Embracing Your Femininity

“I stood in front of a long mirror naked and looked at my body, and accepted it, with all its flaws and its beauty…”

This post comes from certified Health and Wellness Coach, Nicole Granato.

What a wonder to step back in time and observe my transformation from young woman to adult — emotionally, mentally and physically — and the shift that came with it. The changes in body, sexuality and confidence…and the acceptance of a woman who loves my body with its flaws, loves to have sex to connect to my partner and is comfortable talking about it. We live in a society where women who talk about sex, what they like and what they want can seem aggressive, slutty or loose. This is in fact so very opposite of what should be — the freedom to talk about these things comes with confidence and an understanding of who you are and what you like.

I have found that accepting this fact has made me free and vulnerable as a partner, and has allowed me to experience more pleasure and give my partner more pleasure in return. There is an innate beauty in femininity, and we are just beginning to step into our power, our selves and feeling confident enough to ask for what we want.

I looked at myself naked in the mirror and was kind to myself.

I stood in front of a long mirror naked and looked at my body and accepted it with its flaws and its beauty and, really, simply accepted it. We live in a world where the ideal of beauty is a generally superficial one — if one part of you does not adhere to preconceived guidelines, then you are not perfect, not as beautiful as the next person, nor sexually appealing. This will only change if each and every one of us as women start making a change.

I started changing what taking care of myself meant.

I used to think that taking care of myself meant making time for the gym, eating healthy, trying to avoid stress and going to sleep by 11pm. However, when I began changing my views on “caring for myself,” I realized that I was only scratching the surface. While I exercised, I stopped exercising for weight’s sake but more for mental clarity, I continued to eat well, but tried to buy local so I could better understand and support my community, and instead of just shutting off at 11pm, I went to bed an hour earlier and reflected on my day, read a book or simply started breathing exercises. I became deeper with my higher self and began giving her a whole different kind of attention.

I started pleasuring myself without porn.

Self pleasure is one of the greatest ways to connect to your body, to identify what it is you want, and to own it. The absence of stimulants like porn allows you to create your own definition of what you want, what you desire. Connecting to yourself on an intimate level builds your own sensuality, confidence and understanding of self! There is nothing dirty or wrong about this.

Through these simple changes and through better understanding my body, my feminine power and truly taking care of myself, I was able to step into a new era of what it means to be a confident woman in a world that tends to shatter our confidence. My sex life transitioned into an amazing spiritual experience, critical comments did not affect me, I fell in love with my body and felt comfortable in my skin and, most of all, I stopped trying to change the things I didn’t like and instead looked at everything I did like and invited my insecurities to come along for the ride.

Now, I don’t want to say I don’t sometimes stumble, but it’s how you respond to these challenges that determine how they will affect your life.

+ Go live into your feminine power, embrace your sexuality, do not apologize for what you want and love every inch of your imperfect perfections! 

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Such a great post, thank you so much for sharing this. Confidence in your own sexuality is difficult with all these societal standards holding women back but I have personally be taking steps myself to embrace my sexuality and really own it! Thank you for the push!

Absolutely love it!

Totally and unreservedly beautiful! As the saying goes, perception is reality! If we as women took this step together towards self-love and self-acceptance, think of all those standards that would no longer exist. And even if men were to take the same approach. This was the perfect post as we come to a close of Women’s History Month. Much appreciated.


This was wonderful!


Thank you that is a wonderful post!

Donna Wallach

I just stumbled onto the free people site for Jeffrey Campbell boots. I scrolled to your blog. Wow. I think I may be an older woman reading than your usual demographic. A mother of 2. I’m turning 57 in a few weeks. What a wonderful post. Very inspiring.


Loved this! Thank you for sharing. I stumbled upon this and it assures me I’m not alone on this journey of self-discovery and acceptance.