We Heart Earth: Refuse

Introducing the “five R’s to a better Mother Earth”…

In celebration of Earth Day, we will be introducing an “R step” today through Friday… Shining light on the ways we impact Earth, and how just a few small steps can minimize these effects and help you take a better stance in protecting her.

Today is all about — Refuse!

Fact: It takes at least 1000 years for a plastic bag to degrade.

Tip: Refuse plastic bags and use a reusable tote!

We have opportunities — daily — to Refuse plastic, as well as unnecessary paper items. Think before you take any plastic items, like a plastic straw (an item that is non-recyclable) or that flyer you will never read. Plastic bags aren’t accepted in city recycling bins, as they’re notorious for getting caught in the sorting machinery. Save those bags you can’t help but turn away, and look for places that accept them like your local Whole Foods market.

Refusing leads to less manufacturing and a greener Earth!

Read more about Earth Day and plastic bags here.

+ Check back each day this week to learn more about the Five R’s, and the benefits of going green!

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Photo by Maisy Weiss.

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I still can’t believe that people don’t use reusable totes or their own bags for groceries. Here in Hong Kong, we began charging for our plastic bags years and years ago, and now it’s habit to bring our own bags everywhere.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

I ALWAYS bring my shoppers grocery shopping and I always refuse plastic bags. If you can carry the items without the bag, you should! I am surprised stores even offer a plastic bag when you only buy a single item, or two! Reusable shoppers is the EASIEST way to help the environment, and also I’ve never had to take more than one trip while bringing in groceries because the shoppers hold so much. #Win
Thanks for sharing FP!