Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of March 6–12

Let’s look to the stars. Read on for this week’s forecast…

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February 19–March 20

The sun and Mercury join forces in your sign this week, imbuing your speech with vigor and charisma. Both of these planets are clicking with Pluto in your humanity zone, giving you the green light to devote time and energy to friendship, philanthropy and coalition-building. Look for an opportunity to make a difference in other people’s lives. The sun and Merc are disagreeing with Jupiter in your sharing sector, suggesting that you may be out of sync with someone close to you and should be amenable to modifying your agenda or hopes. Mercury’s skirmish with Saturn will make it difficult to communicate with authority figures and set lofty goals, but it can persuade you to think more practically about how to achieve something. With Mars entering your cognition-and-communication sector, your brain and daily life will pick up speed, and you’ll be more inclined to assert yourself and fight for your ideas. The full moon in your one-on-one angle requires you to balance your feelings and needs with those of others and might put a relationship to the test. A powerful connection could deepen, while a dysfunctional one is likelier to reach the end of the road.


March 21–April 19

A concentration of planetary energy in your spirit corner highlights your inner life this week and coaxes you to carve out time to go off by yourself and think. Your intuition is strong, and your imagination is active, so pay attention to those inklings floating around in the back of your head. Quiet reflection can help you get a handle on your life direction, and private study or research can support career building. The sun and Mercury are clashing with Jupiter in your one-on-one angle, hinting that you may need to fine-tune the balance between private time and partnership. Keeping something to yourself can limit growth in a relationship. Mercury is sparring with Saturn, which could cause you to question your instincts or to let regrets shrink your vision, but it’s an opportune time for very disciplined study. As Mars segues into your worth sector, you might want to tackle a project involving finances or possessions and keep an impulse to splurge in check. The full moon can pull you into the real world to put out fires, and you may have to deal with a job or health issue. If you’ve been talking about breaking a bad habit, now’s your chance.


April 20–May 20

With the sun and Mercury coming together in your network zone this week, socializing and group communication should go well, and you’ll feel able to express yourself energetically and connect with people. Those planets are clicking with Pluto in your exploration corner, encouraging you to learn from—and possibly travel with—friends and peers. Given that the sun and Merc are tangling with Jupiter, you’d do well to avoid preaching about the best way of doing something or declaring how busy you are. Mercury’s fight with Saturn might make you clam up if sharing feels hard and you’re not sure you trust someone. Thanks to the arrival of Mars in Taurus, you can turn your attention to your personal agenda and devote enormous energy to going after what you want and furthering your own interests in the next six weeks. Operate independently as much as possible, since your assertiveness could veer into dominance at times. A full moon in your fulfillment house puts you in the mood to express who you are and enjoy life. A creative project may come to fruition, and a love affair may reach new heights or go as far as it’s going to go.


May 21–June 20

As the sun and Mercury align in your achievement angle this week, you’re able to focus on your goals and career and present yourself adeptly in a public or professional setting. Communication with higher-ups should go smoothly, but you’ll probably need to overcome fun distractions and direct your attention back to more businesslike concerns; just make sure you have sufficient free time to play a little. The sun and Merc are in cahoots with Pluto, reminding you that a strong partnership can empower you to get where you want to go. Or this might be a hint that concentrating on an intensive endeavor or passion project will pay off. Your ruling planet’s feud with Saturn can make it seem like someone is curbing your ambition or criticizing your aims. But his or her feedback can assist you in narrowing down your objectives. Mars is setting up camp in your solitude corner for several weeks, convincing you to work behind the scenes. If you feel irritable, facing up to your ingrained behavior patterns would be more useful than confronting other people. A full moon could bring an ending related to home or family and calls for you to attend to your private emotions.


