Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of April 10–16

Preparing you for the week ahead…  

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March 21–April 19

You may want to keep an eye on your spending in the next few weeks, as Mercury is backpedaling through your worth zone, and splurges have a tendency to leave you with buyer’s remorse during this phase. Reassess your needs. Ask yourself if you’re getting good use out of everything you own and everything you have going for you. Reallocate resources. Revise your budget. Think about on what you base your self-esteem. And brainstorm different ways to make money. The full moon in your one-on-one angle can bring feelings to a boiling point in a relationship and may put one to the test. Although you should respect other people’s emotions and be willing to compromise, the sun-Uranus alliance in Aries is bound to bring out your independent streak and could tempt you to cut and run. If you do reach a crossroads, the outcome—perhaps a break, a breakup or conflict resolution and recommitment—is up to you. The comforts of home will serve as a good tension-reliever, but you’ll still have an urge to shake up your life in some way and should seek healthy forms of rebellion. Try to zero in on a positive personal change you can make now; otherwise, you may simply become headstrong in your pursuit of freedom and progress. As Venus wraps up her retrograde at the end of your chart, keep listening to your intuition about what you truly want.


April 20–May 20

With Mercury going retrograde in Taurus now, it’s time to ponder the image you’re projecting and consider how you might tweak the way you communicate with people. You’ll probably feel tongue-tied for the rest of the month, but mulling over personal matters—and maybe rethinking a decision—rather than trying to articulate your thoughts would be an appropriate use of this period. If you focus too much on getting your message across, you may wind up feeling misunderstood. Your ruling planet resumes forward motion later in the week, so you’ll gradually find it easier to connect with people socially and may feel closer to your friends than you have lately. If you’ve been sorting through who’s who in your life, it should become more clear who’s on your squad and who’s more of an acquaintance. And a Venus-Mars confab hints that you’ll receive support for your actions now, so take advantage of any teamwork opportunity. The full moon in your productivity corner gives you a perfect excuse to break a bad habit once and for all. This lunation might bring a work project to fruition but could also instigate a job or health crisis that forces you to make a change. If something really surprising happens this week, look to your own subconscious motives to understand it because a sun-Uranus summit is happening in your subliminal zone, freeing something deep inside you.


May 21–June 20

Your ruler is turning retrograde in the last house of your chart, making you much more circumspect over the course of the next three weeks. Your dreams or a quiet voice in the back of your head may carry noteworthy messages, so be mindful and tune into information that comes from within you rather than from the outside world. You’re better at picking up on subtler nuances now. This is a period for listening to your instincts and keeping your own counsel, and it’s also a good time to reflect on the past and forgive yourself and others. The full moon in your joy sector could put your emotions on full display in a romantic relationship or bring your inner child bursting out in a moment of fun or feeling. A creative venture or love affair may reach a crescendo—and perhaps an ending. Your mood will be playful and/or passionate, and you may go overboard enjoying life or expressing yourself, which is likely to affect your relationships. A sun-Uranus meeting in your network zone hints at mutiny within a group, and you might have an urge to sever ties, put distance between yourself and others or assert your difference and independence. After Venus turns direct in your ambition angle at week’s end, you’ll have an easier time getting along with authority figures and cultivating the reputation that you covet.


June 21–July 22

As Mercury begins to backtrack in your network zone, misunderstandings could occur among your friends and peers, and you might bump into people from the past. In the next few weeks, you may opt to get back in touch with an old pal or professional contact who has crossed your mind, but you could feel a bit out of sync with the circle of people you currently associate with. Avoid group gossip, and contemplate the web of connections in your life without rushing to judgment just yet about who to weed out. The full moon at the bottom of your chart puts a spotlight on your family or domestic life, and its disagreements with several other planets could make you want to spend the day in bed hiding out. If you’re feeling extra moody, you’ll probably turn to your go-to comforts to ease the tension, especially if it seems like you’re dealing with challenges in many arenas—such as relationships, work and home. A sun-Uranus meetup might mean a new professional role for you, and it could also trigger an impulse to change up your public image or rebel against authority. With Venus coming out of retrograde and clicking with Mars, you’ll feel more interested in being around a range of stimulating people and enjoying travel or a learning experience. Don’t pass up a chance to fight for the world you envision.


