Eau Yes: The Springtime Scents You Need in Your Life

Get ready to change your fragrance aura right now…

This post comes to you from beauty contributor, Kari Molvar.

If spring is putting you in the mood to clean out and freshen up your beauty routine, a good place to start is with the scent you put on your skin. Lately, there’s been a wave of super unique, botanical-based options from small-batch purveyors. With blends that smell like Scandi gardens to healing palo santo, now is the time to branch out—and change your fragrance aura. Not sure where to start? Try this fragrance finder to lead you (and your nose) in the right direction.

If you need some inner calm on crazy days…

Try: AYU Souq combines soft florals (rose, jasmine) with grounding Ayuverdic herbs for a scent that feels both light and deep on your skin at the same time. Perfect for those can’t-stop-won’t-stop days when you need to stay creative but tune out distractions.

If you live in the city but your head is in the fields…

Try: Smoke Artisan Perfumes’ namesake blend—it channels the urban grit of New Orleans layered with lush, green notes of vetiver and citrus for super fresh result. Bonus: the rollerball applicator makes it easy to apply on the go.

If you’d rather be at yoga…

Try: Vapour’s cult-classic Spirit Scent, which comes in a handy solid stick so you can just swipe it on your pulse points (wrists, nape of neck, under your jaw) to release the subtly energizing blend of essential oils, including sweet basil and zesty flowers.

If you need spiritual healing…

Try: LVNEA Oil Perfume in Dagger Moon is infused with palo santo—when burned, the smoke is believed to have medicinal and healing powers—along with crushed coffee and nutmeg for an uplifting, motivating scent.

If you want sunshine in a bottle—and your hair to smell amazing…

Try: Miss Violet Lace Beach Hair Perfume. This insanely popular mist is made with natural plant essences, including coconut, to soften your hair—and your skin—and give you island feels anytime.

If you like to cook barefoot…

Try: One Seed Organic Eau de Parfum in Bohemia captures that relaxed, supper-with-friends mood, when you’ve ate and drank well, and just want to hang out by a fire talking all night—notes of smoked tea, dark chocolate, blood orange and vanilla take you there.

If you have a Scandi minimalist vibe…

Try: Lurk Perfume PRJ V1 is all about the olfactory elegance and simplicity found in white flowers—like jasmine, petitgrain and rose. The oil gives off a scent that’s neither feminine or masculine but perfectly balanced and beautifully chill.

+Tell us your Spring scent and read more beauty tips and tricks from Kari here

Photo by Jana Kirn.

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The Lurk Perfume PRJ V1 sounds like a great beginner perfume for me!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

I actually just ran out of my latest perfume, so I need to check some of these out asap!
-Jenna <3
Follow me back? The Chic Cupcake

4 years ago

Amazing, will need to try that Beach hair perfume!



4 years ago

A botanical scent sounds so right.