The Science of Scent: Which Candle Are You?

Light it up with a blend that reflects who you are…

This post comes to us from contributor Kari Molvar.

Now that it’s freezing and dark outside, chances are you’re spending a lot more time inside—so why not burn a candle to make your surroundings a bit cozier? Just like the fragrance you put on your skin, the type of candle you burn says a lot about your vibe and personality. Are you a quirky romantic who falls for florals? Or a farm-to-table green thumb who loves to bury her nose in plants and botanicals? Munio Candela’s latest offerings come in a variety of blends that speak to many different types, and are housed in earthen pots that are as beautiful as the scents themselves. Here’s a quick primer to figure out which candle aura is right for you:

If you’re: An upbeat optimist, always up for adventure…

Then you’ll love: Fresh, citrus scents: studies show these effervescent aromas can help boost mood and energy levels.

Try: Grapefruit & Mint

If you’re: A thoughtful intellectual who’s checking the latest headlines…

Then you’ll love: A rich mix of nutmeg and cinnamon, the latter of which has been shown to improve memory and cognitive functions.

Try: Cinnamon & Nutmeg

If you’re: A romantic at heart who stays up to watch the sunrise…

Then you’ll love: Sweet, night-blooming florals like jasmine (which research indicates can increase happiness, much like that giddy feeling that comes from falling in love) undercut with earthy rose notes.

Try: Palmarosa & Jasmine

If you’re: A foodie who loves to experiment with picks from garden…

Then you’ll love: An unexpected combination of herbs and spices that engage your senses and spark your creativity and memory.

Try: Caraway Seed & Rosemary

If you’re: A wellness enthusiast, yogi or meditation seeker…

Then you’ll love: A soothing but spirit-kindling medley—research shows that lavender in particular can calm the mind while ginger has an uplifting quality.

Try: Ginger Grass & Lavender

+Which candle  are you? Let us know in the comments below! 


  1. Ginger grass & Lavender for sure haha! I am a yogi & wellness enthusiast, however I do consider myself an early-rising romantic as well!
    Thanks for the fun read this morning!

  2. I love how the candles ingredients are represented in the photos. I’m digging the simple packaging. I can’t wait to smell these!

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