Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of March 13–19

What’s happening in your world this week? Read on for the forecast…

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February 19–March 20

This week, Mercury exits Pisces and pays a visit to your resources zone for the rest of the month, beckoning you to think about what you need, what you have going for you and what you value. Financial planning and discussions about priorities are common, and an elevated interest in money, possessions or self-worth is also to be expected. Mercury’s rendezvous with Venus later in the week can trigger acquisitiveness, and because Venus is in her retrograde phase, you’ll have a difficult time distinguishing between needs and desires. Tangled emotions seep into rational thought, possibly leaving you with buyer’s remorse. You’re better off using this transit to think creatively about how you’ll gradually attain what you need and want. With the sun in your sign going up against Saturn, you could feel weighed down by responsibilities, oppressed by an authority figure or worn out from work. Do your best to turn discouragement into self-discipline.


March 21–April 19

Mercury’s arrival in Aries this week greatly enhances your ability to express your point of view wholeheartedly, think quickly and examine personal matters with objectivity. Your brain will be active, but you may prefer visiting lighter topics that interest or amuse you rather than dwelling on serious subjects. When Mercury meets up with Venus on Saturday, thoughts about your appearance and the impression you make on others could come up. Don’t make any big decisions related to fashion or beauty now, as Venus is backtracking through your sign, muddying your judgment with ambiguous desires. The sun in your subliminal corner is at odds with Saturn in your outlook zone, so your inclination to lay low and rest could be thwarted by travel plans or education obligations, and reflections on the past may take on a negative tone. If you look for lessons in your history, you can plot your future with an invaluable asset—the wisdom of hindsight.


April 20–May 20

After Mercury slips into your seclusion corner this week, you’ll be prone to saying less and ruminating more. This transit puts you in closer touch with hidden aspects of yourself, but it can also cause you to keep too much bottled up. Nondisclosure may become a problem; meditation and private study or research would be good outlets for this contemplative period. A Mercury-Venus alignment at week’s end favors highly imaginative thinking and insights into past relationships. Reconnecting with someone might not be the best move, since Venus is backpedaling for several more weeks. You need quiet time alone, and journaling—or reading your old journals—would be beneficial. As the sun in your network zone quarrels with Saturn, you may feel you’re not getting what you need from friends or another group or you’re stuck in a particular role. Closeness will seem challenging; however, you can make the most of this challenge by improving your cooperation skills.


May 21–June 20

Your ruling planet zips into your network house this week, luring you to contemplate your hopes and ideals and how they can shape new objectives. Also look at your attitude towards the groups in your life and the way you express yourself to friends and peers. Talking to others can improve your objectivity. When Mercury aligns with Venus, you’ll feel extra social and should make an effort to see people. But bear in mind that Venus is retrograde, making it harder to get everyone together and connect seamlessly. This may be a good opportunity to reconcile with an estranged friend or get back in touch with someone you had a platonic relationship with in the past. (Note that it’s best not to start—or jumpstart—a romance while the love planet is backtracking.) A sun-Saturn fight might give you the impression that someone is preventing you from shining, but constructive criticism can aid you in refining your goals.


June 21–July 22

When Mercury climbs to the top of your chart, part of your attention turns to career planning, goal setting and communicating with higher-ups. The next few weeks lend themselves nicely to career-related paperwork and studies and a personal evaluation of your accomplishments and objectives. Mercury meets up with Venus later in the week, favoring creative work, schmoozing with superiors and looking for a pattern in your professional relationships or public image. Because Venus is retrograde, it could be difficult to relay the message you’d like to with a boss or parent. But it’s an ideal time to ponder your reputation and redefine what success means to you. The sun in your exploration corner is bickering with Saturn in your productivity zone, so although you probably want to devote energy to broadening your horizons through travel, learning and new experiences, your job, daily duties or health could be holding you back. Find compromises between adventure and responsibility.


July 23–August 22

You’re hungry for knowledge and able to take a larger view of life, thanks to Mercury making an appearance in your exploration corner this week. For the rest of the month, travel, education, adventures, learning experiences and conversations with people who are different from you are recommended. You’ll gravitate to philosophizing, studying new subjects, finding meaning and professing your opinions. A Mercury-Venus meetup could spell a beautiful, emotional encounter with difference, and you may feel connected to a foreign person, place or culture. With Venus retrograde, you might revisit a locale, and economizing could be necessary. If your enthusiasm for something has waned, take a fresh look at what you truly believe in these days. A sun-Saturn quarrel suggests a romance that’s not as warm as you’d like or inhibitions about being yourself in a relationship. It takes work to get to know—and learn to love—your whole self and to share that self with others. But it’s worth it.


