Office Style: All About Maxis

Max out your weekly inspiration courtesy of the lovely ladies at Home Office…

Much-needed sunshine graced the Navy Yard this week, right before winter decided to sneak in one more snowstorm. The women around the office took full advantage of the warm rays and dusted off their maxi dresses, adding a modern twist!

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  1. I love the idea of wearing a maxi skirt to work but haven’t in a long while. Several negative comments from male bosses about them made me question what kind of impression they give… Any tips to mix maxis with business casual?

  2. Danielle! Forget those negative comments, if you feel confident and the skirts are appropriate for your work environment we say go for it! It helps to pair back the maxi with a long sleeve sweater such as the Long Sleeve Turtle Neck or even some of our layering pieces such as the River Layering Top long sleeve or mock neck styles keep it fun but still business casual… or you could try a tank top or cami and layer over a blazer or jacket with the skirt as well!! We hope you break out your maxi skirts again soon!!

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