Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of March 27–April 2

Preparing you for the week ahead…  

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March 21–April 19

Your ruling planet is syncing up with Neptune this week, which could give you a chance to deal with a matter involving finances or possessions and gain peace of mind. Mercury in Aries is jibing with Saturn in your exploration corner, so you’re able to see the big picture with a blend of faith and practicality. Now’s a good time to devise a systematic strategy for obtaining the knowledge you require to achieve your vision. Your thinking is very organized, especially when it comes to education, travel and future plans, and you’re able to express your beliefs and views effectively. On a different note, Jupiter and Pluto are picking up their fight from four months ago, complicating partnership and goals—so relationship growth and your evolving career path or life direction probably seem incompatible. Maybe you’re expecting support from a close friend or significant other, and the power dynamic between you feels unbalanced. Don’t push too hard or you’ll encounter resistance. Relationships and ambition are not either/or; avoid placing excessive hopes on another individual when you’re anxious about your own place in the world. As the new moon in Aries indicates, it’s time to focus on your year ahead and decide how you’ll make a fresh start. A beauty or fashion makeover would normally be an option, but with Venus retrograde, major aesthetic changes should be postponed for another month. For now, consider how you come across and what changes would help you to make the impression you want to make.


April 20–May 20

Thanks to Mars in Taurus gelling with Neptune in your network zone this week, your agenda should dovetail with group interests quite naturally. You’ll be most productive helping friends or participating in a collective effort that benefits those in need. When Mercury harmonizes with Saturn in your sharing sector, confiding in someone you trust can help you grow closer, while engaging in introspection will help you come to terms with something in your psyche. Mercury shows up in your sign later in the week, boosting your ability to express your point of view and weigh personal matters with greater objectivity than usual. You’ll be thinking quickly and may grow restless enough to take a trip. With Jupiter in your efficiency corner, you have a lot on your plate, and the planet of excess is sparring with Pluto in your exploration house now, renewing their disagreement that began last November. It’s possible that your view of the future is a little dark, and that’s making it harder for you to get things done in the present. Conversely, perhaps your full workload is related to a belief that you have the power to take on the world. Or maybe you’re seeking more freedom in your job or daily life and you can’t see where all your hard work is getting you yet. The new moon in your soul corner invites you to retreat from the world to clear your mind, and you might opt to begin a new spiritual practice.


May 21–June 20

This week, your ruler coordinates with Saturn in your one-on-one angle, luring you to confide in a friend about difficulty you’re facing in a relationship; reach out to people to form a partnership; or work through a conflict with another individual. Keeping a cool head and respecting the other person will increase your chances of a successful outcome. Mercury sneaks into the last house in your chart a couple of days later, encouraging quiet observation and private study or meditation. Mars is also in that house and vibing with Neptune in your ambition zone, so working by yourself behind the scenes without aiming for credit or accolades can help you make progress—and creative efforts will be especially rewarding. However, a new moon hints at the prospect of meeting new friends or joining a new group in the coming weeks; with Venus retrograde, there could be a delay, though. Jupiter is renewing its quarrel with Pluto from last Thanksgiving, which could make matters of the heart particularly thorny. Intimacy feels heavy and intense, yet you’ve been inspired to go out on a limb and express your feelings. If someone isn’t living up to your expectations or fulfilling your needs, you could hit an impasse. Your sense of freedom may be opening up your dating life, but you can’t control what another person is willing to offer. You might find yourself attracted to difference and then daunted by the complex challenge of making differences work in a relationship.


June 21–July 22

This week’s new moon lands at the top of your chart, nudging you to set a new goal, craft a business plan or start a fresh chapter in your career. Since this lunation is linked with Venus—who’s traveling retrograde—you might want to consider your professional or public image and tweak how you present yourself to people who are senior to you. Mercury is also at a high point and collaborating with Saturn in your efficiency corner, helping you to blend hard work and an ambitious mindset. Extremely organized career planning that factors in every task you must complete to get where you want to go will pay off in the long run. With Mars in your network zone gelling with Neptune in your exploration house, teamwork for a good cause will also be worth it, and working with others to benefit your fellow human beings will feel spiritually satisfying. A Jupiter-Pluto dispute that began in the fall is starting up again, which could incite turbulence in a relationship. Your underlying hopes may clash with your inability to control another individual, or your desire for peace and comfort could be at odds with an intense connection. It’s also possible that your family or home life will somehow disrupt your rapport with someone. After Venus backs into your exploration house, a longing for meaning that’s missing in your life can make you restless enough to jump at anything or anyone different. Ponder where your enthusiasm truly lies.


