Scarf It Down: How to Wear Your Headscarf As a Top

Yes, your headscarf doubles as one of spring’s hottest looks!

There’s nothing better than a two-for-one. Create a fresh spring look by pairing your favorite dresses with one of our new printed headscarves. Or, with just a few folds and twists, create a fun and sensual top to pair with wide leg pants.

Halve the scarf diagonally so the scarf becomes a triangle. Continue to fold the scarf longways to create a thick band.

Begin with the middle of your scarf at the nape of your neck. Hold the two ends with each hand.

Cross the two ends at your hairline and twist one full turn.

Bring the ends back to the nape of the neck and tie in small, secure knot.

Halve the scarf diagonally so the scarf becomes a triangle.

Fold the triangle in half, from the top triangle tip to the longest edge.

Fold again so you get a thick band.

Tie the scarf around your chest and knot in the front as tight as you can.

Halve the scarf diagonally so the scarf becomes a triangle.

Place scarf in front of your body and fold a two inch fold down the longer side.

Place the middle of the tip of the triangle over your belly button to ensure it is centered.

Pull sides of scarf behind you, placing it under your arms, and tie a secure double knot at your mid-back.

+ How do you wear your favorite scarves? Shop all scarves at Free People!

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The triangle style of wearing the scarf looks like an actual top. Very creative! I wouldn’t be able to pull off such skimpy clothes though, haha.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

6 years ago

Also, check out Free People’s selection of vintage scarves, like the butterfly one featured!

6 years ago

Will def try this, super cute!


6 years ago

Takes us back to the late 90’s. Fashion always repeats itself..

6 years ago

Did you guys run out of stuff to write about?

6 years ago

So cool! Love it :)

6 years ago

Great to see this model on FP. She’s got a certain something.