PMS: Preserving My Sanity

I once sobbed at the dinner table, in a fancy restaurant, because I was defending a trashy TV show. Oh, and it all happened front of my boyfriend’s mum. It was that time of the month… I can blame it on that, right?

I understand if you are judging me right now. I just reread that, and quite honestly, I’m judging myself. After that little episode (and a month’s worth of embarrassment), I decided I needed to take a step back and look into this little PMS drama.

Gosh. I am so darn proud to be a woman. My body is capable of doing the most beautiful things. I mean, I can create life. I’m basically a superhero. But with that superpower comes a few crazy faults. So here I am, trying to preserve my sanity (and others’ thoughts towards me), and help my PMS settle down a lil’ bit.

Let me first start this out by saying that I am in no way, shape, or form a doctor. All of this advice is made through simple trial and error, and if you are questioning whether any of it is right for you, ask someone with a license before testing it out.


This is the hardest one for me. During that time of the month, I’m really into double-fisting candy bars on the couch. But, when we consume sugar, our insulin levels spike, affecting how much estrogen or testosterone we produce. Keeping your hormones nice and balanced is key, so staying clear of those sugar cravings is the way to go. Instead, try sipping some green tea, with a little bit of Manuka honey.


Keeping your gut healthy is super important, especially during this period. Rich in vitamin B, which can help metabolize glucose, I try and drink kombucha every day. This can help balance out excess insulin that may be making you irritable. On top of that, it’s loaded with antioxidants and maintains my energy levels.


My hormonal doctor recently suggested that I try Rhodiola. This Chinese herb has helped calm my stress, and boosted my daily energy. If you deal with stress, you may be over-producing cortisol, which is the stress hormone made by your adrenals. If that happens, your body starts to take some pregnenolone (the precursor to make sex hormones) to make more cortisol, which will create a major imbalance in your body. These quick and easy capsules are a way to calm down and naturally support your endocrine system.


Listen to that body of yours. Are you getting enough sleep? Probably not. Get that onesie pajama on that you grandma got you and hit the sack. A solid amount of shut eye can help the body a whole lot. For me, no sleep means one grouchy girl, and when my body is going through my cycle, it needs rest or else, well, I’m a monster.

Four simple tips. All easily do-able, and all helping me out a bit when I’m PMS(ing).

+ If you have any period tips for me and my hormonal girlfriend readers, comment below! We are all in this together! Sorry boys. ;)

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My greatest vice is sugar… I can’t get enough on a regular basis so it’s even more difficult for me when I’m PMSing!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Oh man all I wanna do is lay in bed and eat when its Shark Week (haha). TV shows make me cry too!

I find long baths, and a heated up magic bag work wonders for myself along with a slow and restorative yin yoga practice. Love what you said about tea and honey, I’m constantly downing that just to try take my mind off baked goods and ice cream :)

Diana Free
3 years ago

I can definitely relate to PMS outbursts. I crave sugar but green tea sounds much better. I’m interested in trying Rhodiola!

3 years ago

The story in the beginning says it all. I appreciate how honest you are with your writing and how you aren’t afraid to bring humor into it. Thanks for the tips!

3 years ago

I recommend drinking Valerian Root & Skullcap infusions… it helps me calm down during PMS and also helps with period cramps!

3 years ago

Just what I needed to read today!

3 years ago

Good article. It’s time to calm down. Great story

3 years ago

im lol but need to know what tv show you could have been this vigorously defending!!??