July 23–August 22

Now that Mercury is traveling retrograde through your ambition angle, you’ll probably find it harder to communicate with authority figures like your boss, so do more listening than talking around higher-ups for the next few weeks. Use this time to revise a business plan or review your list of goals—and perhaps rethink one that you’ve let fall by the wayside or one you’re no longer driven to achieve. You might also evaluate your career path or overall life direction in order to gain a different perspective on where you’re heading. The full moon in your thinking-and-talking corner brings a flurry of thoughts and communication, and an occurrence involving your community or a sibling may get your attention. If there’s a lot coming at you simultaneously, you’re likely to get overwhelmed and may need an escape. Don’t try to handle everything all at once; it’s difficult to keep a cool head and separate the wheat from the chaff. Expressing your feelings and retreating from the commotion are both good options. A sun-Uranus summit sparks a yearning to break free from present circumstances. You want to speed up your personal growth, be somewhere different, get out of your own head and get on with your future. Aim for meaningful liberation, not impetuous rebellion. With Venus turning direct, closeness and sharing will start to feel easier, and your passion should gradually return.


August 23–September 22

As your ruling planet travels retrograde through your perspective zone, travel is bound to be tricky, but you might opt to revisit someplace you’ve already been. It’s also a favorable period for relearning something, revising academic work and rethinking plans for the future. You might find it helpful to create a vision board this month. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself questioning your faith; it’s natural to examine your beliefs while Mercury is backing through this house. The full moon is more likely to draw your attention to material matters such as money or possessions, and you may feel acutely aware of your own needs. Under this lunation, retail therapy is especially tempting because your desires are fraught with emotion, making it hard to distinguish between what you require and what you want. You could feel a bit frantic about your own security, since the moon is battling a few heavyweight planets, but you should try to balance taking care of yourself with practicing the fine art of give-and-take. The sun and Uranus are linked in your sharing house, which could disrupt a close relationship or dislodge something in your psyche. A certain degree of detachment is healthy now. After Venus resumes forward motion, it will seem easier to connect with people and get along with them. A shared adventure or learning experience can help get a relationship back on track.


September 23–October 22

This week’s full moon lands in Libra and meets up with supersized Jupiter there, amplifying your emotions to the point where you’ll need to let them out in one way or another. It’s fine to put your needs and feelings first now, as long as you’re careful not to trample on those of others. This lunation’s link with Saturn in your communication sector should help you to express yourself conscientiously, but its battles with Uranus in your relationship angle and Pluto in your mood zone could generate volatility within you and between you and others. Pay attention to what’s pushing you over the edge because this is a natural time for releasing something from your life. A sun-Uranus encounter can trigger sudden change in a close connection, and another individual could definitely catch you by surprise with his or her behavior. You might meet someone new or play a different role in an existing relationship. With Mercury traveling retrograde in your depth house, your mind may drift back to a loss or pain you experienced in the past. Psychological probing that leads to healing insights is preferable to simply reopening an old wound and obsessing over it. Venus’s direct turn in your productivity corner will help you to feel more invested in your work and more pleased with the quality of your everyday life in the weeks to come.


October 23–November 21

Since Mercury is backpedaling for the next few weeks, you could revisit a discussion with someone, reconnect with an old partner, renegotiate the unspoken terms of a relationship and rethink your connections with other individuals. Misunderstandings could crop up during this period, and you should try not to make assumptions. The full moon may bring an urge to retreat from the world and tend to the emotions brewing in you. If you push things down deep inside because you don’t want to deal with them, you lose the opportunity to learn from them. A spiritual epiphany is possible now. This lunation pushes you to remind yourself what you’re made of, release the past and heal. An escape such as a trip or some deviation from your daily routine can offer fresh perspective. Be mindful of what you say and how you say it, as the moon is fighting with Pluto in your communication sector, and strong feelings are apt to lead to explosive speech. You might even blurt out a secret if you’re not careful. A sun-Uranus collusion could compel you to deal with a sudden work or health development or an unexpected change in circumstances, and a flexible approach is advisable. Venus is wrapping up her retrograde phase, reinvigorating your creativity and love life, and her encounter with Mars nudges you to share an activity with someone whose company you enjoy or pursue someone you’re attracted to.


