermented means they’ve been broken down into even smaller pieces than normal for quicker, easier absorption.

Together, these bad boys penetrate and hydrate the skin while forming a protective barrier to make sure all that goodness doesn’t get sucked out again. Basically, this stuff is protecting your skin from the inside and the outside.

In terms of application, you cannot get the Cream on your cleansed face fast enough; apply like your skin’s life depends on it! After washing your face or getting out of the shower, gently pat your skin dry and then get to applying. Damp, warm skin is best as your pores are most open after cleansing, and so will be more receptive to drinking in all the goodness MadeCera has to offer.

And since it’s super-concentrated, a little goes a long way. Don’t let the size of the tube fool ya: it will feed your skin all through this hellish winter and then some, so you can run into the warm embrace of summer with gorgeous, hydrated skin.

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Ooh, I should try this! My skin is literally flaking off this moment. And the packaging is so cute!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Okay I’m SOLD! I was completely unfamiliar with Ceramide & love that it’s naturally fermented. Madecassoside sounds completely magical! Anything that promotes collagen is a win for me. Thank you so much for sharing! x

Damn, this sounds promising!

Looks like a good product!