FP Me To You: Introducing Azure

All the way from Australia, this month’s spotlight is on the muse-ically gifted Azure… 
5 words to sum up your personality?

Passionately creative old soul with a heart on my sleeve and sparkles in my eyes. Not really 5, but… <3

Spirit animal is…

A Wolf.

What makes you happy?

Creating; loving; exploring; eating yummy, wholesome, plant-based food; smiling, eyes wide open to see the world… That makes me happy. But my ultimate, complete happiness lies deep within music. It’s this current that runs through my body and makes my heart fullest. To sing, for me, is to connect with others through my words, and invoke within them a feeling. That is a high I can’t live without.

What makes you sad?

Hurt present in the faces of people and animals surrounding me. I am someone that feels deeply, so when I see sadness in someone’s eyes, I want to help, I want to wash away the bad and replace it with love.

Fave city in the world/why?

I am lucky enough to live in such a beautiful country where there is so much to discover on the road through the vast land of rich kindness. If I were to pick a place in Australia… The Blue Mountains spark a little shimmer in my heart — a mystical wonderland. Once the haze clears, you can weave your body along the mountain tops, watching in awe as a pillowing sea of trees hug one another far beneath where you stand.

But America holds a special place in my heart. When I was over there a couple years ago I just felt this burning happiness, from the kaleidoscope of colourful streets of Santa Fe, to the Sacred Red mountains and star-filled skies of Monument Valley, from the rooftop lights of a Brooklyn loft, to the jazz-painted streets of New Orleans. There is this passion in the air that inspires my soul, a place for dreams.

There is so much yet to explore in the world, places I haven’t yet been, but places I have visited in my dreams, and I am sure along the journey I’ll find a little piece of luminous love in all of them.

Last dream you had…

One thing that I have always struggled with is remembering my dreams, once my eyes open to the morning rays of light. I feel so vividly and my imagination runs wild beyond closed eyes, so much that you’ll often find me in a daydream. But I want to recall the stories created in the silence of the night so I have started sleeping with a garnet crystal under my pillow that a friend gave me, and trying my best to write down whatever I remember when I wake up. Most recently I have been writing beautiful songs in my dreams, but true to my struggle, I awake and the songs disappear, but I know they are there sitting patiently in my subconscious for me to find, and that excites me.

What does free mean to you?

To be free, for me, is that moment when your body is moving in time with the waves, that moment of weightlessness, when you decide to let go of any fear holding you below the surface, holding you breathless, and you begin to radiate in love. Love is freedom, creating is freedom, self-expression is freedom, showing the world your truest heart and your sparkly eyes is freedom. That moment when you choose love over fear is when you are free.

Images by Esther Neyenhuys

 + Check back next Thursday to learn more about this FPMe muse…

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I agree with you on travelling and loving different places. I can’t decide on one place myself – everywhere I go, I learn something new.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

Wow, her writing is phenomenal!!! She seems like a wonderful human with a great heart. I feel so inspired!