November 22–December 21

With Mercury traveling retrograde in your efficiency corner until May, scheduling snafus and crossed wires on the job will try your patience. This is an opportune period for relearning a skill, reorganizing your workspace, rethinking your daily routine, reviewing health matters and doing research related to wellness (e.g. a particular diet or fitness regimen). But make a point of dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s, as details are apt to trip you up. A full moon in your network zone reminds you that even when you’re pursuing your own individual pleasures, you still need to keep other people’s feelings and needs in mind. Someone may need your help now, or there could be drama among your friends that you have to deal with. A group effort might come to fruition, or perhaps you’ll decide that you’re done with a particular group and feel the need to walk away. If you’re overstimulated, alone time or private time with someone you’re close to would be a good release. The sun is joining up with Uranus in your joy sector, encouraging spontaneous fun, romance and creative expression and activating your need to be free—and to be yourself. After Venus starts moving forward again in your foundation angle, your underlying mood and relations with family or roommates should improve. You’ll feel more comfortable as she picks up speed in the weeks to come.


December 22–January 19

Because Mercury is traveling retrograde in your joy sector, you could experience an artistic block, reminisce about a past love, have difficulty expressing your feelings or have a misunderstanding with a romantic partner or a child in the next few weeks. But this is a favorable period for rediscovering an old hobby, revising a creative project, reconnecting with your inner child, showing a different side of yourself and finding original ways to convey love. The full moon at the top of your chart might bring a goal to fruition or push you onto center stage, calling for you to perform at your best. A shift in your career path or life direction is also a distinct possibility. This lunation is squabbling with several other planets—including Pluto in Capricorn—so chances are it will be stressful for many people, and you’re bound to add your own intensity to this state of affairs. Authority figures such as a boss or parent will probably seem especially temperamental. Don’t implode; connect with other individuals for support. The sun-Uranus conference will give you an itch to break free from your past, your family, your living situation or the old you, and this is a good chance to turn a big emotional corner. With Venus going direct, you’ll feel more capable of getting along with people, thinking positively, showing affection and making your desires known.


January 20–February 18

Your mind is drifting to the past, family matters, your home life and your private emotions, as Mercury transits backwards across your foundation angle over the next few weeks. The retrograde phase will last until May, and you can use this time to rethink your living space or situation, reconnect with family members, research your roots and reflect on memories, feelings and childhood teachings. A full moon in your exploration corner could test your beliefs and prompt you to take a leap of faith. You may have a sudden hunger for adventure, knowledge or a change of scene that inspires you to do something bold. Broader thinking is called for, and this is a great opportunity to release an old philosophy, principle, mantra or opinion that doesn’t serve your growth. If you’re dealing with a lot of mental tension, productivity would be a healthy outlet, so tackle your to-do list. A meeting between the sun and Uranus in your thinking-and-talking house will probably speed up your thoughts and communication and might make you anxious or impatient. Your interactions should be quite lively, and you’ll be prone to changing your mind. Brilliant ideas are distinctly possible, so be prepared to keep track of them. Free speech is especially fundamental now. With Venus moving forward again, money should start to flow more easily, and you’ll have less trouble tapping into your resources and identifying your needs and priorities.



February 19–March 20

Put off signing paperwork such as contracts until next month, since Mercury is retrograde for the next few weeks. You’ll find local travel to be more complicated than usual and could encounter detours or delays in your daily commute or experience car trouble. Try not to make too many assumptions, as miscommunication is common during Merc retro. It’s not a bad time to rethink a decision; ask questions to clarify info; reconnect with a sibling or neighbor; reread something; doublecheck to make sure you understand someone; examine what you thought you knew; and look at your environment with fresh eyes. This week’s full moon calls your attention to the feelings and needs of your significant other or close friend. You might opt to settle a debt or let go of something in your psyche. Sharing and trust will feel like weighty matters, and intimacy will bring out intense emotions. Play, lighthearted affection and creativity would be good releases. A sun-Uranus conjunction could lead you to suddenly identify strongly with your needs or possessions, and it could also swing your self-esteem up or down. It might be an appropriate time to get rid of stuff or redefine your personal values and priorities. With Venus resuming forward motion in Pisces, you’ll be more capable of projecting the image that you want to. Gradually, you’ll feel more sociable and capable of attracting what—or whom—you desire.

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