August 23–September 22

With Mercury diving into your depth sector this week, you could become more introspective; engage in profound conversations; encounter someone who has a powerful effect on you; reflect on dark topics such as loss and mortality; or start a research project or an intellectual investigation. Mercury’s meeting with Venus hints at an intimate dialogue and perhaps a declaration of love. Talking about feelings can be fruitful now, but Venus is traveling retrograde, complicating matters. Nostalgia for an ex may tempt you to reconnect, but everyone’s romantic judgment is a bit off now; contemplating what you want out of your closest relationships would probably be a wiser course of action. The sun in your one-on-one angle is sparring with Saturn in your foundation zone, implying that underlying insecurity, an intransigent family, oppressive home environment or emotional inhibition is dictating the role you typically play in your relationships. Once you spot the problem, you can get to work resolving it.


September 23–October 22

Once Mercury crosses your one-on-one angle this week, you’re encouraged to keep the lines of communication open with other individuals, meet new people, clarify your views to someone, learn from your encounters, consult others and discuss relationship issues over the next few weeks. It would normally be a good time for negotiating, but with Venus retrograde for another month, people aren’t entirely clear on what they want from each other. You may feel ready to express your feelings for someone when Mercury and Venus join forces; however, this is a more appropriate time for evaluating relationships and figuring out what you hope to get out of them. Connecting one-on-one is Libra’s bailiwick, and you’re especially inclined to cultivate pleasant relations now, but don’t push if you’re not feeling the love. Due to a sun-Saturn battle, your productivity could be reduced by a rigid or negative mindset. Use structured thinking to your advantage by systematically planning how you’ll tackle your to-do list.


October 23–November 21

As Mercury segues into your efficiency corner this week, your mind will be geared toward cerebral work, detailed thinking, careful planning, analysis and health research. Communication on the job is highlighted, but you might need to keep criticism in check. Nervous energy can lead you to overthink everything and become anxious, so find useful outlets for your brainpower. A Mercury-Venus encounter favors creative work, enjoyable mental tasks and congenial relations with colleagues. Since Venus is retrograde, you may feel like you’re not getting the credit you desire or not getting what you want out of your job or daily life. Consider your routine, habits, time management and wellness and play with ways to feel better and get more satisfaction out of your day. A sun-Saturn altercation implies that flagging self-confidence can restrain your impetus to express your personality, creativity and feelings, or limited funds can curtail pleasure and play. Respect what you’re made of and work with what you have.


November 22–December 21

Your humor and creative streak will be brought out this week, thanks to Mercury’s entrance into Sagittarius. Reading and writing for pleasure, playing amusing games, speaking and learning about something just for fun are all encouraged. Mercury’s meetup with Venus endorses the expression of love, affection and other heartfelt emotions. However, Venus is retrograde, putting at least a slight damper on matters of the heart. This is a period where you may discover that what (or who) used to make you happy no longer does. The temptation to reconnect with an ex could hit you, but rekindling a flame during Venus’s backtracking phase may not be prudent. With the sun in your foundation angle battling Saturn in Sag, you’re prone to judging your emotions or your past; stopping yourself from relaxing; or shutting yourself off from family/housemates. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Balance ambition with comfort; your inner life is as vital as your outer life.


December 22–January 19

Mercury crosses your foundation angle this week, tuning you into memories and your innermost thoughts and emotions—and also calling your attention to domestic life and how comfortable, safe and secure you feel. Your mind may drift back to the past, and you could get an urge to connect with family or voice your feelings. With Mercury and Venus coalescing, you might also articulate your fondness for a relative or someone you live with. Don’t get preoccupied with reciprocation; Venus is retrograde, so affection can be lacking. March is a good month to evaluate your physical and emotional home base and ask yourself if you feel at peace and cared for. Also look at how your personal history and family history have affected your security and your relationships. Self-TLC could be just what you need. A sun-Saturn skirmish hints that your thinking and communication may be warped by doubt, regret or guilt. Learning from past mistakes will improve your current mindset and interactions.


January 20–February 18

When Mercury skips into your cognition-and-communication house this week, the tempo in your brain and daily life will pick up. Quick thinking and facile self-expression are pluses, and you’re liable to meet new people, have plenty of conversations, assimilate lots of information and perhaps take a short trip. You might get flustered if too much is coming at you all at once. Mercury’s rendezvous with Venus makes it easy for you to notice beauty in your environment and to convey warmth in your interactions. But since Venus is backpedaling, you may not feel understood and could question whom you’re spending time with. Consider mending fences with a sibling or neighbor or revising a creative-writing project, and examine how you communicate your feelings. A sun-Saturn disagreement suggests peer pressure, other people’s interests or obligations to a group can squelch your self-worth or finances. But an important group role and learning from others can help to elucidate your priorities and strengthen your resources and values.

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So good! As always.
Thank you Tracy!