Beauty and Sexuality

Beginning to turn your insecurities into self-acceptance is what being beautiful truly is…

This post comes from certified Health and Wellness Coach, Nicole Granato.

Can you remember a time when you felt truly sexy in your body? What makes you feel sexy, what stokes confidence in your walk? Have you ever asked yourself if there is a difference between feeling beautiful and feeling sexy? Feeling like a woman and feeling like a sexual creature? In our society, women tend to feel that exploring their sexuality and their sexual desires will bring unwarranted scrutiny, because we are afraid of how we might appear. Will we still come off as feminine? Will I still be able to ask for a certain level of respect as a woman? Will we turn into the type of woman who is sought out for a fun sexual experience with not commitment material?

There is so much to love and embrace about femininity — and there is a difference between feeling beautiful and feeling sexy, and exploring your deeper desires!

Feeling beautiful is a matter of self-acceptance for yourself on the outside as well as the inside.

It is a matter of surrendering to this ideal of what beauty is and not accepting what we are told via the external world. Self beauty is our thoughts, the way we love and who we are as human beings. Do you ever notice how beautiful someone looks when they talk about the things they love? Beauty is far beyond the clothing we may or may not fit in, how perfect our body is or isn’t and the comparisons we make to others. We all have insecurities… I have my own and you will have your own, but beginning to turn those insecurities into self-acceptance is what being truly beautiful is. Never let anybody tell you any different!

Being a sexy, sexual and explorative woman means to take what we know of beauty and go deeper with it.

Know we women are sexual creatures with needs, desires and are looking for someone who can meet us halfway. It is walking down the street wearing your favorite outfit and owning how sexy you feel in it for yourself. Going to buy a new lingerie set and wearing it for yourself. It is talking about your sex life with your partner, being vulnerable and ultimately not making excuses for what you want.

I know in my life I have met people who make me feel sexy beyond my imagination — from the way they kiss you, to hold your hand, to the sound of their voice. No one really feels sexy unless he/she is fully in touch with the sexual self!

Last week we talked a little bit about masturbation. Let’s continue that briefly!

I find that if you can lay in bed and close you eyes and imagine a sexual encounter with someone and feel free enough to ask them for what you want, maybe try something you have never done, feel more free with your body and do all of this while pleasuring yourself, it will bring acceptance to your wants and needs.

At the end of the day, feeling beautiful and sexy comes from our core. Once we accept ourselves and what we want we can truly experience a mind-blowing sexual experience with another person. Not only that, but it’s the law of attraction…. You will attract that person who will meet you at that place!

+ What makes you feel truly sexy?  

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3 years ago

I like how she broke down the meanings between feeling beautiful and sexy.

3 years ago

great way of simplifying these two truely satisfying words..

3 years ago

How do you know when you’ve truly accepted yourself?

Kim Francique-Diep
3 years ago

Nicely explained. Good information to share.

3 years ago