July 23–August 22

A confab between Mars in your ambition angle and Neptune in your depth zone this week could indicate that working toward a mutual goal will enable you to feel closer to someone, or an intuitive understanding of what drives you can fuel your progress. A new moon prompts you to overthrow the status quo and broaden your horizons, and a trip, adventure or new course of study may be in order, as it’s time to get a different perspective. With Mercury in that house collaborating with Saturn in your fulfillment sector, exploring new ideas, beliefs and subjects will allow you to learn about yourself in the process. The self-knowledge you stand to gain may be even more valuable in the future than your intellectual gains. This planetary combo also enables you to express your viewpoint with authority and individual flair. Jupiter’s disagreement with Pluto dates back to last November, when your optimistic attitude may have clashed with everyday circumstances or the reality of a work or health situation. Your hopefulness about making changes may be causing you to get ahead of yourself, assuming you can transform your life overnight. Notice the signals your body is sending you, and ease up on the throttle if stress is taking its toll on your wellbeing. When Venus reenters your sharing zone, nostalgia for someone you used to be close to can tempt you to reconnect, but that’s generally not a great idea while the love planet is retrograde, so wait it out.


August 23–September 22

A shared adventure, trip or learning experience can help you feel close to someone this week, courtesy of Mars in your exploration corner syncing with Neptune in your one-on-one angle. This planetary pairing also suggests that empathy for another person could lead you to fight for what’s right. A new moon in your sharing sector may indicate a new intimate relationship or help from outside resources, but with Venus still traveling retrograde in that area of your chart, such developments could be delayed until May. Mercury is also in your sharing sector and clicking with Saturn in your foundation angle at the moment, empowering you to confide in a parent; work on understanding the past; talk to someone you trust about a personal problem; unpack emotional baggage; or get to the bottom of private doubts and fears. After Merc segues into your exploration corner, your mind becomes more restless, and stimulating study, interesting debates and eye-opening experiences such as travel will satisfy your hunger for learning. Jupiter in your worth zone is picking up its squabble with Pluto in your fulfillment house where they left off last Thanksgiving, making splurges extra risky at this time. Strong self-confidence and avariciousness can lead you to push quite hard for the love or happiness you desire, and attraction can be both pleasurable and overpowering. A fixation might get you into trouble if you don’t know when to stop. Strive to stay true to your highest values.


September 23–October 22

This week’s new moon suggests a new relationship might be in the pipeline, or you may take an existing one to the next level. This lunation is aligned with Venus, and since she’s currently retrograde, things might not get rolling until May. In the meantime, contemplating interpersonal dynamics, the terms of your relationships and what you want most from those closest to you would be valuable. A Mars-Neptune conference encourages you to dig into health-related research or confront something in your psyche in order to improve your wellness. This pairing might also offer you a chance to do something that’s difficult for you in an effort to be of service to others. Mercury is harmonizing with Saturn in your thinking-and-talking corner, so you should be able to communicate maturely and responsibly and consider practical matters involving relationships. If you need to have a serious conversation with someone, get it out of the way now before Mercury goes retrograde. Jupiter in Libra is sparring with Pluto again, renewing their quarrel from last Thanksgiving that may have caused you to feel torn between your future and your past. Turbulent emotions that you’ve kept to yourself can put a dent in your quest for personal growth. A struggle for control between you and your family is probably connected with their resistance to a new you, but you may need to confront your own ambivalence and unpack emotional baggage in the course of building your future.


October 23–November 21

When Mars gels with Neptune this week, engaging in activities with another individual can provide transcendent pleasure, so recruit a partner. Romance, creativity and spirituality are all favored, thanks to Neptune’s influence. A new moon encourages you to kick off a diet or exercise regimen; reorganize your workspace; adopt a positive habit; launch a job search; learn a skill; or streamline your schedule. Mercury is also in that part of your chart and jibing with Saturn in your worth zone, enabling you to think pragmatically about your finances, possessions, personal values and material needs. An analytical mindset will help you make a responsible assessment of what you have going for you. Jupiter is skirmishing with Pluto, renewing a disagreement that began last November. Your subconscious hopes, beliefs and expectations can foment turbulence in your interactions or cause you to speak with more force than you intended. It’s also possible that your active imagination will lead you to voice suspicions—so watch what you say. You might get a little obsessed with spiritual teachings or metaphysical discoveries and come on too strong when talking about what you’ve learned. The challenge is to translate your inner growth into a way of thinking and communicating that fits your everyday life. With Mercury crossing your relationship angle, soliciting feedback on your thoughts will give you a clearer perspective. After Venus retreats into your joy zone, you might be reminded of a past love or old source of happiness. Contemplate who or what fulfills you deeply.


