A Day-to-Night Mantra for Self Worth

Fighting outside stressors and focusing on what’s really important… 

This post comes from certified Health and Wellness Coach, Nicole Granato.

Sometimes it can be hard to feel our best, both emotionally and physically, as the daily barrage of outside stressors do their best to exhaust us and beg us to question what’s really important. Sometimes we tend to neglect our truth and what sets our hearts on fire, making it difficult to adhere to those daily practices that keep us on level ground and establishing stability in our mind, body and heart. If you can maintain at least one daily task to strengthen yourself and your truth, you will begin to find more balance in dealing with this crazy thing we call life.

Here are some beneficial habits to start incorporating daily… Start by picking just one, and expand from there if you like.


The beginning of a new day, a new start the ability to create our day however you like.

Start the morning with a mantra: “ I am going to make today an amazing day.” “Today is a new start and I am going to make it epic.”

When you wake up, try and refrain from picking up your phone first thing; instead, lay in bed for five minutes with one hand on your stomach and the other on your heart and practice slow breathing.

Throughout the day.

Sometimes we can allow the outside world to affect how we feel about ourselves — our confidence in how we look, our capability of dealing with certain people or situations.

I am a big fan of standing in front of yourself in a mirror and reminding myself of how amazing I am. You can say something like: “I am beautiful and capable of handling anything life throws at me.”

“I am beautiful and worthy of greatness in all areas of my life.”


One of my favorite evening rituals looks like this: taking a bath and performing self care rituals that might include a face mask, body cream, organizing my room, making a cup of tea and allowing myself an hour to do with whatever I need to relax and take care of me. When you really take care of yourself and don’t skimp on the little stuff, it shows in everything you do — how you carry yourself, your own personal confidence and how you allow others to treat you. Feeling beautiful is an inside job and it takes the will to put time aside to care for yourself, no matter how crazy life can get!

Always remember you are beautiful, you are worthy, and you have EVERYTHING to offer to the world. Sometimes the world can be a heavy and hard place in which to exist. We are constantly made to feel like we are never enough or there is always another thing we need to change to feel like we can accept ourself. Ultimately, what it comes down to is…how do you care for yourself? If you neglect yourself, attaining your highest self will be that much harder to achieve.

+ Do you start your day with a mantra? Let us know your practices below! 

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Mantras definitely help me keep a positive mindset, or to remind myself to be positive, throughout the day!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

Love this!

3 years ago

This is a really nice post, I need to try a mantra out and inject some self love.

3 years ago

This is such a great read. I’ve never really thought about mantras, but they seem like a great confidence booster so I’m definitely going to give them a go!

Claire | rose-tinted.com

3 years ago

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3 years ago

Definitely something that every people need to do with their life. Simple thing but mostly forgotten overtime. Thank you for reminding me this!

3 years ago

I love this post ! I definitely need to do this !
The only mantra I use, when I’m afraid, is “En avant, cale et droit !”. In english it gives something like “Let’s go, calm and straight” but doesn’t really sound the same xD

Thank you for this !

2 years ago

1.Om Karthaveeryarjuno nama
Raja baahu sahasravan
Thasya smarana mathrena
Gatham nashtam cha labhyathe.

2 years ago

This was much needed. Thank you a lot for your words, it is so empowering to see people walk your path with you! My selfworth-journey will be a lifelong-one and I look forward to every single new day of it.

Much love and a beautiful weekend for you,

the girl from the sea