Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of March 20–26

Read on to see what’s in store for you this week…

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March 21–April 19

Happy solar return! The sun charges into Aries on Monday, marking the Spring Equinox and the beginning of your birthday season. This is your month to focus on yourself and happily claim a little extra attention. An influx of vitality allows you to project your personality with gusto and make a strong impression. Take stock of your life and mull over this next chapter in it. And remember you’re the main character. Be the hero of your own story! A tête-à-tête between the sun and Venus boosts your sociability and makes it easy for you to be yourself with others. Venus’s backspin has taken some sparkle out of our interactions, but the sun can pep things up, so get people together if you’re in a festive mood. Mercury in your sign is contending with Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus, so your thoughts and conversations will be interesting, to say the least. You might speak too forcefully, grandiosely or hastily, so listen to yourself. On the other hand, original thinking, openness to other views and a determination to fathom your life direction can work in your favor.



April 20–May 20

As the sun sinks into the last house of your chart, your energy ebbs and your year starts to wind down. You need to spend some time alone in the next month, catching up on rest and looking back over the past year. Face everything without judgment or regret so you can wipe the slate clean for the year to come. The sun and Venus are linked, which could inspire an act of compassionate selflessness. Love doesn’t feel abundant now, with Venus traveling retrograde, but a sacrifice for someone you care about can give you quiet satisfaction. Under this influence, you might also be nursing a covert crush, conducting a behind-closed-doors affair or reminiscing about someone from the past. Since Mercury in your subliminal corner is sparring with three other planets, secrets are liable to become an issue, and you may need to watch what you say. Your best strategy would be to observe discreetly, learn what you can and file it away in your brain to process, rather than saying too much. You can gain insight by listening and cogitating.



May 21–June 20

The sun’s arrival in your network sector this week will lure the social butterfly in you to come out and play. The fact that the planets are gathering in this area of your chart puts a great deal of emphasis on your role in others’ lives and their roles in yours. The benefits of esprit de corps are not to be underestimated, as group efforts and interactions will energize you, even if they sometimes require you to tolerate idiosyncrasies. Socialize with people, travel with them, study with them—and above all else, be yourself with them so you can fit in for the right reasons. Granted, it’s not easy to feel connected to people while Venus is backtracking, but her union with the sun this week can revive a friendship and enliven your social life. However, Mercury is tangling with a few other planets, complicating group communication, so you’d do well to avoid gossip and probably shouldn’t try to mix friendship with sex or romance. Brainstorming, interesting discussions and chance meetings are possible bonuses that make it worth it to mingle and participate.



June 21–July 22

With the sun climbing to the top of your chart this week, your focus on goals and career intensifies, and you’re more interested in keeping a high profile and earning accolades than staying home and relaxing. This is your time to shine in public or in your profession, so don’t be shy. You may find that you’re being nudged into the spotlight, calling for you to show what you’re capable of and make a good impression. The sun’s encounter with Venus can definitely help you attract the favor of higher-ups such as a boss or parent, but keep in mind that Venus is retrograde, so praise may be somewhat fainter than what you’d expect. Creative work—and perhaps the revision of a creative project—can earn you points now. Mercury is also transiting your chart’s summit and skirmishing with three other planets at the moment. Avoid using a very authoritative tone, speaking abruptly to people you have to answer to, getting into a power play with another individual or sounding overconfident. Weigh your words around superiors and be amenable to learning from them.



July 23–August 22

Now that the sun is cruising into your expansion corner, you’ll have the impetus to break out of your routine and try something new. Seek out learning experiences that can change how you see the world, and personal growth will be a fortunate byproduct of this process. Travel, study and encounters with different people are apt to stimulate your mind and revive your spirit. The sun’s meeting with Venus underscores the benefits of interacting with people from all walks of life. With Venus still retrograde, your heart may not be completely in it, or relations may feel rather flat. But this could be an excellent time to reconnect with someone far away. A Mercury-Uranus conference nudges you to strike up impromptu conversations or spontaneously pursue an idea you’re excited about. Mercury is feuding with Pluto and Jupiter, suggesting you might become preoccupied with the right way of doing things and sound preachy when stating your views, so keep an open mind. Your health or workload may prevent you from escaping everyday life temporarily, in which case you’ll need to take care of business now and make future plans.



August 23–September 22

When the sun plunges into your depth zone this week, your focus turns inward, and you’ll feel more in touch with your psyche. This transit can give you the strength to face your fears, recover from a loss or crisis, heal a wound and change from within. A close relationship can also be the catalyst for powerful change in the coming month. The sun’s colloquium with Venus will hopefully inject some needed energy into such a relationship, as Venus is currently traveling retrograde, taking some of the warmth out of our connections. You might rediscover the intimacy in a particular bond and rekindle the flame. A reconciliation with a past partner is possible, but it may not stick. You’ll derive vitality from closeness, so share yourself with another person rather than going it alone. Mercury is also in that house and mixing it up with several other planets at the moment. Communication will no doubt be complicated; honesty and trust are essential. You may need to dial down intense feelings and insistent demands and listen deeply to what someone is truly saying.