June 21–July 22

This week’s planetary pairing in your exploration corner can inspire and enlighten you, as it lures you beyond your comfort zone. Talk to people who are different from you and expose yourself to alien concepts, varied viewpoints and foreign cultures. You’ll not only gain knowledge and a broader understanding of the world; you’ll also learn about yourself. Although this is an advantageous influence for traveling, with the sun and Mercury battling Jupiter, you may be too comfortable at home or have too much to do at home—in which case you’ll need a nudge out the door. And Mercury is quarreling with Saturn in your efficiency zone, implying that your workload, daily responsibilities and details could bog you down and dampen your enthusiasm. But another individual can have a strong influence on your quest for learning, travel and adventure, and by interacting with a wider range of people, you might form a powerful connection with someone. With Mars entering your group zone, teamwork takes on added importance in the next month and a half. This week’s full moon may bring a torrent of info, communication and busyness or push you to change your mind. Don’t rush to have all the answers in life; our capacity for wonder keeps us forever young.


July 23–August 22

A sun-Mercury summit invites you to delve into a relationship or endeavor this week, as you possess the ability to focus intently on something and to express yourself very clearly to another individual. You can get to the bottom of a mystery or an interpersonal or psychological issue, so don’t scatter your attention. A disagreement with Jupiter tempts you to broaden your scope or overstate your case, while Mercury’s quibble with Saturn might rein you in to the point where you become inhibited or take yourself too seriously. The sun and Merc are harmonizing with Pluto in your efficiency corner, making it evident that targeted hard work and persistence can solve a problem or bring about change. As Mars climbs to your ambition angle for a six-week stay, your drive to accomplish your goals and further your career surges. This placement will make you bristle at authority, so apply your efforts to an independent project if possible. The full moon conflates needs and desires, putting you at risk of overspending, especially if you feel like you’ve been deprived of pleasure lately. But your labors could pay off financially now, as you’re more likely to receive what you’ve earned than what you suddenly crave.


August 23–September 22

This week, the sun and Mercury form an alliance in your one-on-one angle, making it easier for you to be yourself with other individuals; convey your point of view; negotiate an agreement; discuss interpersonal matters; examine your role in a relationship; and learn from your conversations. Those planets are also gelling with Pluto in your love-and-happiness zone, so deep romantic and creative self-expression is highly favored. Although you should seize any opportunity to convey your personality, artistic sensibility, humor and heartfelt feelings, Mercury’s dispute with Saturn suggests that underlying insecurity, emotional baggage or your family could hinder your rapport with another person. Conversely, a wave of self-confidence might lead you to overwhelm someone. But with Mars charging into your exploration sector for a month-and-a-half-long visit, you’re motivated to take more risks in order to grow. Channel energy into expanding your mind and chasing after bold new experiences. The full moon in Virgo brings your emotions to the surface and might convince you to drop something from your life. You’ll probably feel needy and may hesitate to open up, but owning your feelings and taking self-care seriously will ground you. Seek a healthy outlet for intense emotions, and be willing to let go; you’ll come out on the other side.


September 23–October 22

As the sun and Mercury present a united front in your efficiency corner this week, your concentration and work ethic are definitely in the plus column. You’re capable of zeroing in on what needs to be done and doing it. Since both of these planets are out of sync with Jupiter in Libra, you may need to dial down your sky-high aspirations and devote your energy to what’s feasible. Narrowing your focus and crossing things off your to-do list one at a time will require adjustments, but savvy prioritizing is a good strategy now. The sun and Merc are meshing with Pluto, so working from home or working on your home would be worth your while. And channeling a stormy mood into productive labor would be an admirable feat. With Mars entering your depth sector, it’s time to dig into an intensive endeavor or a passion project—or to bravely explore the dark corners of your psyche and face your demons. Plus an intimate relationship could heat up in the next six weeks. The full moon can bring something from your subconscious to light, and you might need extra sleep and alone time, so retreat from the world over the weekend.