November 22–December 21

Take advantage of Mars in your productivity corner and Neptune in your foundation angle joining forces this week by tackling a domestic project such as clearing out clutter or rearranging furniture. Since Venus is still retrograde, you shouldn’t make any major aesthetic decisions just yet, though. After she backpedals to the bottom of your chart, you might start rethinking your décor and musing on what makes you feel most comfortable and at home. A new moon in your fulfillment sector can indicate new romance, creativity or pleasure on the way, but Venus’s sluggish pace may delay such developments until May. Mercury is in that sector as well and syncing up with Saturn in your sign, helping you to express yourself with a combination of authority and personality. You’ll be able to convey your creativity and be taken seriously—or talk about what you’re going through without losing your sense of humor. Flirting or reading and writing for pleasure can brighten your mood. Jupiter—your ruling planet—is in your network zone and clashing with Pluto in your worth house, picking up their fight where they left off last Thanksgiving. Your slowly shifting personal values and priorities may be at odds with the interests of a group, and high hopes of fitting in with people could shake your self-confidence. Also, financial strain can make it difficult to socialize or travel as much as you’d like to. Try not to let peer pressure destabilize you.


December 22–January 19

A Mars-Neptune collaboration invites you to express your feelings and creativity this week, and your intuition and imagination will help you find the right balance of assertiveness and receptiveness. An attraction or pleasurable pursuit can put you in a blissful frame of mind, so chase after your heart’s desire. The new moon at the bottom of your chart hints at a development involving your home or family, and tuning into your private feelings will get you centered. Mull over how you can improve your living situation or your space, but postpone big decisions in this area until May since Venus is traveling retrograde now and Mercury will be soon. With Mercury moving through your foundation angle and vibing with Saturn—your ruling planet—introspection is likely to be particularly productive and may enable you to gain closure. This planetary pairing also suggests that behind-the-scenes mental work will enable you to finish something up. Jupiter in your goals house is sparring with Pluto in Capricorn again, revisiting their dispute from last Thanksgiving. You might need to modify your behavior, as your ambitions can drive you to operate in a controlling manner. If you’re overreaching for power, you’ll meet with challenges—especially from people in authority. Avoid fixating on a sky-high objective, and don’t try to maintain a firm grip on everyone and everything, or the atmosphere around you might become explosive. You’ll get where you’re going slowly but surely, if not in leaps and bounds.


January 20–February 18

A meeting between Mars in your foundation angle and Neptune in your worth house this week nudges you to devote energy to a decluttering effort; complete a domestic task by using your resources creatively; or help a family member or roommate out of compassion. The new moon in your thinking-and-talking corner hints that you may receive fresh information, become more engaged in your community, reconnect with a sibling or take a short trip. It could be a good time to deal with paperwork or feed your curiosity by learning something new. You should also give some thought to how you communicate in your everyday life, as your interactions are colored by your habitual mindset and mode of expressing yourself. Mercury is in that house as well and harmonizing with Saturn in your network sector this week, nudging you to reach out to contacts, plan teamwork or humanitarian endeavors, convey your message to a group and devise new objectives. If you share your ideas with friends, colleagues or peers, chances are they’ll take you seriously. Jupiter is renewing its feud with Pluto from last November, pitting your hopes for the future against psychological turbulence related to the past. As your optimistic perspective competes with subconscious rumblings, dealing with what’s going on inside you becomes ever more necessary. Mercury’s move to the nadir of your chart will make it easier for you to tap into feelings that you normally hide from the world.



February 19–March 20

Neptune in Pisces links up with Mars in your cognition-and-communication house this week, inspiring you to boldly present your creative ideas or spiritual views and speak up out of empathy and compassion. If you sometimes feel invisible or misunderstood, this is a good opportunity to make a strong impression. A new moon in your worth zone can spell a new source of income or an influx of cash, but such developments could take another month or so, since Venus is retrograde at the moment. You might use this time to reevaluate your assets, needs and priorities and tweak your financial strategy or budget. After Venus backs into your sign later in the week, it’s appropriate to consider your personal image and to assess whether you’re presenting yourself in the way you want to. You might think about changing your appearance in some way, but don’t make such changes just yet. Mercury is also in your worth zone and jibing with Saturn in your ambition angle, enabling you to figure out how to combine career goals and financial goals effectively. Meanwhile, Jupiter in your sharing sector is quarreling with Pluto in your network house—the latest chapter in a fight that began four months ago. Friendship and intimacy don’t mesh easily under this influence, and sex, jealousy, possessiveness or mistrust could become a problem. Be truthful, and try not to obsess. Your relationships are evolving—in some cases painfully—and you need to maintain your faith in worthy individuals.

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Thank you for this FP! You inspire me!


Thank you so much Tracy. This has been so helpful.
“Your hopefulness about making changes may be causing you to get ahead of yourself, assuming you can transform your life overnight. Notice the signals your body is sending you, and ease up on the throttle if stress is taking its toll on your wellbeing.”
This is what I needed this week. So grateful!