September 23–October 22

After the sun crosses your one-on-one angle this week, you’re even more motivated to connect with other individuals. There’s a strong emphasis on your relationships while several planets travel through Aries, the sign opposite yours. You can learn a lot about yourself through your encounters with others, and this is an appropriate time to examine your closest connections. Think about how well they fulfill your needs and what you bring to the table in a relationship. With the sun and Venus uniting, you can express your whole self with people and show affection freely, but your ruling planet is still retrograde, so you may not get exactly the reception that you’d like. And since Mercury is arguing with Pluto, strong emotions could trigger a conflict. Merc is also facing off with Jupiter in Libra, and you should be careful not to put too much spin on what you say or hear; a dose of literalism will help. Negotiations could go very well, as long as you don’t overlook details. A Merc-Uranus confab hints at meeting someone new or enjoying a thought-provoking conversation.



October 23–November 21

The sun shows up in your efficiency corner this week, giving you more energy to put your nose to the grindstone and cross a lot off your to-do list. Set notions of instant gratification aside, and aim to be as productive as possible. Sharpen your skills, improve your time-management and dedicate yourself to a period of hard work. This is also an appropriate month to tend to your health and do what you can to enhance your wellbeing. With the sun and Venus coalescing, you might tackle a creative project or help out a loved one. Since Venus is retrograde, pleasure is somewhat tepid, and you may want to consider how you can get more satisfaction out of each day. It’s quite possible that different work and better habits will boost your overall mood. Mercury’s skirmishes with a few other planets suggest that you might become obsessed with minor details or get impatient with colleagues, and daydreams or hopes for the future could steer you off-track. Be open to new ideas that can revolutionize your job, health or everyday life.



November 22–December 21

The sun’s grand entrance into your fulfillment house this week rouses your desire to express who you are and how you feel. You’ll gravitate to fun, romance, creativity and hobbies, as enjoying life moves to the top of your priority list. And when the sun joins forces with Venus, your inclination to pursue love and happiness grows exponentially. But don’t forget that Venus is retrograde, so you’re in the process of redefining what/whom you love and what/whom makes you happy. Listen to your heart; don’t simply return to an old source of pleasure out of habit. If you’re experiencing a creative block, rework something you’ve already done. With Mercury in that house fending off Pluto in your worth zone and Jupiter in your network sector, you may be focused on amusing yourself, but financial concerns or others’ expectations could intrude on your thoughts. Try not to be compulsive about money or possessions. Hear what friends have to say and be ready to compromise. A Mercury-Uranus get-together hints that original ideas could come to you suddenly; write them down before they leave your head.



December 22–January 19

With the sun dipping down to your foundation angle this week, you’ll want to feel centered, and spending more time at home or with family will help you get your bearings. Your space, memories, private feelings and innermost thoughts require your attention, and you should carve out alone time for contemplation. A sun-Venus rendezvous can inspire you to host a party or attend a family gathering, but since Venus is retrograde, things may not come together seamlessly. If you feel uncomfortable, it’s important to ask yourself why. Mercury’s argument with Pluto in Capricorn hints that communication with family or housemates could become volatile. Remember that you can only control yourself; you can’t control other people and shouldn’t try to. Memories could also trigger an urge to change what you cannot change, but it’s best to lay the past to rest. A Mercury-Jupiter faceoff suggests a debate with a boss or parent, and you might sound too sure of yourself. But informed goal setting and career planning are also possible. And thanks to Merc’s meetup with Uranus, self-reflection or talking to a family member can provide flashes of insight.



January 20–February 18

As the sun moves into your cognition-and-communication house this week, your mind, self-expression and everyday interactions receive a surge of vivacity. Try to be more aware of your habitual mode of thinking and your typical manner of conversing with people. Mental clarity enables you to convey your message coherently, but you should also make a point of listening attentively. Life seems to be moving more quickly now, and you may get inspired to learn something new or take a short trip. With the sun and Venus linking up, you’re able to appreciate beauty in your environment and articulate positive feelings. Because Venus is backtracking at the moment, relating can still seem off, though, so don’t get hung up on reciprocation. Also, Mercury is in that house and sparring with other planets, making communication less straightforward than you’d like. Subconscious anger, strong opinions and blunt speech can provoke a conflict; pay close attention to what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. Tune into dark, difficult emotions before they seep into your interactions. And keep an open mind; there’s plenty of potential for learning this week.



February 19–March 20

When the sun segues into your worth zone this week, you’re called to assess your personal values and what’s important to you. You’ll begin to identify more strongly with your financial state and your possessions, and it can be strangely difficult to distinguish between who you are and what you have. You’ll be increasingly focused on what you need, but take inventory of what you have going for you, too—and include not only monetary assets but your gifts and talents as well. Those kinds of assets can translate to earnings, so don’t sell yourself short. This is a period for maximizing your resources and using what you have. A sun-Venus conference may precipitate a craving; however, since Venus is traveling retrograde, you might later regret a splurge, as desires are prone to fluctuation during this phase. Mercury’s disagreements with other planets also call your financial judgment into question, and you might argue with friends or a partner over money, possessions, values or priorities. Avoid digging in your heels or making snap decisions—and be willing to accommodate new ideas and a different balance of give-and-take.

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It’s honestly scary how accurate these horoscope readings are, haha.

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