October 23–November 21

A planetary meetup this week stimulates your creativity, sense of humor, joie de vivre, romantic streak and individuality, inviting you to express yourself with gusto. The sun and Mercury are vibing with Pluto in your thinking-and-talking house, deepening your self-expression and empowering you to say what’s in your heart. But both of these planets are also clashing with Jupiter in your subliminal corner, so your unconscious hopes might keep you from enjoying the moment, or your inclination to turn inward for spiritual sustenance might prevent you from getting out and having fun. A Mercury-Saturn squabble suggests low self-esteem could also block self-expression, but one positive use of this pairing would be to consider your values before making a joke or playing a prank. As Mars crosses your one-on-one angle for a six-week stopover, you’re prompted to recruit a partner in crime rather than do things alone. You can accomplish more with a companion than you can on your own during this period, so don’t insist on flying solo. The full moon in your network zone emphasizes your role in others’ lives and calls for you to help people in need. Socializing is favored, but drama among your friends is possible, and you could cut ties with a group.


November 22–December 21

Thanks to planets congregating in your foundation angle this week, you’re able to tune into your private emotions and needs. Whether you feel like connecting with family, reminiscing about the past, getting cozy at home, journaling or meditating, indulge your mood. In doing so, you may have to shuffle your social calendar, since the sun and Merc are at odds with Jupiter in your group zone. Friends will take a rain check if your couch is calling your name. Mercury is bickering with Saturn in Sagittarius, so you could stop yourself from talking about your feelings or become too judgmental when thinking about the past. Pluto is coordinating with the sun and Mercury, giving you another opportunity to deal with your possessions, perhaps by recycling or decluttering. Then Mars shows up in your efficiency corner, mobilizing you to spend the next month and a half getting a lot done. You’ll have the energy to work hard but almost certainly won’t want to be a team player—so throw yourself into personal projects if possible. The full moon may bring a goal to fruition or spell a shift in your career path or life direction, and its skirmish with Saturn hints that you might need to get out of your own way.


December 22–January 19

Lively interactions, lucid perception and vivid self-expression are pluses this week, with the sun and Mercury lining up in your cognition-and-communication house. Those planets are in cahoots with Pluto in Capricorn, adding extra power to your speech and the activity in your head and your daily life. You’ll put a great deal of yourself into what you’re saying, making this an appropriate time to give a presentation or have an important conversation. And you should have an easy time meeting people you click with, so get out and mingle. This is a favorable influence for traveling, but shorter domestic trips are likelier than long-distance journeys. The sun and Merc are disagreeing with Jupiter in your ambition angle, complicating career planning and communication with higher-ups, plus Merc is quibbling with your ruler, Saturn. Use lessons learned from the past to sharpen and develop current ideas instead of letting regret or gloominess warp your attitude. After Mars marches into your fulfillment zone, you’ll be motivated to make time for fun and go after what you want—and more willing to take chances. The full moon may bring an adventure or a leap of faith, and it offers the perfect excuse to let go of a limiting belief.


January 20–February 18

With the sun and Mercury conjoined this week, you’re liable to identify strongly with your belongings, values, material needs and financial state and should give these matters extra thought, since this planetary pairing tends to elucidate whatever needs your attention. The sun and Merc are gelling with Pluto in your subliminal corner, helping you to grasp the way in which difficult emotions you sweep under the rug can shape your relationship with money and possessions. Look for parallels between your self-esteem and your finances for clues. Such thoughts are apt to jar your vision of the future because Jupiter in your outlook corner is not in accord. But gaining clarity will ground you, and being realistic about your assets, resources and priorities can solidify a workable plan. A Mercury-Saturn quarrel hints at a disagreement with friends or thinking that runs counter to societal standards. Once Mars crosses your foundation angle, you may get going on a domestic project, slip into an old behavior pattern, deal with a family conflict or work from home in the weeks to come. The full moon pushes you to honor someone else’s needs, release an embedded emotion from your psyche or settle a debt, and your sex life is likely to be quite passionate or even volatile.

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