FP Me To You: For the Love of Music

The final post in our April music-themed series, featuring Azure

You could be standing in a sea of people and you can feel it. Sitting alone on a rainy day, peering through a window of water droplets, you can feel it. That spirited current flowing through your body, finding its way so effortlessly around your heart. You feel it.

I remember the first time I heard my own music. I was 5 years old and began singing away in the bathroom, mesmerized by the echo of this newfound voice bouncing around the room. My parents overheard me and led me into my Primary School’s Church choir. The first time I performed filled my entire little soul with this thrilling high, an overwhelming love that I had never before experienced. I promised myself I would never lose this feeling, that I would live it and music would be my forever passion, my forever dream.

Music is a beautiful, powerful frequency…

That has the ability to evoke a sense of connection in a somewhat disconnected world. This heartbeat is my home and the rhythm that flows through the streets is an invisible force holding us all together. Jazz to hip hop, classical to rock and roll, each song contains a poem, words fluently strung together that tell a story of life. It’s a place where, no matter who we are, we become relatable to one another. The way a luminous melody and a simple beat can affect the human experience is nothing short of magic, able to arouse a kaleidoscope of sensibility within us.

I want my music to bring bodies closer, show people love, show them vulnerability, show them strength, and show them my release, a place for self expression, a place for them to feel, everything, anything, something. I’ll invite you into my world to expose you to this raw high, awaken your fire, and enliven your heart with just you, me and the music.

Below is a recent cover I put together with a couple of my wonderfully talented friends in a beautiful old church that I have grown up singing in. I would love for you to have a listen, breathe, and enjoy, may it take you wherever your heart desires. Creating is so important in this world, so please… no matter if you sing, play, paint, write or just feel, open up your heart, let go, be free, express your story, I promise you, sparks will fly and you will feel it.

Love Forever, Azure x

+ Check Azure’s Bon Iver cover here and be sure to follow her on Instagram and FP Me!

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This was lovely to read. You’re not just a musician, but also a writer!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

1 year ago

Cool post.. love each word about it