Model/Actress/Writer Natalia Bonifacci Interviews Herself


In her own words — “Natalia meets… Natalia.”

Dark-haired Italian beauty Natalia Bonifacci has long been known in the fashion industry as an accomplished model with an impeccable eye for style. Now gracing our latest lookbook, Roaming Free (shot by Graham Dunn), Natalia’s brilliance and beauty goes far beyond her gorgeous looks — she is an editor at Solar Magazine, an up-and-coming actress, and a writer at RedMilk Magazine where she hosts “Natalia Meets,” an interview series that highlights photographers, artists, models, designers, to name a few. Today we flip the script on Natalia and ask her a few tough questions that she has previously posed to others. Join us as “Natalia Meets Natalia?”

If you had to explain your work to a child, what would you say?

I’d say that I tell stories, in front and behind the camera, through images, film and writing.

Are you very self critical?

I am. But I am learning to be kinder to myself.

What is your relationship with beauty?

I try to find beauty in my day-to-day life continuously: in relationships, through the people I surround myself with, the message I put out there in the world, in my surroundings, like my home, in the way I treat others, in what inspires me — trips, movies, music, books.



Mandala Mykonos Kaftan, Low Slung Skinny Jeans, Silverlake Moccasin

In the light of the experience you have now, if you could give some advice to yourself as a fifteen-year-old, what would you say?

I’d tell myself that being nice, sweet and kind is a beautiful thing. Don’t let the world make you hard. That when people are mean, it’s because they have an inner unhappiness. Just shake it off, and quickly walk away from unhealthy situations, the ones that don’t serve you. It’s important to stand up for yourself. I’d tell myself to read people’s eyes. I’d tell myself to be brave in following your dreams, don’t be scared, voice what you want and truly desire, don’t be so shy about it. I’d tell myself to listen to that sixth sense, to that third eye, to be guided by those sensations, the energy, good or bad, that you sense from people and situations, your inner self always knows best, trust it, you really do have a good radar. I’d tell myself that no one will love you the way your family does, that true friends are rare and you have to really treasure them and nurture them. Oh my, I’d tell myself so many things, but I’m still learning. The more you grow up the more you realize how little you know.

What is your best quality and what is your biggest flaw? And what quality do you most appreciate in other people?

My best quality — my honesty. My worst —  both my awareness and self-awareness. I love people that are honest and that translates in being honest in feelings, in who they are, in the way they move, in how they giggle. I like when people are natural and un-masqued. I like people who laugh and have empathy for others.

When is the best you feel about yourself?

When I am kinda happy and at peace and calm and excited all at once… those are the best days. When the inner energy is really good, you know? I could be alone or with the people I love.
I feel very good every time I come out of the ocean, feeling all salty under the sun, or every time I am under a waterfall or in a body of water, I love that feeling.
And my boyfriend, my best friends and my family have a way of making me feel really good about myself.

What’s the sexiest quality in a woman?

It’s a package. You know those women that feel at ease with themselves? They have a special light, they have history, they are not competitive with other women, they are confident, but never hard, never mean and, if they are, they are able to catch themselves and apologize, they are not jealous, they are happy for other people’s happiness. I like it when women are funnily self-deprecating, they laugh and cry, they are themselves, they have interests and stories and possess an open heart and a good sense of humor and intelligence, a sort of charisma. It’s hard to explain, but those are the sexiest women to me.


What’s your approach to social media?

I am having fun with it now. It was really weird at the beginning to navigate it, especially if you come from an upbringing where it’s uncool to show off. Now I feel comfortable with it, I found my own dimension, I think. It can be a way to share your interests and your own message. It can be a tool to show your personality, you get to be completely in control of what you are putting out there. I have a personal FB page, but as far as social media I only do Instagram, which is more than enough. I try to keep it honest.

Did you ever feel weird to say what you do for a living?

Every single time. I still do!

What was the most influential encounter in your career?

Honestly there have been so many important encounters in my modeling career. It’s a kind of career that gets built daily and continuously and I am so grateful to so many people, many have become friends now: photographers, art directors, directors, videographers, agents, stylists, editors, assistants, makeup artists, hairdressers, etc. Anyone who put out there a good word about me and helped me out in any way. It’s been such a fun ride. I am thankful to Fabiola Di Virgilio, the founder of RedMilk Magazine, because early on when the magazine was born she allowed me to be part of the project, which was an opportunity to shift away from being just a model. I am grateful to Igor Ramirez Garcia Peralta and Michaela Dosamantes, because of them I am an editor at Solar Magazine and it’s been really fun. I am super grateful to James Franco for all the many projects he has included me in to this day, he gave me the possibility to play around with acting for the first time and those days have been the most challenging and fun I’ve ever had on set and they have brought so many new friends into my life.

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Top Photo: Maribelle Jumper 

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so beautiful Natalia !!!!
love youna @heartbreak

Beautiful pictures!


She is so beautiful!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Such a beautiful photos!

Diana Free

She sounds like a wonderful human being. I hope to see her in films someday.


I’m sorry but the idea of interviewing yourself just comes off as way too pretentious for me.

I try to find beauty in my day-to-day life continuously.