Reintroducing: Nicole Granato, Women’s Health Specialist

Sharing trust, intuition and the art of surrendering…

We met Nicole Granato last year…when she spoke to us about her bout with PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and subsequently worked with our FP community to answer their own questions about hormonal health.

Today, Nicole returns to tell us a bit about who she is, in preparation for sharing a few new stories to help us better understand the power of NOW, and learning how to live free of judgment. XO

Your spirit animal.


First thing you did this am…

Got on a call with my publicist.

What prompted you to dedicate your life to health and wellness, for you as well as others?

I decided to dedicate my life to health and wellness after I overcame my own health battles using holistic medicine. I was raised in a very health-driven environment — growing from a great foundation of holistic health, I felt compelled to share. 

Last book you read…

The Four Agreements. 

Favorite drink?

Matcha latte. 

Your definition of a good coach.

Someone who listens and respects your needs as an individual. 

What makes a woman sexy?

Being unapologetically herself in all her greatness, weirdness and darkness.

Soundtrack to your life?

Eh, that’s a hard one… Right now on repeat is Neil Young’s “Razor Love” and Dylan’s “Mr Tambourine Man.” I pretty much listen to music all day when I work.

What keeps you grounded?

My animals and the desert. 

What is your beauty routine?

I never go to sleep without washing my face with a cream cleanser, followed by Restorative Serum that I lather all over my face and neck! I top it off with a rose mist. 

What are your bedtime rituals? 

I love making our Lazy Days Tea after dinner while winding down for the night.

What does the word free mean to you?

Free to me means acceptance and faith that everything in life happens as it’s meant to. The sooner we accept that and have faith in the universe, we are essentially free of fear, pain and resentment; and are no longer prisoners to the expectations that keep us from feeling freedom in our minds, body and soul.

+ Check out her line here…and be sure to check back next week for more from Nicole!


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