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A key player in healthy bones, eyes, immunity and healthy skin…

I used to believe that if I ate enough carrots, I’d be able to see at night like a cat. I also believed that if I consumed enough apples, I’d never have to see the dentist again. Sorry, kid. Reality bites sometimes, but as much as the truth broke my (carrot and apple-loving, dentist-hating) 5-year-old heart, colorful fruits and veggies do play a vital role in keeping our bodies healthy, happy and functioning properly (vision and teeth included). Filling our plates with as many vibrant, natural ingredients as possible ensures that our meal not only tastes incredible, but that our bodies are getting the nourishment they require via an edible rainbow of goodness. Diversity on your plate translates to nutritional diversity for your body, allowing it to pull in all the vitamins and minerals it needs to keep moving, chief among them vitamin A. A key player in healthy bones, eyes, immunity and healthy skin, vitamin A is a nutrient we could all stand to get to know a little better. Beneficial internally and when applied to your skin via a serum like Mad Hippie’s Vitamin A Serum, vitamin A has the power to turn back time, erasing sun damage, boosting cellular turnover and making skin radiant again. Read on to learn more about this vital antioxidant and how it can help nearly every part of that gorgeous body of yours.

What is it? A powerful antioxidant and fat-soluble vitamin, vitamin A plays a major role in a host of bodily functions such as brain function, bone density and immune function. When used in skincare, vitamin A can reduce the signs of aging, fight free-radicals, and repair damage done by the sun. There are two variations of vitamin A: beta carotene and active vitamin A. Found in colorful fruits and veggies, beta carotene needs to be ingested and converted into retinol by the body to be put to use. Active vitamin A is the more bio-available of the two variations and does not need to be converted to retinol first. Active vitamin A can be found in a variety of sources and is the star ingredient in Mad Hippie’s Vitamin A Serum. Individuals with leaky gut and/or gluten sensitivity could experience vitamin A deficiency, so it’s a good idea to give attention to those issues to ensure proper absorption.

Benefits of vitamin A: Whether you’re using it internally or on your skin, vitamin A benefits the entire body. For internal use, it’s best absorbed when ingested in the form of — you guessed it — bright and delicious colorful fruits, greens and other vegetables. It’s most bioavailable in bright orange and dark green foods, like carrots, spinach, winter squashes, kale, apricots and nectarines. Eating plenty of vitamin A will aid in everything from building strong bones to healthy cognitive function to clear vision, and powerful antioxidant properties ensure free radicals are swept clear. These same antioxidants benefit skin function by encouraging cellular turnover, improving skin texture and tone, reducing the signs of aging and healing damage caused by too much sun.

How do I use it? Since this rejuvenating vitamin is readily available in so many fruits and veggies, the best way to up your ‘A’ intake is to eat the rainbow. Cabbage, apricots, nectarines, greens and carrots are all excellent sources of vitamin A, and good news — they’re all delicious. To reap the internal benefits, be sure to fill your plate or bowl with as many colorful ingredients as possible to ensure you’re getting plenty of vitamin A and other essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Your entire body will thank you!

To harness the external benefits of this powerful antioxidant, try a vitamin A-enriched serum, such as Mad Hippie Vitamin A Serum. This gorgeous serum reduces wrinkles, reverses damage from the sun and enhances cellular turnover thanks to vitamin A and coffee berry. Did I mention it smells incredible? No? Well, it does. To use it, simply massage into freshly-cleansed skin every other night until your skin adjusts, following 10 minutes later with moisturizer. Once your skin has adjusted to your new routine, you can begin using your serum nightly to reveal fresh, naturally beautiful skin.

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The name Mad Hippie is so cute and so fitting!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

7 years ago

I wasn’t aware of all the good things in Vitamin A. I really need to eat the rainbow more often.

7 years ago

This is so good and so helpful! Thanks for the natural + healthy lifestyle tips!

Denyelle Nelson
6 years ago

Great Post! I have recently learned through articles like yours as well as The Beauty Insiders the benefits of Vitamin A. I think alot more people should be aware of the great benefits it has.